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Midsummer Cider

Postby Baeye on August 16th, 2018, 7:29 pm

Summer 45, 518AV
The Midsummer Festival
Snow Apple Orchard Cider Booth

A celebration such as the Midsummer Festival in Lhavit, meant the accumulation of the majority of city dwellers into one specific and dense area during a limited amount of time. A festival of course, also meant people willing and able to spend their Kina on a variety of things. The midsummer festival, for the Snow Apple Orchard, held on the 45th of each summer, was a perfect opportunity to reach out to festival goers in search of new and returned apple and cider customers.

Baeye had volunteered for such a position, a member of the large Snow Apple Cider booth within the festival. She was not the head seller, as that was one of the higher level workers in the cider processing part, as Baeye was only a farmhand for the trees themselves. But the booth would be selling apples from last winter’s harvest. These would be the very same apples that Baeye had had picked that previous season, and she was rather proud of that fact. Of course, since the apples would now be nearly two seasons old, they were not fresh. Instead, next to the cider, the Snow Apple Cider booth would be selling dried apple chips, candied apples and apple juice that had all been preserved for selling outside of the season.

The booth would be, as the Snow Apples always are outside of Winter, contested by apples that were in season. The unique thing about Snow Apples is there harvest time of the year, which is refreshing in the wintertime, to have a fresh fruit when nothing else but meat is fresh, but in the spring and summer, they are rivaled by normal apples. It never hurt the orchard too much, though, as Snow Apples were a delicacy in the city.

Baeye showed up earlier than she was required to. She wasn’t the few that were needed to set the booth up, but she was one of the first workers to arrive. With her, and joining throughout the day, would be a few farmhands for their cheap labor, and a few cider workers who knew what they were talking about and would be able to answer questions. Presiding over them in the morning would be a Snow son, and in the afternoon a Snow daughter. She had met both of them before, though she wasn’t sure if they each remembered her, the family had so many workers.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the opening of the festival would begin soon. Baeye was quickly preparing her part of the booth, in front of the candied and dried apples. Her partner, next to her, would be in charge of the juices and concentrates. While on the other side of Baeye, the cider master with his number of ciders ranging in years.

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