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Rigel Nebula

Postby Rigel Nebula on April 4th, 2018, 12:48 pm


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Current Age: 23
Birthday: 34th, Autumn, 494 AV
Birthplace: Zeltiva, Sylira
Profession: Musician for The Spinning Glimmers (6 Ki/day)
Current location: Lhavit, The Diamond of Kalea


Rigel is a human male that stands at about 5’9” and weighs about 176.4 lbs. He has short spiky black hair and sky-blue eyes. He’s quite handsome, despite the small permanent scar upon his right cheek, evidently made by some sort of blade in his younger years. He has the body build of a runner and can usually be found wearing dark colours. His usual outfit is a tunic, long pants, leather boots and a hooded travelling cloak; all in black. He also wears a Bastard Sword, with a black sheath and handle, strapped to his side, concealed beneath the cloak.

Character Concept

Rigel seems like quite a serious, no-nonsense kind of guy, but once you get to know him, you’ll find that he loves an occasional joke from time to time. Although he doesn’t always show it, he really cares about the bonds formed between himself and others. He’s flirty by nature and has quite a soft spot for females (regardless of race) and could be quick to trust one, something that could prove to be one of his weaknesses. He can also be manipulative at times, especially when he wants something done. Many of his peers consider him to be quite intelligent and a fast learner. He has a deep hatred for pirates and will show no mercy if one were to cross him.

Character History

Rigel Nebula was born on the 34th of Autumn, 494 AV, in Zeltiva. James Nebula, his father, was the captain of one of the ships that handled some of the major imports and exports and, as a result, his family was pretty well taken care of. Mira Nebula, his mother, was a scholar who taught Theoretical Astronomy at the University of Zeltiva at the time, which is also the reason behind his very space-themed name.

Since his father spent most of his time at sea, he spent most of his time with his mother who, unable to leave him all alone at home, always took him with her when she left for the University. As a result, he was always surrounded by books and scholars, which led to him becoming quite an intellectual boy himself. He loved the idea of learning new things and often spent his time reading in the University’s library.

Tragedy struck Rigel’s family in 507 AV, when they received news that his father’s ship was raided by a band of pirates. Although he was quite an adept fighter, James Nebula was killed at sea and the messenger, Rigel’s father’s second-in-command and also one of the few survivors of the raid, deeply expressed his condolences and handed Rigel his father’s sword as a token to remember him by.

Rigel’s mother, stricken with grief, died of heartbreak a year thereafter and Rigel became an orphan at the age of 14. Driven by his new-found hate for pirates, Rigel swore to honour his father’s memory by training how to effectively use his sword and the memory of his mother by learning all things possible.
Mira's (Rigel's mom's) best friend, Karla, took care of Rigel until the age of 18, when he was free to make his own decisions. Having previously befriended a few of the scholars at the University, Rigel was managed to weasel his way onto the University grounds as often as he could. During these visits to the University, he spent most of his time reading in the library. He read many books, fictional and fact.

It wasn't until he read about the tragic History of Mizahar and the Valterrian that nearly destroyed it that he got incredibly interested. What most fascinated him were the tales of powerful Mages and their involvement in the protection of thousands of people during this horrible time. He then made the effort to study as much about magic as he could, making use of his connections with some of the scholars of the University to acquire all the necessary reading materials.

Even though he was slightly hindered by the general lack of detailed information on magic, Rigel read enough about magic to learn the basics of it and, in secret (usually alone in his room at night, when no one was watching), he practised shielding small objects in silent until he was nearly satisfied. Nearly.
His studies were interrupted when he reached the age of 18 and Karla urged him to find a job so that he could make a living for himself. This was not an easy task. It wasn't until he found himself in a local tavern that he was grasped with the sudden love for music, when he came across a girl, named Lalila, who played the flute like he had never heard before. He made it his mission to learn to play an instrument and become a musician like her.

After having befriended Lalila, he convinced her to teach him how to play the flute, which he practised as often as he could. Eventually, he became good enough to perform in his favourite bar, which helped him earn a fair salary.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava


Skill EXP Total
Shielding +20 SP 20 XP
Weapon: Bastard Sword +15 RB 15 XP

Skill EXP Total
Musical Instrument: Flute +30 SP 30 XP

None yet

None yet


    Shielding: Thinking in 3 dimensions when casting
    Lore: The nature of djed


    1 Set of Clothing (black)
    -Leather tunic (sp)
    -Long linen pants (sp)
    -Black silk undergarments (sp)
    -Hooded traveling cloak (sp)
    -Leather boots (sp)
    1 Waterskin (sp)
    1 Backpack which contains:
    -Comb (sp)
    -Brush (sp)
    -Soap (sp)
    -Razor (sp)
    -Balanced rations (1 week’s worth) (sp)
    -1 eating knife (sp)
    -Flint and steel (sp)
    Scabbard (black)
    Metal Flute
    1 large tent (4 person) (sp)
    large tarp (sp)
    100 ft of rope (sp)
    flint & steel (sp)
    lantern (sp)
    2 torches (sp)
    bedroll (sp)
    blanket (sp)
    fishing tackle & hooks (sp)
    Good Instrument Case (black)

Heirloom: James Nebula’s Bastard Sword


Location: Lhavit

House: A simple room at the Solar Wind Apartments, furnished with a canopy bed, a wooden desk, a soft rounded chair, a hearth and a couch. Rigel hasn’t added any extra furnishings at the moment, as he hasn’t seen the need to do so yet, or just wasn’t bored enough.

Lifestyle: Common


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 ki 100 ki
Sold Horse, Tack and Saddlebags +250 ki 350 ki
Bought Scabbard (black) -4 ki 296 ki
Bought Metal Flute -15 ki 281 ki
Bought Good Instrument Case -7 ki, 5 tk 273 ki, 5 tk
Spring, Living Expenses (Common) -135 ki 138 ki, 5 tk
Spring, Rent at Solar Winds (Simple Room) -45 ki, 5 tk 93 ki

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