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Carasch Voratus

Postby Carasch Voratus on May 21st, 2018, 1:55 am

Carasch Voratus


    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Birthday: 17th of Winter, 496 AV
    Birthplace: Zeltiva

    Appearance: In one word; Ratlike.
He is a mouse of a man, small and frail, with eyes that twitch about looking with caution and intelligence.
Carasch is not particularly unattractive, but his skinny build and gaunt features leave much to be desired.

He usually has various bone charms and trinkets dangling from his neck, or bone bracelets adorning his wrists.

Coming to Syka, he's adopted the style of wearing little clothing; a simple pair of shorts and a loose sleeveless tunic that he only wears while going to town (to hide his bony build)

✨Character Concept✨

    What is the core abstract of your character?  What can you briefly sum them up as?

Carasch is a coward, and cowards have a suprisingly high tendancy of surviving. He has learnt from his days in Zeltiva how to adapt quickly to situations, and how to improvise.
Carasch is learning to become a Maledictor.
The abundance of Fauna would be useful for persuing Malediction.

Carasch is a megalomaniac. He likes the feeling if power. Coming to Syka is more than merely a way to be able to openly practice his magic, but a way to feel superior to his peers through his practice.

    Does my character have the skills to survive here?
    As part of his training in Malediction, he learned to track, hunt and survive in the wilds
    Does my character have the equipment to survive here?
    What equipment he doesn't have he can make. Carasch fears for his life more than anyone on the continent, and is generally prepared due to it.
    How is my character getting here? Be realistically creative.
    Zeltiva is a place that regularly imports food. Carasch followed one of the merchant caravans in return for helping them in the form of manual labor at no cost (aside for food and a place in the caravan)
    What can my character's presence contribute to the setting? Carasch is a carpenter by trade. He can make furniture and help build and repair in Syka.
    Although Syka has no need for it currently, Malediction is a passionate hobby of Carasch
    What is my motivation for my character being here? Carasch knows the treasures of nature better than the average person, especially given his experience with Malediction.
    To him, Syka is a true paradise.
    What does my character want out of his/her Syka
    For Carasch, he simply wishes to indulge in the beauty and the powers of nature.
    Malediction is a hobby and an obssession; a poetic artform to Carasch.
    He wishes to fulfil his curiosities, and see just how many forms of art he can create in a place full of diverse species of creatures

✨Character History✨

    Zeltivans are a curious, knowledge-seeking people;
Carasch, more than most.

Carasch was born in a lower class family. After turning 12, he was apprenticed to a carpenter and began learning the trade.
He carved wood, made ship-parts and polished furniture.

But aside from being curious and knowledge-seeking, Carasch also loves the idea of power.
This mostly stems from his weak, short gaunt stature, but also from the fact that many of his richer classmates went on to learn higher studies in the university.

Carasch felt a pang of jealousy.
While he was slaving away in a wood-shop, they were learning poetry and music!
He'd even heard one if his classmates had begun training in some form of magic.
Ah! How he wished to be free to persue simpler jobs.
No, more than that; the idea of magic intrigued him. A strange, unfathomable power impressed itself on the young child's mind.

When he grew up to be 18, he met a strange man, dresses in many ivory necklaces.
Carasch asked him about his strange attire and he introduced himself as Eliphas Boran, a Maldictor and a hunter.

Eliphas knew how to hunt even in the near-lifeless lands that surrounded Zeltiva.
He sustained himself through his hunt, and learned to extract the most of his prey through Malediction.

Carasch was intrigued and begged him to teach him Malediction.

Eliphas began by teaching him how to survive and hunt in the wilderness.
To understand the value of the life used for Malediction.

Carasch left for Syka shortly after his master died from a curse from his own Malediction.


    Fluent Language: Common
    Basic Language: Fratava, from Svefra traders
    Poor Language: Fill me in, if you want.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Wilderness Survival:Forest and Jungle 26SP 26 Competent
    Auristics 5SP 5 Novice
    Carpentry +15RB 15 Novice
    Malediction 10SP 10 Novice
Weapon skill:Dagger 9SP 9 Novice


None yet.


    Lore of Firemaking
Lore of getting water with a pit, leaves and some tarp


    1 Set of Clothing
    -Simple Shirt
    -Simple Pants
    -Simple Undergarments
    -Simple Cloak
    -Simple Boots
    1 Waterskin
    1 Backpack which contains:
    -Comb (Wood)
    -Brush (Wood)
    -Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
    -1 eating knife
    -Flint & Steel
    100 Gold Mizas
Carpenter's Mallet
Metal Saw
Nail Hammer
1 lb Nails

    Heirloom: Etching kit[/googlefont][/color]


    Location: 1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks.

    House: A large simple Canvas tent. Spacious enough for 4 people.


Purchase Cost Total
    Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Carpenter's mallet -1sm 99gm 99sm
Nail hammer -5sm 99gm 94sm
Nails 1 lb-5sm99gm 89sm
Metal saw-4gm95gm 89sm
Selling horse +250gm345gm 89sm
Dagger -2gm 343gm 89sm

✨Thread List✨

None yet.

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