[Work in progress] Brine Sandskimmer

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Brine Sandskimmer

Postby Brine Sandskimmer on June 20th, 2018, 12:02 am


Some notes for this WIP

If the stuff I wrote is a stretch or wrongful interpretation of Lore just let me know and I will change it. I hope it fits for storytelling purposes but I don’t mean to overstep.
This may include the visibility of the Blue Flame on the Tower of Black Rock and the meeting of a friendly Otani.

Instead of an Otani the helpful one can also be a PC Charoda.
Likewise, instead of Rru saving him at birth (if this is too overdone I’ll just scrap that part but in this case I thought it was interesting due to it being close to Black Rock)it can also be a PC Charoda(or an Otani instead.) It depends on if there are any Charoda players who’d enjoy a tidbit like that and if it’s ok with the STs. In the end, the presence of a Charoda or Otani is not a necessity by itself.

Looks wise, I’ll try to draw him. This will in turn establish his facial features and colour scheme better in my mind, which is why I haven’t really elaborated on that much yet. Despite him being a generally positive gent, I’m thinking cool colours rather than warm (aside from an accent) but with a mix of muted and high chroma colours.
I’m also thinking about a family flag for the lil’ casinor.
Tattoo wise, I’m still thinking about them (pod/Tavan)and I hope to shape them together with the picture I’m drawing.

Atm Brine’s Tavan is a pseudorca crassidens, or false killer whale (a relatively large (long bodied) species of Dolphin with a conical head and a bit of an overbite (it looks so dorky I love it) It’s very social and playful) They do tend to go for large species of fish and though they are also observed in more shallow coastline waters, so they can survive there, I am willing to change species if that’s too much of a problem. It might be a tad on the long side too. A smaller dolphin probably maneuvers better in shallow water...I need to think about this a little more I guess.
I’m also considering a common dolphin since it appears to do well in coastal waters too.

Suggestions on this are welcome.

I will expand on the personality and characteristics later when they’ve taken more shape.

I originally thought to give Brine a bit of an established job as a trader between Syka and Riverfall, but I’ve been pointed out that’s a bit too difficult for a novice, and since skill division is just really hard to do well, I decided to make him a younger, less skilled in sailing and make it a future goal for him he can work towards. More distant trade routes are a long term goal (for now but much can change) perhaps in partnership with a Stormwarden, who knows! :)

Suggestions on skill distribution are welcome. It’s spread rather thin.
I’m a little concerned with how I can get him a job, since he does have a Casinor and not a horse/tent/house but I can’t make him sail from Syka to Riverfall yet.

Does that mean gaining employ as a sailor?

I’d also love him to have some musical qualities but one cannot have all of course and I certainly don’t mind roleplaying that. I’m not sure if they can be in the in the history if they’re not in the skilltree though. I might be able to scrounge some skill points with a few flashback threads to buff his sailing and navigation skills a bit but I really want to avoid it to be too calculating.

I'm still familiarizing myself with Laviku and what the religion requires in terms of devotion and sacrifice, so I'll update that later as well. I want the religion to be an active part of his life.

I was a bit confused about the availability of Gnosis since it seems to be sort of a trademark amongst Svefra. I deleted the passages I wrote on it, and I’ll ask permission after people have gotten a chance to read over the thread and offer suggestions. If granted I’ll paste the passages back in for a final review.

Also, I’d like him to have a dyed shirt. Does that cost extra for the starting kit or is the colour choice included as long as the fabric is simple and the dyes not too rare?

Suggestions welcome and thank you for reading!

Brine Sandskimmer


Race: Svefra
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday:1st of Winter, 498 AV
Birthplace: On the Suvan Sea, near Black Rock.

Appearance: Brine has a sailor’s build. Toned and sinewy. He’s average for a Svefra, standing a little above 6’1 with long limbs that give him the impression of being slightly taller.
Common to his kin, his eyes are a very clear and bright blue with a darker rim. Darkened skin tells of long times toiling at sea under a harsh sun and light ashen brown hair is woven in a complex mix of skull-hugging herringbone braids, glass beads he found as a kid, and coloured cords on one side, with the other side wild and loose. Relaxed clothing and colourful sashes sway in the wind, complemented by shell and knotwork to complete the chaotic but consistent embodiment of Svefra culture. Smiling often en genuinely, one may notice the slightly low canines and the tiny gap between his front teeth, adding to his sunny, boyish charm. While misschievous on occasion, there is a sense of clarity to his presence; something that lights up, be it due to the faceted glass beads that catch and colour the light or his upbeat and open personality that seeks to uplift.

Character Concept

Brine has a free spirit and a live and let live attitude. He likes being happy, and he likes seeing others happy. He merely looks to enjoy live, wanting things because of the pleasure or beauty they bring -and share them- rather than status and power. He’s friendly, generous and frivolous, perhaps overly so, and will give people the benefit of the doubt often, despite knowing better, unless he truly believes it is an act of self-harm.
While cheerful, he is so in a generally pleasant manner. An intensity that emanates from within rather than reaching outward (lively gesturing notwithstanding) One of his primary interests are simply the other peoples and creatures of Mizahar. He can be very engaged with another and has a genuine drive to get to know them. While not meaning to impose, he occasionally needs to be careful not to be too physically close or familial, since few cultures are as accepting and encouraging of that as the Svefra.

Brine loves glasswork and admires the craftsmen and women who can forge its delicate beauty. The glasswork the Svefra entertain is only basic, and while not materialistic, the find of a few coveted windreach beads he dove up as a child are still amongst his most cherished possessions. He used to have two (not so big) hands full of them, but has given away most of them over the years.

While never short on ideas and fleeting dreams, it is hard for him to stick to a plan and manifest them into reality because he lives moment to moment. Likewise, as with the glass beads, something hard-won and initially coveted may quickly be given away if he finds another may need or want it more than he does. If he has experienced and enjoyed something and no longer needs it, he’s generally not wont to keep it. This is one of the Svefra’s customs he lives by, even when not amongst them.

Character History

Brine was born on a late run south, near Black Rock on an unusually clear night. Scared the Tower’s blue flame may call to her premature born son, his mother tried to shield him carefully from the reaches of its eerie light. Believing him stillborn at first, but finding solace that at least Dira should be close, they returned him to Laviku. Rru, one of the pod animals, however recognized the thread of life still to be intact, and saved him from drowning. By morning the blue eyes and Mark of Laviku were clearly visible and he was joyously washed in Laviku’s waters rather than sunken into them.

Being born early seems not to have had a great impact on Brine other than often being fleeting of attention concerning matters not in his direct sphere of interest, but that’s hardly unusual for a Svefra. He does however, have a strange sleeping rhythm. Often finding it hard to fall asleep naturally before the 4th hour.
His family is convinced this was due to his birth at night near the blue flame, even teasing him that his eyes may have taken on the same colour, or that part of his soul already resided on Black Rock, which worried him a lot as a kid.

Brine’s pod, the Sandskimmers, take their name from being extraordinary sailors in waters often deemed too shallow to navigate by others. While no strangers to open waters, they thrive mostly in the coastal areas.

While life in the pod is mostly comfortable, Brine is keen to see a bit more of the world and thus sets out to be by himself for a while, knowing he can always return to the pod when things go haywire. Unless he ends up at Dira’s doorstep.


Fluent Language: Fratava
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: Char (When possible he likes listening to it when sung underwater together with his Tavan Rru, but of course, he can’t speak or reproduce it)


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Fishing 10 10 Novice
Navigating: Sea 10 10 Novice
Sailing 10 RB, 10 SP 20 Novice
Shipbuilding 5 5 Novice
Swimming 5 5 Novice
Weapon: Cutlass 5 5Novice
Wilderness survival:coastal 5 5 Novice



Lore of Svefra Culture
Lore of Religion: Laviku


Brine’s Tavan is Rru (pronounced with rolling r’s and a soft, quick eh -Rèh-Rú-)
a relatively large species of dolphin with a more rounded head who’s favourite activities are nicking Brine’s fish and bow riding, though Brine’s humble Casinor isn’t really impressive for that. He’s playful, almost entirely charcoal in colour, lightening only a little on the belly, and like his Svefra, good natured.


-Fishing Kit
-20 harpoon bolts (Casinor)
-2 colourful sashes
-Hooded lantern
-His best Ocarina in case he meets a certain Otani
1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple greyed-brown Coat
-Simple greyed-brown Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Heirloom: A simple cutlass that belonged to his eldest sister Rush. It is indirectly responsible for Brine finding the Wind Reach beads as a young kid. Upon playing a ‘spin the blade’ game with his siblings she dared him to head in the specific direction the blade pointed at until he found something of value. If he gave up before reaching something of note, he had to leave his self-made and not so successful ocarina behind that he carried with him everywhere.
When Brine was about to give up, his muscles tired from swimming and diving, he prayed with all his might to Laviku to help him find something special. An Otani answered his call and led him towards a small box of beads hidden on the ocean floor. The dive was deep, almost too deep for Brine to stomach but he managed. Once above and resting on Rru’s back, he realized that to get something, he had to give something. A little devastated, but also understanding its importance he offered his much-loved Ocarina, embarrassed at its amateurish sound as he knew Otani to be creatures of great musicality. He promised that if they’d ever meet again, he’d offer his best Ocarina yet, one that would far outsing the one he could offer now. The Otani seemed amused at the gift and accepted his offer, pleased that Brine would give his most loved possession to Laviku without qualm.

As Rush left for another pod to be with a chosen mate, she gave her cutlass to Brine. It was more a practical gesture than one of great levity, as she was given a brand new one by her mate, but Brine liked it as he had always thought of it as a thing of good luck, despite not being much of a swordsman.

Brine has since made many shell ocarina as a form or relaxation, since its sounds remind him of the underwater songs of his friends. Inlanders, however seem to prefer the spirited wooden flute more, which he also loves, so he is also keen on learning to play and carve those.


Location: Suvean Sea

House: A little Casinor. It’s not much, but it’s his, and he loves it dearly.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Gold Mizas 100 Gold Mizas
Fishing kit -10 90
Harpoon, heavy -50 40
10 Harpoon bolts -1 39
Colourful sash x2 -2sm 38gm 8sm
Hooded Lantern -7gm 31gm 8sm
Dyed shirt ?

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