Solo Herbalism Part I (Solo)

Teeryian takes care of her plants at home, and sets up everything else for her garden

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Herbalism Part I (Solo)

Postby Teeryian Khohen on October 8th, 2018, 3:31 pm

1st of Fall 518AV.
Early Morning.
Setting: Teeryians at her house, preparing her garden, and organizing her house.

The beginning of Fall shows many promises, and Teeryian will soon start work. She heard from Senri about the opportunity and when The Catholicon approved of her entry position, she was more than excited. She waited quite some time for this job to come, and it finally did. She had some motivation to begin her own garden, and The Okomo Estates were the perfect place to have that said garden. With a little tender, love, and care. The garden would be magnificent. She needs to plan out a schematic and a schedule if she wanted her garden to produced completely before this Winter.

From a few practiced years of experience that her mother taught her. Teeryian was ready to take on the challenge. She needed to buy a book or two about Herbalism so that she could understand more advance Herbalism techniques and strategies for: growing, planting, maintaining, and picking. She needed to know a lot, and it was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to get something like this underway.

Teeryian wasn't really sure how Winter is going to behave this year. She hoped to have a decent collection of her OWN plants before Winter comes. She'll feel a sense of pride and joy after completing a beginning quest like this one.

She purchased her plants yesterday at the All Things Wild Shop, and needed to plant them as soon as possible. She gathered the herbs and counted what she bought.

She had: 10 Vyfox herbs 20 Connal Herbs, and 6 Brinetooth Berries. It was just enough to begin her own collection and study them. She had a 144 sqaure foot garden, and Kita who owned All Things Wild gave her some nice tips about planting them. She told Teeryian that each Herb should have at least two feet of growing space when planted. Most of them also like cooler locations, so planting them a few feet deep into the earth would be great.

She estimated that she could plant at least six herbs/berries at a time. As long as they grow that is. She picked out two of each plant that she bought and set them apart on the other side of the table. She retrieved three of her five jars soon after and placed the remaining herbs in each of the three jars. Categorizing them to keep them in the right home.

Then she figured that she could have grabbed her fourth jar and placed the six herbs she had had into that jar. She picked up that jar, and went to retrieve her Herbalism Kit. Once she grabbed it, she headed outside to start her quest of growing her own herbs.

Thank you so much Gossamer!

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