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Adagio Artinos (WIP)

Postby Adagio Artinos on May 10th, 2018, 7:53 am

Adagio Artinos


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height 5'9
Weight 176
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Birthday: 34, Winter, 489
Birthplace: Riverfall


Adagio stands a finger shorter than most average men. His black hair is usually in a messy fashion and cut just short enough to not concern himself with it. His eyes are the color of hazel and are full of emotion and feeling. He has a lightly faded scar above his right eye. His face has an angular shape that makes it seem a bit gaunt at times. High cheekbones surround a thin pair of lips that are as expressive as his eyes. No one ever called Adagio handsome, and his facial features are rather plain.

A long sash of red silk worn on his right shoulder at all times. A memory of something he no longer speaks about to others. He has a light beard that he lets grow out a few days before shaving. Slight bags stretch his eyes from lack of sleep in his younger years. His hands have a bit of wear from a couple of rougher years. His attire usually is black, and he prefers practicality over fashion. Black leather boots provide comfort for long journeys or sudden escapes.

On a thin belt that wraps around his waist, he has a pair of Tonfa fighting sticks he carries with him. In combat, he prefers to strike with the combat sticks up close. Adagio tries to wound rather than kill when possible. He does not carry himself as a fighter, preferring to tiptoe and move without drawing attention. His hands often stay at his sides as he walks, they swing along with each stride he takes.

Character Concept

Adagio is a servant of Kihala and a warrior. He once fought for glory, and then for revenge. Now he uses his skill to protect and encourage life. He is humbler now than when he was younger, quieter in both manner and spirit. Adagio has a natural smile that accompanies him at all times. He has begun his journey to follow the steps of Kihala, and each day he tries to serve her better than the day before. The warrior has gone back to near where the horrors that almost took his life live. To face his fears, and his past as he tries to encourage and protect life. He has set aside his knives for Tonfa, and his anger for guidance.

Character History

Born to a family of crafters in Riverfall, Adagio always felt more akin to the Akalak than he did the other human families in the city. His parents never minded who he kept company with, as long as he found time to work in the shop. His father even approved of it, since he admired the warrior spirit of the Akalak people. Adagio did not have brute strength, but he was an agile child. In time his agility grew from a curiosity into something he trained. The Akalak admired his dedication, even if they did not ever sincerely welcome him as one of their own.

Years went by, and friendships made, the child became a boy, and the schooling became formal. He still spent his evenings practicing, and his mother decided to assist her son in learning to defend himself. She bought him a pair of Tonfa fighting sticks with a little extra earned from the store. She wanted to encourage his pursuit while keeping him from harming the other children or himself too much. The boy developed an affinity for them, and he received a bit of respect among his peers.

When Adagio became a man, he tried to help the shop, but his parents could see he had no desire for it. Caravans were looking for capable warriors to guard them and Adagio was eager to test his skill in a real battle. He signed up and began to travel with the caravans. He made a few friendships, the strongest of which was with another man named Thomas, an older warrior. They were both warriors who enjoyed testing their skills and pushing themselves to new challenges. Each of them hungry for new conquests and greater glories. Thomas became a mentor to the younger Adagio, and the pair was often inseparable.

Time passed, and an opportunity arose on a caravan heading through the Falyndar Region. The journey was not what interested Adagio, the company was, a legendary warrior had signed on the caravan. Everywhere he walked men took notice; women whispered and, warriors were eager for just a moment of his time. He was the pinnacle of everything Adagio wanted to be, and Adagio did his best to try to be noticed by the champion.

During a torrential downpour of rain, beasts attacked the wagons. The company survived, but there was fear the creatures would soon return. The legend offered to take a party into the woods and strike the beasts first. A small set of warriors left, and only Thomas returned. Adagio nearly lost his life to the events that happened on that darkened night. He luckily found a second caravan following behind the first. His injuries kept him in bed healing for months. Left with only his anger and the memory of being left behind by the man he once called a friend.

It took years of searching and training to regain part of what he had lost. Adagio clung to every rumor and ferreted out each secret he could find. In time the whispers became a story and one that winded a path to Thomas. On a moonlight night, he saw and followed Thomas. Adagio readied his dagger to end the life of the man who had betrayed him........

Adagio's hand shook as he wiped his face with water. His hazel eyes gazed back at the small basin. The water rippled into his reflection, a reflection which now stared back at him. He let out a long exhale in the small room as his hand checked the two fighting sticks wedged into his belt. His hand rested on top of one of the sticks as he steadied himself. Adagio turned his body towards the door.

His right side slowly pulled back the wooden edge of the door with a creak. The wood on the edges of the door felt course upon his fingers. He peered out along the alleyway. He could see the thin velvet hat of Thomas. Adagio could already feel the blood boil inside of him.

It had been over a year since he had taken from him. It was not money or some material thing he had stolen. The man had robbed Adagio's future. Everything he had been, and everything he would ever be. In an instant, the man had shattered the life he had longed for, and now there was nothing left. Only pieces of a faded memory remained. Agio had let his hate guide him to this moment. This final act of vengeance. Thomas was alone now, and no one would stop Adagio from his revenge.

Adagio swung open the door wide. He glared across the alleyway at Thomas. The middle-aged man had a quizzical look on his face. He leaned forward as his neck craned out of his brown tunic. His eyes blinked a few time. Adagio could not help but smile as he pulled one of the sticks from his belt. It felt familiar in the palm of his hands, and it reminded him of times past. Adagio could feel his excitement as he spoke.

"I have waited a long time for this Thomas. Don't you remember me? Little Adagio."

Thomas took a single step forward holding his hands up in a defensive manner.

"Adagio? After all this time? I thought you were dead."

Adagio brought the stick forward as Thomas attempted to run. He smashed the hard end of the Tonfa stick against the knee of Thomas. A loud crack heard as Thomas cried out and fell sprawled across the cobblestone. Adagio spun the combat stick in his hand as he prepared to finish his work and end his journey.

"Now Thomas, now you know what it feels like to be helpless."

Thomas closed his eyes and held up his hand. Adagio rolled his shoulder and brought down his arm. A blur of red and gold as he felt something catch his arm. A steady hand was holding his wrist. His eyes wandered up the sleeve and noticed it belonged to a young woman. She did not seem significant or intimidating, but she did not release the grip. She wore the garb of the Marassa, a servant of Kihala, the goddess of life. She spoke in a calm tone, even as Adagio attempted to fight against her grip. Adagio grumbled,

"Let go; you don't know this man, or what he has done. He deserves death."

The woman shook her head back and forth as her hand remained steady.

"Death is part of life, but it is not yours to give, nor his life yours to take. Grant him his life."

Agio continued to struggle, but her grip remained tight as iron.

"You have no business her Marassa."

She released Adagio's arm as the man pulled back and rubbed his sore wrist. He glared at Thomas and again at the woman. The Marassa chided him.

"Kihala teaches us to promote life, to encourage it, to let it flourish. This man still has a role to play. Give me the weapon, walk away from this path."

Agio looked down at the stick his hand. The handle worn with the blood spilled upon it in years past. He cradled it with his other hand.

"This is all I have left."

She put a steady hand upon his shoulder; her words took on a warm tone.

"It does not have to be; I can teach you another path. If you take this life will it end your pain? It will leave you hollow, and empty as you feel now."

Adagio sighed as he extended the weapon to her. She took it from him. At that moment he felt a burden lift from him. His anger and hatred fall aside like chains upon his body. All he had bundled inside him he finally released. She gave him a warm hug, and he fell into the gesture. Her arms wrapped around his body. She spoke with a soothing voice.

"Come into the joy of Kihala, give your life to her, and you will never feel barren again."

From that moment on, his world changed.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Tukant
Poor Language: N/A


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Foraging 15RB 15 Novice
Weapon Skill (Tonfa, Fighting Sticks) 30SP 30 Compotent
Wilderness Survival( Jungle) 20SP 20 Novice


Helpful Lores:
Lore of Wilderness Survival (Jungle): Searching for Drinking water/Fresh Water
Lore of Wilderness Survival( Jungle): Setting up Survival/Emergent Shelter

Cash in-500GM
Current-13 GM

1 Set of Clothing
-Red Silk Sash (Purchased)
-A pair of Tonfa, Fighting Sticks (Purchased)
-Ankle Length Tunic with Short Sleeves
-Simple Undergarments
-Long Light Cloak (Jungle Colors) (Men)
-Leather Sandals

1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Toolkit Survival (purchased)
Consists of: (Taken from the description in Price List)
1-simple first aid kit,
1-flint and steel
2- simple snares,
1-a waterskin
1- simple tent.
1-a small compass,
1-small roll of fishing line
6- basic fishhooks
2- candles
1- blanket
1-needle and thread
1-small, simple knife.

1-Toolkit, Campfire Cooking (purchased)
Consists of: (Taken from the description in Price List)
1-cast iron tripod
1-cooking pot
1-round grate that fits into the tripod
1-frying pan
1-set of two simple plates
knife fork and spoon.

1-Toolkit, Hunter/Trapper's (purchased)
1- medium-sized leather pouch containing a hunting knife
1- a roll of thin rope for making simple traps
1-handful of vials containing common animal scents (rabbit, deer) and a preserving kit.
2- tiny snares
1- one small animal snare
1-10 square foot camouflage tarp.

Additional Clothing: (16 GM)
2- Cape, Full (4 gm)
10-Shirts (1 gm)
2 pairs of Boots, High (1 gm)
2 pairs of Gloves (1gm)
10-Breeches/Pants/Trousers (80 sm=8 GM)
5-Belts (2sm=1Gm)

Additional Items: (80 GM)
2-Axes Splitting -(1gm)
1-Axe Carpenter-(1 gm)
1-Large Chest- (1 gm)
1-Key average (20 gm)
1-Lock Average (40 gm)
1-Shovel (2gm)
1-Rope, Silk (50 ft) (10GM)
20lb-Furs and hides, common (5 gm)

Growing- 6 GM
10-Flower Pots (Small)-(3sm=3 GM)
6-Plant Seeds (Common)-(5sm=3 GM)

Outdoors, Wilderness and Exploration Items
5-Animal Snare, Bird (2GM=10GM)
1-Antifungal Ointment (10 Days) (25 gm)
1-Pair of Bladed Boots (18 GM)
2-Camouflage Tarp (10 sq.ft.) (12GM=24GM)
1-Ladder, Rope (30 ft.)-(2GM)
1-Lantern, Hooded (7 GM)
1-Pouch, Belt (1 GM)
1-Tent, four-person (10 GM)
10-Traveller’s Stock (3gm=30 GM)
1-Water Pack (10 GM)
1-Fishing Kit (10 GM)
10-Insect Repellent (1 GM=10GM)
1-Preserving Kit (10 GM)
1-Tree Net (14 GM)
1-Water Trap (45 GM)
1-Forest Blind (55 GM)
5-Insect Repelling Candle (5 GM=25 GM)
5-Tourniquet (5 cm=25 CM)
5-Water Additive (3 GM=15 GM)
1-Spare Waterskin (1 GM)


The long red silk sash Adagio now wears once belonged to his mentor Thomas. Thomas gave it to Adagio for sparing his life and in penance for had what happened. It is a reminder to Adagio that all life has value, and is worth protecting. He keeps it close to him at all times.


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Purchase Cost Total
Starting +600 GM 13 GM
Silk -20 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM
Weapon -10 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM
Toolkit Survival -25 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM
Toolkit Campfire Cooking -40 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM
Toolkit, Hunter/Trapper's -25 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM
Additional Clothing -16 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM
Additional Items -80 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM
Additional Items -6 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM
Outdoors, Wilderness and Exploration Items -365 GM 0 (Expenditures) GM

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