Some newbie questions

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Some newbie questions

Postby Too Slow 4 Me on July 7th, 2018, 11:31 am

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Some newbie questions

Postby Luminescence on July 7th, 2018, 11:43 am

Hi, Hikaru; welcome to Miz! Firstly, I do want to point out that these sorts of topics belong in the Q&A Forum, for future reference. :) I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can.

1) Wait time for grades can vary intensely from a few days to a few months; it depends on how long your city's queue already is, and how frequently your ST and graders go through the queue. We try to keep on top of things, but they sometimes pile up.

2) I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this; PCs all have different personalities, histories, and goals, and what is at stake for them can vary greatly depending on you, their writer, as well as your ST and the city you are in. Each city has its own calendar or theme that is updated every season; I suggest you take a look at some of these. Fights can happen between characters for many reasons. A big aspect of Mizahar is trying to survive.

3) You're correct in that there is no rebirth system, although if you die your character can become a Ghost. Characters can die if you are careless with the situations you put them in; if you put them into fights or situations where they are severely outnumbered or do not have the proper skills to get out alive, your ST will likely intervene. Being straight-up killed is rare; usually, you have a chance to at least roll a dice and try to get out of the situation. If you don't want your character to die, then you just need to be mindful of their skill level and your actions; don't put them into situations that will get them killed.

4) Gnosis marks are a big part of the game, and many PCs have them at various levels! You can start with a single gnosis mark upon creation, but you need to write an appropriate story detailing how and why your PC was marked, and submit that to the Help Desk for approval. You can continue to earn gnosis marks in-game, provided you put in the work. Any time you earn a gnosis mark, you have to ask the Help Desk to approve it, and then ask either a DS, RS, or Founder to moderate a gnosis quest for you. The lore page on Gnosis goes more into detail with regards to what you need to do to qualify for higher level gnosis marks.

5) Take all the time you need to going through the lore. The links you receive in your Welcome PM are some of the more important ones. You should settle on a race and open city first, and make sure your character concept fits that city; then, read up on its codex. Do feel free to join our Discord chat; it's a good place to get involved with the community, and to get answers to questions in real time.

I look forward to seeing you around!
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