Jei's Plots and Notes

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This forum is an OOC forum for PCS and Organizations to work out plans in hardcopy. Each PC or Organization gets a single thread where their players can help work out plans for their PC. Quests, mini-sagas, and Trips can all be organized here as well working out timelines and points of travel and things PCs need to do along the way. Each PC however gets only one Plotnote for their individual PC. Groups get one as well. There is no limit on individuals posting saga or trip plotnote threads. Please denote [PC Plotnotes] or [Group Plotnotes] or [Quest/Trip/Saga Plotnotes] when titling your threads.

Jei's Plots and Notes

Postby Jei on July 17th, 2018, 3:23 pm

Small Plots
  • Find and keep an unusual stray. (Incomplete)
  • Become the victim of a petty crime and blame the wrong person. (Incomplete)
  • Have a good time but accidentally poison yourself. (Incomplete)
  • Receive a mysterious magical item from an unknown family member. (Incomplete)

Small Goals and Skills
  • Learn WS to Master (In Progress)
  • Learn Weapon: Shortbow to Expert (In Progress)
  • Learn Weapon: Dagger, Double-bladed to Master (In Progress)
  • Learn Unarmed Combat to Expert (In Progress)
  • Learn Weapon: Knife, Wrist to Expert (In Progress)

Long-term Goal. Prowess Mark 3
  • Requires a year between Marks.
    • Mark 2: July 10th, 2019
    • Mark 3: July 10th, 2020
  • Requires ten IC threads where Jei shows deference/reverence/etc. to Myri. (In Progress)
  • Gained after epic battles.
    • Personal Prerequisites: WS (90), Shortbow (60), DBD (90), UC (70), WK (60) and supporting lores.
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