Aer'wyn's Plotnotes

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Aer'wyn's Plotnotes

Postby Aer'wyn Grisghul on June 26th, 2018, 6:01 pm

Aer'wyn's Plotnotes Overview

OOC info:
Aer'wyn and Vel are two souls inhabiting the same body, as is usual for Akalaks. However in spite of that there's more that divides them than unites them, leaving the two to become mortal enemies with extremely different values, personalities and goals in life. Whilst Aer'wyn is kind and compassionate, especially to the users of magic as his survival instinct lead him to learning his own; Vel is vengeful. Years of resentment have lead him down the path where he now tries to sabotage everything Aer has ever worked for. Being friends with one likely means being the enemy of the other.

-not started
-in progress
-goal reached

Benched at the end of Summer 518AV :
Plot goals:
Aer'wyn Vel
make a home learn that not all magic users are evil
get married again gain a Gnosis mark or three
start a family not get Aer'wyn killed...

Skill goals:
-broad sword
-dual wield
-unarmed combat
-bunch of other weapon skills
-black smithing
-weapon foraging
-armour crafting

Lore goals:
-anything and everything about at least one of the Sunberth gangs (likely Daggerhands)
-anything and everything to do with racial gods and wider pantheon
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