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Event calendar for Winter 518AV. Consult when time stamping.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Calendar of Events Winter 518AV

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The blue flare of the Wind Tower heralding the change of the season largely goes unnoticed in the wake of a massive storm. Although Morwen has once again refused to show herself, Zulrav shows no such reticence, and his might is a true terror to behold. However, the Inarta are nothing if not resilient, and they hunker down for the length of the storm, finally emerging when the storm calms to assess the damage. But Zulrav has not finished with them, and the citizens of Wind Reach will find themselves beget by storms of wind and rain for the majority of the season.

Winter in Wind Reach is a time for rest, relaxation, and social events. Normally this period is the result of the heavy snows and snow storms blanketing the area, making travel through the mountains difficult, if not impossible. This year a similar effect is achieved due to the wind storms. A large group of Inarta are stranded at Thunder Bay at the end of Fall and the first week of the season is spent slowly extracting them. Recognizing the folly of his pride, the Valintar commands a skeleton crew typical for Winter to be the only group staffing Thunder Bay. The winds this season are so heavy that only the largest and most experienced of Wind Eagles are able to fly out to hunt, and typically only during the quieter periods of wind. The reimancers are forced to work full time to keep the abundance of food from the previous season from spoiling, and stockpiles dwindle faster than usual. Starvation rapidly becomes a real threat, and Dek rations are cut, followed by the Chiet later in the season. The one advantage of the storms is the overabundance of rainfall, and the Twin Lakes quickly return to their normal levels providing more than enough water for everyone to drink.

Grounded by the storm, both Endal and Wind Eagles become increasingly irritable as the season progresses. The Endal take out their frustrations on the lower castes, who in turn take out their own frustrations on the castes lower than them. Wind Eagles lash out at their caretakers and pick fights with their riders. Tempers run rampant through the city and fights break out often, occasionally turning violent and, in a few rare instances, deadly. In an effort to mitigate the violence, wild parties are held frequently for every caste all over the city. The usual location is the Inclement Weather, and the proprietor of the dance club, Cedar, is happy to accommodate for all castes. As Winter marches on and the storms show no signs of stopping, many of the inarta, especially the Dek, fall to drugs to quiet the rumblings of their stomachs. For the higher castes, the season is filled with petty bickerings and keeping themselves entertained. For the lowest castes, Winter involves keeping their heads down and quietly waiting for the season to end.

Weather and Wildlife

1st-3rd - Massive lightning storms strike the entire area of Wind Reach, making travel outside the city impossible.

4th-40th - The storms lessen slightly, and though the winds are still strong, there are small breaks in between the storms that allow the Endals and their eagles some damp passage through the air to hunt. However, the majority of animals have gone into hiding and it is extremely difficult to find any prey, aside from predators who are unpredictable and violent. The weather is chilly, but does not drop below freezing.

41st- 70th - The rain lessens, and there are even occasional breaks in the clouds allowing for sunlight and small outdoors excursions for non-Endals. By this point, many of the rivers and streams have flooded and fish and various freshwater and sea life are plentiful, if difficult to gather due to the circumstances. The Sanikas River is impassable even for the most talented of hikers and rapellers due to the flooding having swelled over the river's banks. In addition, large portions of the Sanikas Road have been swallowed by the flooding, making it impossible to travel to Thunder Bay on foot. The winds strengthen, ensuring that travel by air is exceedingly difficult and dangerous.

70th-92nd - The intense lightning storms return with vigor, though not with the same power as earlier in the season. Wild birds are found huddled side-by-side with the Wild Eagles in their aeries and refuse to leave. Trips out in the storms are exceedingly dangerous, but many of the Endals and hunter Avora make the effort anyways as supplies dwindle perilously low, putting themselves in great danger. On the final day of Winter, the storms break.


1: Market Day - Market day is cancelled due to work in weathering the storm. Reimancers and shielders work full time to make sure Wind Reach is fortified and everyone hunkers down to wait it out.
4: The storm finally lessens, and the Valintar begins the slow process in between breaks in the storm to extract people stranded at Thunder Bay on the backs of eagles. A skeleton crew of volunteers is left there to keep Thunder Bay running. The extraction takes about seven days.
10: Market Day - Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery. To combat the gloomy grey clouds, stained glass art dominates the scene.
17: A prayer ceremony to Zurlav is held in The Shrine of Those Who Have Passed in the hope of lessening the storms.
20: Market Day - Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery.
28: Employees of Inclement Weather spread news of a giant party to be held the following night. Attendees are instructed to wear all white and masks or they will be turned away at the door.
29: A Winter Revelry Party is held and it seems as if every member of Wind Reach makes an appearance. All information on a person, including caste, is completely obscured by costume. People are paired up at the door and partnered in the fun for the night. (Moderated Thread)
30: Market Day - Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery.
35: Dek rations are cut as food supplies dwindle.
40: Market Day - Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery.
43: A young Wind Eagle, furious at being forced to stay in his aerie, launches himself into the storm and is smashed against the side of the mountain.
50: Market Day - The sun shines enough for Market Day to be held in the Courtyard of the Sky! In celebration, Cedar and his musicians play music as the shoppers bask in the rare sunlight.
54: An argument between two Endal explodes into a violent fight. One of the Endals is severely injured, and a Dek is killed in the crossfire.
58: A group of hunters are attacked and several are killed by Chameleon wolves while out searching for food.
60: Market Day Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery.
68: Chiet rations are cut as supplies dwindle further
70: Market Day Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery.
72: The Avora Craftsmen who sold Zurlav charms the previous season is found in the inner warrens with his throat slit.
80: Market DayMarket Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery.
86: A large supply of drugs is stolen from Inclement Weather. A group of Deks are found responsible. As punishment, they are tied up outside in the storm to endure the elements.
87: Three Endals brave the elements of the storm and go missing. They are assumed dead, and mourned.
90: Market Day Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery.
92: The storm finally breaks and a massive celebration is held in the Courtyard of the Sky.

Seasonal Challenges

  • Be pushed to your limit and indulge in a vice
  • Witness, participate, or be subject to an act of violence
  • Party at Inclement Weather
  • Go hungry
  • Discover or suffer a fear
  • Entertain someone
  • Get caught in the storm
  • Pray to a God for respite
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