[Work in progress] Juni Sherwood wip

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Juni Sherwood wip

Postby Juri on April 22nd, 2018, 9:01 am

Juni Sherwood

Basic Information

Name: Juni Sherwood
Age: 26
Birth Date: 31st day of Winter 492 AV
Gender: Female
Race: Konti
Languages spoken: Fluent(Common Tongue) Basic (Kontinese) Poor (N/A)
Currently Location: Newly entering Sunberth
Current Lodging: TBD

Konti Gift
Juri, like all konti's was born with a special gift. Juri is able to tell if something can be safely consumed just by looking at it. This works with both plants in the wilds and food that may be off or meat that isn't cooked well enough.


Physical Information

Height: 5'6
Weight: 130lbs
Skin Colour: Marble
Eye Colour: Sky Blue
Racial Features: Silvery-white scales on her forehead and limbs, webbed toes and fingers, gills on her sides.
Scars/Tattoos/Markings: Very visible scar on right hand. The scar is jagged and looks like an old bite wound.
Current Injuries: N/A


Juni is short and slender in stature. Although she still maintains the delicate look of her people, wiry muscles stick out under her skin. Her scales are very obvious, especially in sunlight, they seem to shine a pastel purple, blue or silver colour depending on the way the sun hits it. Her hair is thin and pale blonde. It falls to just above her small bust and just below her narrow shoulders.

Juni's face is heart shaped, with a sharp and long jawline. Her eyes are slightly too far apart, and appear a stark sky blue colour. She has a pair of thin lips and high cheekbones.

Her attire is usually made up of furs and plain cottons. She adores the look of corset's but feels they are impractical and will only ever wear on on special occasion, the same going for any kind of cosmetic.

Overall, Juni usually has a sort of wild look to her. Her hair is messed up, usually full of leaves. Her eyes have a wild look to them and she holds herself very upright and straight-backed, giving off fearlessness

Going Deeper

[u]Character concept/u]

Juni is not loud or over-bearing, nor is she meek. Juni is extreamly independent,
a baby raised by a single human father and an absent Konti mother has shaped her personality so it is quiet different than that of her kin back on the isle. She is extreamly independent and has trouble asking others for help. She is loyal to her family and friends and has very few limits when it comes to helping them out.
Rarely does she give up out of frustration or anything else. Her pride is definitely her downfall. She is tough but often reckless, with little thought for her own safety when challenged. Not one to back down from any sort of confrontation,
Juni is always being pulled out of trouble, usually by her father. She is still very young for her race after all.

Juni is a stubborn girl, even when she knows she's beat or she can't go on she rarely admits to it unless there is no other choice. Juni is also still rather naive of the world of men. She has little experience with social or romantic situations as she has only ever had interaction with her father, his animals and the few passers by that they have met over the years. Often she loses her tongue when trying to make smalltalk. It's hard for her to get to know strangers because of this. She has absolutely no experience with sex or romance and will become very flustered and uncomfortable if flirted with.

Juni has a lot to learn about the world now that she has begun her life long adventure into the unknown. The kind of person she will blossom into is currently unknown, however she is changing and learning about herself every new day.

Her Past


Juni was born in Mura with all the other Konti woman. Her mother had married a young leather worker named Roderick, and they planned to live in Syliras together, however she wanted their baby to be born in Mura. The treck there was very hard on Juri's mother, named Juri'a. She grew weak along the way, but she was determined to get there. Juri was born a healthy, but pre-mature baby safely in Mura. They couple only stayed there for the first year of her life, then Roderick had to go back home.

Juri'a wanted to stay. She hadn't realized how much she had missed home until she's come back again. The couple fought and fought for days. Both of them wanted a hand in raising their daughter. Rod felt as though she was trying to tare her away from him especially because she didn't even look like him. Eventually, they had to come to some sort of agreement. Rod would stay here untill Juri was no longer dependent on breast milk, and then they would return to their home in Syliras Her mother caved in and they prepared to leave. There was distance between them now as they crossed the land. They wouldn't be back in Syliras for a long time but every night they slept with their backs to one another and every day they barely talked unless they were yelling.

After a pretty big fight, what about her father doesn't even remember, Juri'a made a huge mistake. She stormed off in the night and got lost. Roderick thought she had just retired to the tent as he had also left the campsite in order to relieve himself so it was a while before he found her missing. When he did find her though, she was lost. Her father never her told her the gory details of Juri's demise, but she could always sense that it had messed him up. Roderick's child was the only thing that really kept him pressing on towards Syliras. When they made it, life kind of stabalised for a while. Rod raised his daughter as he was raised by his father. She helped him hunt, skin and tan leather since she was very young. Their bonding time usually consisted of finding swimming holes or spending time on the coastline.

Rod wasn't exactly the most in touch with her emotional or konti specific needs, which resulted in her developing a little bit of a independant and closed off nature. When she was a teenager, she began thinking about leaving, but her father didn't like the idea. He acted like she was too young and that it was far too dangerous, but really she figured he just couldn't bare to live without her. When Rod wasn't working or spending time with her, he mostly just moped around the house. He had no friends and he seemed to have no drive to make any. So she compromised. She moved out of his home, but stayed in the city. She made a living working at her fathers leatherworking store, mostly as a clerk, but helping with the work as well. She would also still go on regular hunting trips with her father and friends she had made in her time there.

Finally her father met someone when she had just turned 19. Within a year they were married and not long after that he announced she was pregnant. The young Konti helped raise those kids untill they were six years old. In the mean time she saved money and prepared for her new life. She was finally going to leave town for somewhere new, She knew she had family in Mura... half sisters and aunties... so that would be her eventual goal but for now she wanted to explore the Sylira Region. Her frist ever stop was Sunberth, so she had to make some preparations before she left. She bought supplies, a new bow for hunting, and her father let her take his Quarni Wolfhound Rocky. She gave him some money for him because he wasn't a cheap dog but she definitely felt safer with such a big dog around. They'd been friends growing up too, although she had to work hard to get him to see her as his new master when it had been Rod for so long.

After many very hard days traveling, she had made it to Sunberth, now she had to find a place to stay and a place to make some gold.

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Juni Sherwood wip

Postby Juri on April 22nd, 2018, 12:04 pm

Inventory and Ledger

One leather, fur trimmed pair of pants
1 pair long boots
1 leather, fur trimmed blouse
1 heavy winter bear fur cloak

1 Hunting Knife (5SM)
1 Dagger (2GM)

1 weeks Rations
Flint and steel
1 waterskin

1 Quarni Wolfhound, grey, 7 years old, pictured above (40gm)


A book of poetry her mother left behind after her death. It is leather bound and handwritten in ink

wip ledger
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Juni Sherwood wip

Postby Gossamer on April 22nd, 2018, 3:31 pm

There is quite a bit wrong with this CS already. I thought I'd step in before you became to attached to some of the notions.

1. Your gift is not approved via the HD and will not be approved since it mimics other forms of magic and gnosis.

2. Your history of being raised in some Syliran Forest (which doesn't exist) in a teepee is impossible. We don't let PCs be raised in the wilds because they would get eaten. You must pick a city you were born and raised in. Your skill set, as a beginning PC, can't possibly reflect all the skills you'd need to exist on your own in that fashion. Let alone, having existed with just you and your father since your birth.

3. Miz has a list of established dog breeds. A scottish wolfhound is not one of them. Please see DOGS in the Lore for a complete list. We do not look kindly on people that insert a breed into our world and then assign it a price or value without going through proper development channels.

4. We have a 5 alt MAX policy on this site. That's a hard fast rule and if you are caught willfully breaking it you are in deep shit. Here's how many alts we have on you so far...

Daffodil Bronx
Jabari Artani

Shit's getting deep. It is NOT my problem if you cannot remember logins, passwords, etc on all these alts. You are well past the 5 alt rule and that's a huge no-no on this site.

So you'd better talk to us if you want to continue to play on this site.



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