The New Girl (Teeryian)

On a quiet day, a woman enters the Catholicon needing assistance. [Job Thread]

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The New Girl (Teeryian)

Postby Vanguard on December 5th, 2018, 12:04 am

Certain things were difficult to get used to when working at the Catholicon. One being that not everyone could be saved, no matter how much you tried. It wasn’t often that they had an employee with Rak’keli’s blessing at their disposal, but that wasn’t a cure all for everything that came in through the door. Senri had heard stories, legends, about Healers with connections so close to the goddess that they could purge diseases from cities. Though those legends usually ended in the Healer losing their life due to how much was demanded of them to perform such actions. It wasn’t likely that the Catholicon would ever have such an individual among them. Such Healers usually sought out the suffering rather than waited for it to be brought to them.

What Senri hoped he’d never have to get used to was doing nothing when he held the cure in his pocket. Mentally, he willed that Teeryian would find the answer and soon. Horan was losing more of his pigmentation and Senri was going to need to act soon if Teeryian proved to be a slow reader or overlooked the answer. What made the prospect more unnerving was having to try and answer the mother’s distress should she learn that he was withholding her son’s cure for the sake of a Konti’s learning experience. In truth, he was already hating himself for doing it. Still, he did as he was instructed, though he suspected that he could only afford half a bell more before needing to resolve the situation himself.

It did not bother him that Teeryain was ignoring his story. The words were not meant for her ears anyway. They had been for the mother, to ease her spirit with a small bit of laughter. For Horan too, if he were able to understand anything that he was saying. The young boy looked as though he were sleeping and intended to sleep until the next Valterrian. Bedside manner was important in their profession. People were less likely to visit a doctor if they were curt and uncaring. Having a friendly disposition sometimes meant the difference between life and Dira’s visit.

Senri was about to begin on another story when the Konti began to speak. Whatever her trail of thought was, the assistant doctor did not understand. But then she turned around and displayed the page that he had been hoping that she would find. The illustration of the plant lacked color, but Senri would recognize that plant anywhere. One of the deadlier plants around Lhavit, which the Shinya thankfully worked hard at purging from the city. At Teeryian’s question, he stood up from the bedside. “I do yes. We might have some already mixed as well,” he said as he took a few steps towards the stairs. “Come with me and I’ll show you where to look,” he waved his arm in indication to follow as he spoke.

He made his way halfway down the stairs towards the reception area when he stopped to turn and look up at Teeryian. Senri kept a serious gaze on the Konti as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the vile Alessia had given him. The violet fluid sloshed around gently in the glass vial as he held it out to her. “The cure for Kuhari. Some venoms act so quickly that we try to keep a dose or two of those antidotes on hand. Otherwise the patients could pass while we’re mixing it together.” Senri indicated the third loft with his head. “Horan is one such case. Go and give him that now. He doesn’t have enough time for me to show you how to mix an antidote. Make sure that he swallows all of it too.”

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The New Girl (Teeryian)

Postby Teeryian Khohen on December 5th, 2018, 4:52 am

Teeryian furrowed her brows towards the human. He had the vial in his pocket the whole time! Anger boiled inside, but the Konti kept her composure as best she could as Senri informed her of what she should do with the vial. She took a slight step back to take a breath to maintain her emotional state. It was also important to stay calm while working under these kind of stressful situations. "Thank you Senri." She said with a forced smile, more than anxious to return to Horan as he's literally lying on his death bed. "However once we get this settled we need to talk after this event, please?" She inquired with tender care to her voice as she grabbed the vial and held it with accuracy to the best of her ability. She was already thinking about the future talk that the two of them were going to have. Was it the fact that he didn't tell her this sooner? Or was she just upset because she didn't have the time needed to solve the problem at hand. Whatever the side effect may be, Teeryian felt like she needed to talk to someone about it. And Senri was the closest one who could've aided Teeryian in relieving this stress if she had known about the stored vials sooner.

Though the rush she got from rescuing the boy, she was glad to have one of her first opportunities to work with Senri. Teeryian didn't run towards the boy in fear of dropping the vial. It swooshed as she walked with it and held it with precision. Never tilting it upside down as the lid could possibly pop off it it weren't placed in right, but if one of the longer lasting doctor's had brewed this antidote prior to bottling it up; they would have made sure that it was on tight and Teeryian was more than thankful for it that it was, because that pre-made bottle will save this boy's poisoned life.

"Horan. It's Doctor Teeryian I'm going to have you sit upright so we can take this medicine." She said with a smile and gently forced the boy to sit upright "Senri can you add me with the boy please while I get the bottle uncapped." She said with a smile. As Senri aided her it gave her a quick moment to uncap the vial and Teeryian managed to get the boy to open his mouth just enough so that Teeryian could pour the liquid into his system. Anxious to see the concluded result of the boy's status.

Thank you so much Gossamer!

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