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Kaiy Kindra

Postby Kaiy Kindra on September 21st, 2018, 3:17 am

Kaiy Kindra


Race: Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: 32, Summer, 501.
Birthplace: Sultros

The color of the skin is a Tawny tone that is mostly a yellowish brown color in the dark it appeal to be more of a light brown shade tone the color of the tone and it doesn’t change but, only in shades. His eyes color is a semi light gray hue color the eyes color at night time sometime looks a little darker and to his conditions it defaulted to see. His height is 5’2”and his weight his 59lb.
His hair is a red rose color in the dark it is an bloodish color with heightlights of orange, medium orange, and bright yellow at the very end his right hand has mostly this blue-sh pale vein color included all over the body is an light blue, poke-a-dotted, dots all over is other body but, the face has this light blue arrow design on both sides of his face and for his chin and forehead there a light blue half cycled, outline, the chin has an upward one and the forehead had a downward one.His body is a feminie like body type he have no muscles or body fat on his body.

Character Concept

Let's talk about you some more.

Character History

Tell me all about your past, baby.


Fluent Language: Most fluent language here.
Basic Language: Fill me in, if you want.
Poor Language: Fill me in, if you want.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Skill 1 # SP # Novice
Skill 2 # SP # Novice
Skill 3 # RB, # SP # Competent


Please choose two specific pieces of knowledge (lores).


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak or Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Fill me in, please! (HELPFUL HINT, Please Remove - Max. 50gm worth)


Location: Where in Mizahar are you living?

House: What does your home look like?

(HELPFUL HINT, Please Remove - Please choose either a housing package or a tent package.)


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

Thread List

Link your current & past threads here!

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