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Lucas Skyglow

Postby Lucas Skyglow on June 13th, 2018, 1:57 am

PC Name: Lucas Skyglow (Fake name: Lucas Anderson)
Race: Human, Half-Vantha
Age: 17
Born: 23rd of Spring, 501 AV.
Gender: Male
Born In: Avanthal
Physical Description:
As a Vantha, Lucas' fathers hair and eyes constantly shifted with different colors, but because he is Mixed Blood, he does not have those traits. When Lucas was young (around 11 years old), he enjoyed melting ice with flame Reimancy. Despite being extremely severely reprimanded about the dangers of magic the single time that he was caught, he continued and eventually burned his leg. His leg still has the burn wound and the skin from his kneecap to his foot is charred black, serving as a reminder of the dangers of magic, and also the reason why he will try his best to not wear anything that doesn't cover his entire leg. His body, face, and weight are all average and he often wears a cloak to cover himself up.

Character History (Precreation)
Lucas Skyglow is the son of Levi Skyglow and Clarissa Anderson. His mother, Clarissa, died while he was young, and his father was an artist that was devoted to his work in capturing the beauty of the aurora. His mother was originally a traveler from Zeltiva, who travailed to Avanthal when it was first discoverd. Like many other artists of house Skyglow, Levi Skyglow aimed to create art of the sky better then the first leader of Skyglow, Pavic. Without either of his parents really there to care for him, he was taken care of by his fathers friend, the wizard Anton. Anton practiced the personal magic of Reimancy and the world magic of Summoning, and when he accepted the task of babysitting Lucas, he did it on the condition that Lucas would become his assistant. Anton felt that he needed an assistant that could help him with his Summoning magic, someone that could help watch the summoning circle while he had demons summoned and working around his lab. Lucas was extremely intrigued by magic, and after begging (and bothering) Anton long enough, Anton took Lucas on as his student. Lucas enjoyed magic immensely, and decided to learn the magic of shielding on his own as a pastime. When Lucas reached the age of 15, his father died in an accident. This left Lucas alone with Anton, and in a year Anton had decided that he would move back to his original lab in the town of Lhavit. Anton did not allow Lucas to come to his lab in Lhavit, because he felt that it would be too bothersome to look after Lucas there. And so, for another year, Lucas was alone in Avanthal. In the middle of the next year, on Spring 91, Lucas had decided that he would go visit his Uncle Anton.

Housing Situation:
After deciding that he would go to his Uncle in Lhavit, Lucas realized that he did not have much money, and probably would not be able to last long in Lhavit. In an act of desperation, he sold off his family home for 500 much needed Kina. After reaching Lhavit, Lucas realized that he had no idea were in the city his uncle was, and was forced to rent a room to stay.

Lucas' Ethos
Slightly conceited, overconfident, but also socially awkward. He opens up to others after they have spent enough time getting to know each other, and has had difficulty making friends since childhood. Has recently become super paranoid, believing that everyone he sees has the potential to kill him, due to his half-Vantha nature.

[googlefont=cronos pro][tabset=350]
Like most magic users, Lucas has vary weak morals. Though he wont go out of his way to do anything illegal, he wont try to do much good either. He will consider morality when he makes decisions, and there is a limit to how 'immoral' he is willing to be, but he will generally take a neutral stance.

[googlefont=cronos pro][tabset=350]
Despite being scarred since he was young from irresponsible magic use, he still enjoys using magic. He would much rather activity use his magic then learn more about it by reading a book.

He does not like it when people ignore what he or someone else is saying (a trait that he got from his teacher), and definitely does not like it when people put themselves above him.

Training & Skills:

Skill EXP Total Proficiency Notes
Reimancy #SP(28) 28 Competent Attributes: Fire, Air
Shielding #SP(12) #RB(10) 22 Novice Self Learned
Summoning #SP(10) 10 Novice Learned From Teacher

Languages: Notes
Fluent Language: Common Studied, learned, and practiced more than Vani.
Basic Language: Vani Learned from father and surroundings while growing up.
Poor Language: Nari Learned bits of Nari from his teacher, Anton, who is an Inarta that left Wind Reach in search of knowledge.

Lores: From:
Lore - Creating/Managing Summoning Circles SP
Lore - Lore of Lhavit's Culture (From studying the city.) SP

-1 Set of Clothing (cloak & footwear included)
-1 Waterskin
-1 Backpack which contains:
>1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
> Food for a week
>1 eating knife
> Flint & Steel
> Fathers Paintbrush (Heirloom)

Home/Land Owned

Current Housing/Land Owned Size(sq ft) Location Rent
Simple room 400 sq ft Solar Winds 9 Kina Seasonal Rent


100 Kina
+500 Kina (From selling his home)
600 Kina
---> -9 Kina at the end of the season. (Rent at Solar Winds)
600 Kina
Lucas Skyglow
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