[Tove's scrap book] Stuff and things

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[Tove's scrap book] Stuff and things

Postby Tove on July 28th, 2018, 1:54 am

Stuff 'n Things

I enjoy looking over scrapbooks quite a bit so I figured I would take a shot at it. Many people do many different things so I was at a loss on what exactly I should do. I'm quite nosy so I figured what better way to start off a scrapbook than to write a bio?! Nothing, that is the answer I was getting at. I like writing about myself as it allows me to reflect on my strengths and flaws as an individual...also because it is one of the very few things I know a lot about.

❈Name- Lex

❈Age- 17

❈Country- 'Murica

❈Childhood Location- Tennessee

❈Current location- Florida (I.E home of crazies)

❈Favorite Animal <3-
✦Marine: Beluga whales
✦Land-dwelling: Cats (Basic but true) I love all cats. Large, small, evil, I love them all.

❈Favorite Purple is a pretty color, though only in cool tones

❈Favorite Music- Whatever sounds good whilst I'm listening to it, Usually I enjoy more alternative rock music.

❈Favorite word- Blasphemy!

^Now that the basics are finished I'll get more in-depth in less mundane things I guess..Best to section this into parts. :D

Personality :
Spoiler, I'm not the most complex of people. I'm still learning who I am which is something that never changes. As you grow older I think you have a better understanding of the basics, but you will never truly grasp who you truly are, not for long at least.

-Pessimistic: I always expect the worst in situations. It keeps me from being punched in the face by the bad things in life, and it leaves me pleasantly surprised when things don't turn out as horribly as I thought they would. I know many (At least in my life) would like to brag about being a realist, but I'm just not one I suppose.

-Not Arugmenative : I am a firm believer that everyone has an opinion because...we're all humans (Hopefully) Social issues, religion, politics, etc. Doesn't matter, unless someone is pro-horrific crime, I don't care. We're all entitled to our opinions, no reason to get mad about differing ones.

-Scaredy- Cat: I'm scared of...pretty much everything. Ladybugs, parasites, illness, consuming tap water, the ocean, etc. My most horrific fear is just above my head, however; Space. I don't like what I can not understand and I just don't understand space. We live on a huge chunk of rock that orbits around a flaming ball of gas of which other huge chunks of rock also orbit? There are black sphere looking things that turn light into God-knows-what...Nuh-uh, no thanks. Did I mention that the huge ball of gas will one day engulf us in its flame as it grows?! How do people not find that horrifying? I'm scared even though I'll be dead by then.

-Fascinated with Death: Just gonna jump straight the point on this one; I'm fascinated with all things related to our inevitable demise. The one thing humanity has ceased to fully understand. It terrifies me yet intrigues me at the same time. There is a beauty in death, our bodies becoming a part of the earth once more, one with the trees and flowers.

-Loves criticism when it comes to writing: I love criticism when it comes to my writing. I will be the first to tell you that I am far from the best writer, or even a good writer at that. Obviously one learns through hard work and practice, but I think it is impossible to grow as a writer (Or person) without criticism. I don't care if it is presented in a kind of mean way as long as it has some thought behind it. Here are examples since I know you are Oh-So-Interested;
    Example of what I do like-
  1. (Intellectual Anon): Your stuff would suck less if you didn't say ____ all the time.
    Example Of what I dislike;
  2. (Anon): You're stuff sucks, you should stop writing.

Things to Talk About; Politics and Religion: I love sparking up conversation over typically uncomfortable subjects. Humans are social beings, we are meant to communicate, so do it. I love educating myself on others' viewpoints and I like to assume others do too.

-Low Self-esteem: Yup, I'm human. Cool Cool.

-Doesn't know what else to add: I don't have much to add right now.

Likes :
  1. The faces of humans
  2. Cats, Cats, Cats
  3. Dried flowers
  4. Video Games? Very specific taste.
  5. Animals; I'm obligated to say Dogs and ferrets because I own them..also a single horse in Tennessee.
  6. My mom 8)
  7. Tattoos
  8. Piercings; The high after getting a piercing
  9. Live Music
  10. Complimenting people? I do it a lot out of pure habit though I'm not sure if that is because I enjoy it or if it is just one of those things I do. I apologize a lot as well.
  11. Writing Obviously
  12. Good books
  13. Deep Discussions
  14. Psychology class
  15. Drama; I do not enjoy being a part of drama...I just like knowing about it. I'm nosy.
  16. Learning
  17. Intelligence
  18. Unique jewelry
  19. Browsing Etsy only to cry about my lack of money
  20. All things Paranormal & Spiritual; Tarot readings, demons, Ghosts, crystal healing, etc.

Dislikes :
  1. Toxicity
  2. Closed mindedness
  3. Mud facials
  4. Puppy breath (Unpopular opinion)
  5. Liars
  6. Rudeness
  7. Loud settings and/or people- Contradictory to one of my 'Likes' but I believe live music is loud because that is how it is meant to be whereas what I dislike is loud settings that aren't meant to be loud.
  8. SPACE
  9. Alien movies- Look above ^
  10. A lot of things that I will probably think of once I post this

~Feel free to comment or whatever people do, I love discussions (When typed, not in person) I'm not too sure what I'll do with this scrapbook, but I've updated my answers multiple times so...I guess that counts as scrapbooking?

~All credit for box-codes and signature goes to Luminescence
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