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Event calendar for Fall 518AV. Consult when time stamping.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Calendar of Events Fall 518AV

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Morwen's persistent refusal to appear for the last two years has had a dramatic effect on the lands surrounding Wind Reach. The lack of snowfall has brought the water of the twin lakes low, and the residents of the city are being forced to keep a close eye on water use. The Chiet and Dek have added water collection to their normal cycle of tasks in order to keep up with the city’s water consumption and make sure that they do not run dry.

In addition, lava flow has become a common occurrence without the usual snowfall to cool the magma. The masons and reimancers have created flow passages for the occasional overflow, allowing the lava to be safely deposited at the bottom of the mountain. All citizens of Wind Reach have become used to seeing lava moving down these passages, and the events usually draw no more than a glance or two. For the moment the method seems effective, but if the snowfall continues to be delayed and the lava flow increases, more serious methods may need to be implemented. The Valintar is accepting suggestions for dealing with the problem from all castes.

Despite water shortages and problems with lava flow, the land has been verdant and full of plenty of prey ripe for the taking. The hydroponic gardens have produced a surplus of vegetables and fruit through the spring and summer, and show no signs of slowing down throughout the fall. Even as the season marches towards Winter there is plenty of food to go around, and the expectation is that it will be an easy winter.

From the 60th and onwards, heavy winds and the occasional storm strike Skyinarta and Thunder Bay, making travel by air treacherous and putting the grounded eagles in poor moods. Squabbles break out among the irritable birds, and more than one Chiet and Dek find themselves on the receiving end of a sharp beak and talons.

As the season moves towards Winter, a nervous tension lingers in the air. And, as both expected and feared, the yearly snowfall signalling the close of the Sanikas Pass does not come. The Valintar takes advantage of this situation, keeping the Thunder Bay open to allow for more fishing and hunting opportunities for the Non-Endal residents of the city. But in spite of the opportunity, concern still lingers. If Winter shows no sign of arrival, this will mark the third year of Morwen’s absence. It’s difficult to say what kind of an effect the land will suffer as a result.

Weather and Wildlife

1st- 12th - The sky is mostly cloudy with a slight wind, although there are breaks in the clouds for sunshine periodically. There are scattered rains at least once a day, but they never last for longer than an hour. Temperatures are cooler than the Summer heat but never cold enough to snow.

13th-33rd - The temperature warms considerably, reaching almost as hot as the Summer heat. The clouds clear up and bright clear skies with few clouds persist throughout this period of time. Puddles dry up, water levels drop further, and animal activity increases as creatures are forced to venture further for water. Animals are spotted in unusual places.

34th-60th - The temperature drops once more. Clear skies gradually give way to heavy clouds, but it does not rain. The common birds of the area are seen less and less. Towards the end of this time period it's difficult to find them at all.

60th-89th - Heavy winds pick up, making it difficult for all except the most experienced of Wind Eagles and Endal to take to the skies, and even then usually only for brief periods. Those who attempt to do so may risk being grounded away from Wind Reach as the wind unexpectedly grows stronger. Hunters find it easier on foot, but must be cautious near cliffs or other high points. At times the wind may be strong enough to knock over even a person on foot. There is rain for several hours every day, and occasionally thunderstorms.

90th-91st - A massive storm strikes Wind Reach and Thunder Bay, forcing everyone into shelter. The storm pounds the city area for two full days, making it impossible for anyone to enter or leave the city.


1: Market Day - The Wind Tower flares red! In celebration of the start of Fall, all the market stalls are decorated with bright red banners, and it seems as though every stall has something in shades of red for sale. Shades of red become very fashionably popular for the season, and most everyone from Dek to Endal won't be caught dead without some scrap of red on them. (Moderated Thread)
4: The Chiet and Dek are ordered to collect water in addition to other tasks
10: Market Day
17: A herd of rare Alkana deer with the males in rut are spotted by air. A fierce competition between Endal and hunter Avora breaks out, and in the confusion of the competition a group of bulls charge and injure some of the group.
20: Market Day - In order to celebrate the overabundance of food, today’s Market Day is marked by a large feast prepared by Chef Davoid and her apprentices
25: A pod of whales is spotted off the coast of Thunder Bay. A group of Endal hunters are organized to see what they can catch.
30: Market Day - The apprentice glassworkers have made sets of brightly colored wind chimes that are being sold for 5 Pinions apiece
33: A Neyka bear attacks a group of traders making their way down the Sanikas road to Thunder Bay. A Flight of Endal and their eagles rush to their rescue and slay the bear, but there are grievous injuries leading to three deaths.
40: Market Day - The weaponsmiths offer several specially made talon swords for sale. Their hilts are decorated in gems of the fall like colors of yellow, orange, and the ever popular red.
46: The Wind Eagles are overheard gossiping about odd behavior in the wildlife, but when questioned they refuse to say anything further
50: Market Day
52: One of the lava trenches adjacent to the Courtyard of the Sky overflows, sending the masons and reimancers scrambling to deepen the trenches before the courtyard is badly damaged.
60: Market Day - The wind picks up, making market day a somewhat chaotic affair
69: A grounded Wind Eagle in the aeries seizes a dek and flings her to her death in a rage. The eagle has to be calmed to keep her from attacking her Chiet caretakers
70: Market Day - An avora craftsmen sells carved wooden charms of Zulrav claiming they will help fend off the winds battering Wind Reach
76: The heavy winds blowing off of Thunder Bay fling an unfledged Wind eagle chick from it’s nest. The eaglet is able to find purchase in a stone crevice, but the location keeps his huge parents from being able to rescue him. A frenzied rescue is organized (Moderated Thread)
80: Market Day
89: An Endal standing watch at The Lookout spots a huge storm front moving off of the sea towards Wind Reach. An alarm is sounded and everyone hunkers down to wait it out.
90: Market Day - A violent storm pounds Wind Reach, forcing Market Day to be held in the Stained Glass Gallery. The storm lasts through the end of the season and forces all residents of Wind Reach to remain indoors and stranding those in Thunder Bay who were unable to leave in time. Tensions continue to run high among the Wind Eagles and Inarta alike.

Seasonal Challenges

  • Bully or be bullied by someone of a lower or higher caste
  • Talk with a Wind Eagle
  • Share your opinion about Morwen with a PC
  • Witness unusual wild animal behavior
  • Make a friend or become enemies with a PC
  • Experience the beauty and power of a storm
  • Make a mistake
  • Share a secret
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