Richoceted Randomness [Relli's Journal]

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Richoceted Randomness [Relli's Journal]

Postby Ssaelrellvian on February 3rd, 2011, 9:12 pm

Winter 46, 510AV
(In Snake-Tongue)
Time just keeps passing. No matter what we do to stop it. Today I have been overwhelmed by sadness and spent most of the day in lament. Kajaren, I miss him so much. We only had to wait 11 more years before our family could grow. Dreams of hapiness were severed by Myrian Dhari Hunters. They fought to keep us caged, boxed up in a corner. I remember it vividly, Kajaren stepping out of line. He was defending young Ernakenessta. They slaughtered him without hesitation nor mercy. Ruthless savages. I plan to rid the world of this blemish. Ivan and his mercenaries are dropping by the city soon. Arrangements have been made for me to join them, the RechaYomi. I'll pick up some Myrian kills here and there with them. After I've got a reasonable amount of mizas I plan to gather an army and attack all Myrians. Yes, this will take a long time, but I've still got 250 years left to live. I "bought" some books the other day. They are in Common so that's good I'll be able to practice a bit before joining Ivan. The books are on poisons. I'd like to master this as soon as possible. Vayt, as I've learned, is the goddess of illnesses and stuff. I think she can help me. I'm also going to start writing in Common and plan to increase my combat level. Alright, I better get to studying.
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