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Eyes High

Postby Eyes High on August 29th, 2018, 2:57 pm

Eyes High


Race: Pycon
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Birthday: Seventy-fifth Day, Summer, 515 AV.
Birthplace: The Modeller's Quarter, Riverfall
Current Location: Lhavit


Eyes High, first and foremost, has a body made entirely of a flexible clay-like substance with soft brown and red undertones over the majority of her body. Whilst a female, Eyes makes no effort to present herself as such and has not acquired notable ‘female’ characteristics when compared to other Mizadar races. Her body is small, stout and flexible, weighing only 6 pounds and standing 5.5 inches tall. Eyes is not exceptionally fit. Despite her stout build, her clay-like body makes her unusually flexible because of the lack of bones and internal organs. However, her form is just above mediocre from the little training she has had, and her body is overall a little lumpy in appearance.

Her natural, relaxed form is a slightly malformed humanoid shape, possessing two arms, two legs and large lump where the head should be. Eyes’ hands are poorly formed, instead looking slightly more like claws with one half of the smaller appendages on each ‘hand’ being thumb-like. The situation is similar with her feet, with there only being two ‘toes’ on each foot, one of which is larger and better defined than the other. Her head-lump has two pupil-less eyes and a small mouth that is usually worn as a smile. The mouth is poorly formed, flat and shapeless, but grows larger whenever she is going to eat something simply because she cannot wait. Within her head-lump is her mental nexus, a weakness she is very conscious of.

Her voice is rich and deep, though her tones are often elated and left with a sense of a question forming. Whilst low, her voice is smooth and clear. Occasionally she can be prone to mumbling or speaking too quickly, but if asked to speak clearer, she will.

Eyes has two hands, but no preference for either of them. Since her 'hands' are little more than stubs with a thumb and an indescribable appendage along side it, she can use them but has yet to figure out if she favours either of them. She can accomplish precision work with either had if she is attentive, and finds that neither is stronger than the other.


Character Concept
Eyes High is a young, ambitious pycon who will take life seriously, though in a ‘roundabout way. Very aware of her limited lifespan when compared to other races, Eyes is in a hurry to know everything as quickly as possible. Eyes, whilst usually quite amicable, sits very comfortable on the shade of grey when considering morality. She feels that her one true purpose in this world is to find out what she is made of, and who she is, thus leaving stagnant and inflexible things such as morals behind. Eyes will always pick the 'better' option, boiling her choices down to 'where will I learn the most?' and following it, even if it means she will participate in things she would rather not. Eyes feels it is not her place to pass judgement on scenarios around her, it is merely her task to participate in as many of them as she possibly can to find her true form.

Because of this mentality, Eyes has thus far followed her passions right out of her home near Riverfall and into the glistening city that is Lhavit. She doesn't necessarily desire 'greatness', but she is driven to experience as much as possible, before eventually retiring to a pyve (not necessarily her home pyve) and being a role model for other pycons. As she grows, she'll feel the burden of her self-imposed mission grow, as the rate she would like to progress will likely be unachievable given the world she lives in. She will need to be tempered by a calmer companion and will need to be reassured every now and then until she can find a path she feels is suitable for her goal.

She'll never be 'finished' until she finally feels comfortable in her own clay.

Likes: Stars, snooping, eating
Dislikes: Extreme fire, extreme water, disillusionment
Four words to describe Eyes: Pensive, curious, motivated, amoral

Eyes is a deeply motivated and confident individual. Despite her small size, she is determined to complete her goals and come to a life she will value when the end comes. Eyes is perpetually thinking well ahead of time, but this means that she often forgets the small, baby steps in her Big Plans and this is where she most frequently struggles. She is not satisfied with merely being a lump of animated clay and wants to express her true self more than anything. She is keenly aware that she doesn’t have a lot of time to do the things that others would have many more decades to complete, and so she works hard to dabble in as much as possible - the result being that she has a little bit of knowledge everywhere, but no true sense of ‘purpose’ anywhere. Her motivation and confidence is what keeps her going and she considers them her most valuable assets. Regardless of what she should encounter or endure, it is these two characteristics that will see her through.

Beneath her drive lies a sensitive, curious soul. Eyes’ hindsight vision is 20/20 and so she learns from her mistakes. Unfortunately, if she cannot outright avoid the mistakes without sacrificing potentially new experiences, she will likely repeat previous actions if they are promising enough. Eyes lacks the moral judgement of others and sees all choices are merely decisions one has to make. Right or wrong is irrelevant to her, she focuses on the potential gains involved. She’s not interested in material wealth beyond the necessities that allow her to live; for her, the true value of something comes in what one can learn from it. Her actions and consequences weigh on her though as she does not enjoy hurting others, but her ultimate goals override her empathy towards all that are not considered close relationships.

Whilst serious, Eyes can be whimsical when the mood hits and her unpredictable personality can lead to her occasionally sounding wise and then in the same breath, sound like she was born yesterday. She enjoys the finer moments in life and hunts viciously for the silver lining in any and all happenings because she believes that everything is an option to learn and she doesn’t have enough time to entertain demotivating feelings.

Close Relationships
Eyes does not have a special status for familial relationships and can just as easily consider potential friends to be far closer to her than her parents. Eyes' most important relationships are with those that can help her balance her burdens and help her learn what she does not know - something her parents are unlikely to accomplish. This results in her placing high value on the concept of close relationships with other races. Her friends are what other races would consider family, and they can enjoy a certain level of mischief and influence over the normally flippant pycon. She is affectionate, playful and dedicated to those she considers friends. Meanwhile, close relationships can have a profound impact on the pycon, too.

As with most pycon, Eyes acknowledges the god of alchemy and transformation, Harameus, as her most important god. He is her primary deity and she is devoted to him in her own away, thus her drive to experience everything and come to a point of completion for herself. Other gods orbit her sphere of knowledge, such as Akajia and Qalaya, but Harameus is the only god she has taken time to properly know.

Eyes takes her need to learn seriously because she considers it a positive way to express her faith and herself, and does not compromise either option lightly.

Eyes High’s external personality is almost exactly opposite to how she truly is. Whilst she does not consider her facade to be false, it is merely a smaller faction of herself that she feels is more appealing to others, and thus should be expressed more. Eyes can be pessimistic and become a bit disillusioned by the reality that she might not live up to her self-imposed standards. She gains little satisfaction from external praise, as the most important opinion is that of herself. At her low points, she can be self-critical and anxious, worrying about where she’s headed to and how she’s going to manage to get there. Fortunately, this is balanced out by a strong level of resilience and faith that, whatever she feels her destination is, the road towards it is long and windy and she cannot predict which bumps she will hit along the way. Thus far, being young, her fortitude has not been truly testing, but the more she ventures out of her sphere of knowledge, the more she has realised that there is a lot of work for her to do. She has developed a thick skin from being raised in a pyve near a developed city, where her people can be considered rather annoying.

Eyes knows one thing is certain: she is a curiosity. Being small and little, Eyes has used the assumptions of others to benefit her and has developed an appreciation for other races that she wears on her sleeve. One can be forgiven if they think Eyes to be rash, excitable, easily distracted and shallow simply because that is how she appears frequently. She doesn’t think it appropriate or fair to weigh others down with any of her woes when they come, nor will she fail to try and avoid unnecessary conflict, because in the end she feels that she needs others far more than they need her.

Sense of Humour
Eyes has a somewhat self-deprecating sense of humour and generally finds more insults to be funny. She likes word-play, traditional jokes and silly pranks when they occur. As the butt of jokes, Eyes is receptive and eager, rarely taking things to heart, though witty retorts may be slow to form. She’s gregarious and jovial with others and will often find most attempts at humour to be funny.


Occupation History
Fall, 518 AV
To be added

Character History
Post creation
Eyes was born on the Seventy-fifth Day of Summer in 515 AV, where she was what appeared to be a ball of clay for nearly a weak. The young pycon will describe herself as being a ‘very cute’ ball of clay to anyone that will listen. At three weeks of age, merely a week after forming a mouth and imitating those around her physically, she received her first name: Eats. The origin of Eats stemmed from the young pycon’s tendency to eat ridiculous amounts of clay in one sitting, to the point where it was thought she would be gigantic. This thought was never realised and it soon became evident that Eyes just liked to eat - a lot. Her high exposure to other bipeds and the statues of past pylons around her led to her eventually imitating a form with two arms and two legs, and by time she was a year old, she was able to imitate thumbs, which then became another name used to differentiate herself from other pycon.

When Eyes matured at just over six months, her parents became more unimportant to her life as she matured and began taking care of herself. Given the culture, they were not terribly saddened by this, and the trio remained on friendly terms, still living together and sharing stories and advising Eyes on what to do. It was them that suggested she wait a little longer before rushing off to begin a journey elsewhere, and she accepted their advice because of their own experiences.

Eyes was eight months old when she started properly exploring the world around her. Her first self-assigned task was to snoop around and experience the locals in Riverfall and she did so with great enthusiasm. Though often accidentally making a nuisance of herself, the pycon felt it was a far better situation than running around the flowers and huts near her home. She never ventured too far, however, in fear of not being able to run home should the need arise. Whilst she was generally oblivious to her surroundings, she did benefit from being so small and often forgotten and avoided trouble.

Eyes received her latest name at the age of two after many months finding herself attracted to the sky. Her eyes were often focused upwards anyway because of her height, and unlike the cases with her other names, where she gave them to herself after accomplishments (including a brief period of being known as ‘Two Toes’), Eyes High was ‘given’ to her by an akalak. It wasn’t a genuine giving of a name of course and the circumstances were rather poor when she heard it, but she took it under advisement anyway and adopted it as her social name when she decided it was time to leave her home.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Tukant
Poor Language: -

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Anthropology # SP 5 Novice
Astronomy # SP 9 Novice
Escape Artist # RB 10 Novice
Etching # SP 8 Novice
Geology # SP 5 Novice
Metalsmithing # SP 8 Novice
Riding (Dog) # SP 10 Novice
Unarmed Combat # SP 5 Novice


Location Skills Other
Lore of Lhavit City Layout Lore of Harameus


Item Description Source
Dress A small, simple dress sized to fit Eyes Highs. It is plain and nondescript, and reserved for when she feels it's appropriate to wear a dress. Starter Package
Undergarments Simple Undergarments. They are plain and nondescript. Starter Package
Cloak A simple cloak, that could be used as a tissue by larger races. Eyes likes that it is swishy. Starter Package
Boots Simple pair of boots that Eyes has yet to figure out how to wear. Her large toes are too wide. Starter Package
Item Description Source
Item Description Source
Toolkit An engraver's tool kit Purchase
Item Description Source
Waterskin One waterskin Starter Package
Balanced Rations One week's worth Starter Package

Item Description Source
Dollhouse, Pycon A simply pycon-sized house Purchase
Item Description Source
Comb One wooden comb. Eyes uses it to scratch itches Starter Package
Brush One wooden brush. Starter Package
Soap Some soap Starter Package
Razor One small razor Starter Package
Knife One small knife, only suitable for eating because of its size, shape and strength Starter Package
Flint & Steel Eyes does not use them much as they spook her, but she keeps them regardless Starter Package


When Eyes High planned to leave home, she took one thing with her, a small, male sykanis dog, with light brown ears and white fur. Seeing as she had no experience with providing names, the dog was named after it's breed - Sykanis. Sykanis so far feels like a good fit for her as he is energetic and keeps the young pycon on her toes. He is a good size for her, though for her to be anything but 'clinging for my life' when using him as a mount, she will need to put in the hours to improve her stance, confidence and cohesion with him.

Eyes lives with her friend, the akalak Var Kiris, whom she met during her travel from Riverfall. Her home resides within his at Solar Winds, and looks much like a miniature replica of a full-sized building. The home is merely a simple, single room cottage with some furniture inside. The structure is made from wood and whilst she does not spend too much time inside her home, only electing to usually sleep in it, she loves it and considers it one of her most exciting purchases ever. Her dog cannot fit inside her residence, but instead remains outside curled up nearby. Having limited belongings, all of her things remain inside her home when she is not carrying them around.


Fall 518 AV
Purchase Cost Total
Starter Pack +100 Kina 100 Kina
Starter Pack Cash In +500 Kina 600 Kina
Dollhouse, Pycon, Simple -150 Kina 450 Kina
Toolkit, Engravers -50 Kina 400 Kina
Balance 600 Ki

Conversion Rate
Miza Kina
1 Gold Miza (gm) 1 Kina (ki)
1 Silver Miza (sm) 1 Topaz Kina (tk)
1 Copper Miza (cm) 1 Jade Kina (jk)

Type Rate
1 Kina (ki) 10 Topaz Kina (tk) or 100 Jade Kina (jk)
1 Topaz Kina (tk) 10 Jade Kina (jk)


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