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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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[The Good Book]

Postby Tamas on August 4th, 2018, 5:18 pm

18 Summer 518
Being new to town, Tamas got lost looking for the Good Book. She had found a restaurant to eat at and various shops. She met Wullis, who seemed pleasant to her even after she had knocked down a stand of swords, then staffs when she turned to pick up the swords. Wullis had taken the staff from her arm and suggested that when she entered into a place that she leave it at the door. Tamas marveled at the brilliance of this plan and decided that he was right. She helped to pick up the merchandise and reset it. Wullis suggested that if she wanted to train with her quarterstaff, he could help her for a price. She bought a dagger and sheath, since she was there and tucked them into the left side of her belt. Wullis also told her that he could train her with them as well as he told her to turn the sheath around.

Tamas entered the Good Book to find Master Keper Masute hard at work on preparing a vat of rags, ripping and placing them in a vat. The air smelled of bleach, drying rags, old leather and glue. There was the sound of constant drips water coming from the drying racks and the rinse basins. Tamas took in a deep breath as she placed her staff next to the door frame being careful not to hit anything with it. Tamas took a deep breath in and smiled. Master Keper rose shaking off his hands, plunging them into the rinse water then the clear rinse water approached the redhead at his door.

Greeting her warmly he says, “Hello, hello, Welcome. How may I help you?”
“Are you Master Masute?” Tamas asked with a very polite tone.
“Yes, yes, this is my shop. So I must be he,” he said. Returning to the question, he says a little more forcefully, “How can I help you?”
From a pocket of her dress, she pulled out a letter sealed on nice paper. She said, “My master sent me to you with this.”
Masute takes the letter and waves his hand at her in a sign that meant don’t bother me or give me a second.
Taking the letter he walks behind the counter and sits on a stool and reads. The note is written in Arumenic

My dear Master Keper,
I present to you my apprentice and ask if you would continue her training. She was a friend’s daughter who was being trained in the ways of magic. Till he died in an accident where a wagon flipped as the team was spooked. I took her into my family and she has been like a daughter to me for the last few years. She is a hard worker, as hard as any boy I’ve had to train. She is good with her hands and seems to be good with people.
Master, she can be stubborn as stubborn as a desert pony and has the Dyjed in her blood. Do not let her bring any devices into your shop and by the entire god’s make her leave that staff at home. She got some crazy idea that someone is going to attack her in Lhavit. She has the making of a good book binder and paper maker and I ask if you would consider continuing her training.
On a personal side, by the time you receive this note. I will probably be with my ancestors. The divine healer and the physicians say that my time is short. I have not told Tamas, and I told her this was part of her training. Please do not tell her or she will be on the next ship back to me.

May your always belly be full, may your ponies had fresh water and your tents always a place of joy and laughter.

Over time, she will come to love your heart as I did in my training.

Always your apprentice and son,
Master Silmener Lerya

Sitting back in his chair Master Keper tries to take it all in.
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