Event The Color of the Season

The first of Fall arrives, and Wind Reach celebrates with a fashionable market day!

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The Color of the Season

Postby Solstice on September 6th, 2018, 8:25 pm

Fall 1st, 518
Courtyard of the Sky

As the curtain closed on the end of Summer, the Wind Tower had flashed and dyed all of Wind Reach in a brilliant crimson glow. Perhaps one of the tailors had been inspired by the flash; far more likely the twins of the Courtyard had been seized by a genius inspiration days or weeks before the change in season. And that inspiration had spread like a fire, somehow, through the craftsmen and shopkeepers and seamstresses and glassworkers. Maybe the eagles had been responsible for the trend; it seemed like the kind of thing they might do for fun. Regardless of the reason, when dawn fell on market day the Courtyard of the Sky was painted in the colors of Fall, the most prominent of that being the same red that shone from the Watchtower.

The heat of the Summer had bowed to the cooler air of Fall like magic. Although clouds roiled overhead they weren’t the heavy gray that foretold the risk of rain, and there were frequent breaks in which Syna’s golden glow shined her light through and made an already bright scene even more festive. As the inarta arrived to do their shopping for the, one and all of them were seized by a fervor.

Every market stall seemed to have decorative items in the colors of Fall. Lexi’s leathers was sporting intricately crafted gear that had patterns of red thread woven into them. A group of falcons sat on a perch beside the stall for Winging Away, modelling off a set of fine red leather hoods. Super Cute Ceramics was showing off entire sets of dishes made with fall leaf motifs in mind. Out of all the booths however, Felicity’s Fabrics seemed to be the most popular. The booth was swarmed with customers as the inarts seized upon the new fashion of the season. Within hours, it seemed there wasn't a single person walking around the market who didn't have a scarf, or belt in the appropriate color. The Endals had, of course, seized upon the opportunity to take the best of the displayed items and as such were the most finely dressed, but even the chiets seemed to manage to purchase a bead or two to decorate their sleeves.

Market day wasn't just for shopping. It was a social event, one that nearly every caste could find a way to enjoy. It was also an opportunity to be judged. If one hadn't seized upon the fashion in a sufficiently swift manner, one could only be expected to be criticized for it, both to one’s face and behind their backs.

A pair of endals had poised themselves on some steps, and chattered amidst themselves as their Wind Eagles preened on the curved stone terraces nearby. Their voices echoed loud enough for anyone to hear them, but if anyone of any caste approached they would sneer at them until they retreated.

“Fall it is!” said one of the endals. “Do you suppose the Goddess of Winter will finally grace her with her presence this year?”

The other endal laughed. “Yeah right!” he chuckled. “As if Morwen cares what happens to any of us!” The two of them laughed together, but underneath the arrogance was a note of fear. Three years since Morwen’s disappearance. And still the land suffered her absence.
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The Color of the Season

Postby Kiah on September 12th, 2018, 6:47 pm

Kiah had been sat behind the table at The Treasure Box for a couple of bells now, selling wares and watching the Inarta people going about their shopping through keen, golden eyes. Market Day bought out a mixture of feelings in the young Kelvic. On the one hand she loved it, for she was always curious to see what people were buying and selling and she usually found a trinket or two for herself. On the other hand she vehemently disliked it as the bustle of people, pretty much every single soul in Wind Reach, put her on edge. Kiah had always hated crowds.

The table between herself and the shoppers was a nice enough buffer though, and even better that it was filled with beautiful things. She was apprenticed under Yannad, perhaps the most sought after jeweller in the whole of Wind Reach, and his pieces were always exquisite. As a result, The Treasure Box was usually a popular stall, and Kiah had quickly learned how to plaster on a smile and be polite, especially when she would much rather be back inside creating things.

Today was no exception, and she had spent the early part of the morning selling Yannad's trinkets to a steady stream of people. Red was apparently the colour of the season, and the majority of the pieces that had sold so far had rubies or garnets adorning them. To further confirm this, she had noticed that as the morning had crept on, the customers clothing had shifted and by mid-morning most people she saw were wearing red. Kiah herself always wore a red and orange Vinati but seeing everyone milling about sporting new garments, she wanted one for herself.

When Yannad turned up somewhere around the 10th Bell as he liked to on the first market of a Season, Kiah hurried off to Felicity's Fabrics to find something pretty to add to her wardrobe. It didn't take her long to find and purchase a beautiful red scarf, adorned with some light golden embroidery. She looped it once round her neck once she had paid, and wandered off to see what else was on offer.

As she passed a couple of Endals in conversation, she picked up mentions of the Goddess of Winter. Kiah wasn't one to put much stock in Deity's, not possessing the want or focus to learn about them during her schooling. The young woman hadn't known Wind Reach before Morwen had gone missing, and as such she didn't fully understand why people were making such a fuss. She understood that things were 'different than before', but this present was all she had ever had. And they seemed to be dealing with it from what she could tell.

She shot a sideways glance at the Endals, one eyebrow raised. Kiah was sensible enough not to engage in a discussion with Endals over a subject she was almost entirely ignorant on however, so she focused her attentions on the nearest stall. She idly cast her gaze over a selection of pretty glass beads, while using her superior hearing to listen to anything else they might say, or if perhaps another citizen would join the conversation, for the pair were speaking loud enough for their voices to carry. Hopefully they wouldn't notice her eavesdropping.
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