OOC Info [Wind Reach] Winter 518AV Character Registry

Register your character here if you plan on roleplaying in Wind Reach during Winter of 518AV.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach] Winter 518AV Character Registry

Postby Solstice on December 1st, 2018, 5:14 am


If you are playing your PC in Wind Reach during Winter of 518, please register! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me!

Your PC’s Name and/or Alias: Name goes here!
Age, Sex, Race: Self explanatory
Caste and Job: What is your rank, status? What’s your job, have an eagle? Put that here!
When did you arrive and how long are you staying?: Give me dates!
Purpose Within WR: Resident, Visitor, Trader?
Describe your character in a short abstract: Short and sweet!

Likes to Thread About: What sort of things do you like to write in thread?
Hates to Thread About: What do you hate threading about?
How would you like to see your character change this season?: Positive? Negative? Learn some skills?
What would you like me, as a moderator to focus on?: More quests? More locations? Let me know!
Need Moderator Assistance?: Yes or No
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Yes or No
Ask Your Moderator a Question!: And she shall answer!
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[Wind Reach] Winter 518AV Character Registry

Postby Lani Stranger on December 1st, 2018, 6:44 am

Lani Stranger
ImageAge, Sex, Race: 22, Female, Chaktawe/Eypharian
Caste and Job: Chiet, Scribe at the Enclave
When did you arrive and how long are you staying?: Last season, next season
Purpose Within WR: Visitor (OOC: Accidentally got stuck)
Describe your character in a short abstract: Lani is a half-Chaktawe, half-Eypharian. She has never felt as though she fit anywhere, but especially not in Wind Reach. She considers Kalea her home, and strives to make Wind Reach part of that. Lani is an avid worshiper of Aquiras, and considers life to be a journey, and where it heads doesn't really matter. Her care-free spirit has been slightly dampened by Wind Reach's reaction to her, although she has begun to settle into a more focused work-ethic, so the city is doing her some good.

Likes to Thread About: I very much enjoy character building, and writing stories for the story's sake. I am trying to chill on the grinding, so I'm looking forward to focusing solely on plot things and advancement of my character.
Hates to Thread About (With): Ego-maniacs, Thread-watchers (when all your PC does is watch and not do/say anything for others to react to)
How would you like to see your character change this season?: I'm down to learn any and all magic that Lani can get her hands on. I want her to become more comfortable with WR and it's people this season, although that will be a challenge because the whole city will be starving.
What would you like me, as a moderator to focus on?: Quests!
Need Moderator Assistance?: Not for anything in particular other than to save me from endless solos
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Yes, I am actually very interested in Guest Moderating. Although I know WR is a ghost town atm, if any other domains need some GMing, I'm available!
Ask Your Moderator a Question!: Is there anything that I, as a PC, can help you accomplish in WR?

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[Wind Reach] Winter 518AV Character Registry

Postby Red Daghul on December 20th, 2018, 7:23 pm


Your PC’s Name and/or Alias: Red Daghul
Age, Sex, Race: 28/Male/Human, Inarta
Caste and Job: Endel, Daghul is my Eagle
When did you arrive and how long are you staying?: Lived here my whole live, born Spring of 490, staying for the foreseeable future
Purpose Within WR: Resident
Describe your character in a short abstract: Easy going most of the time, uses jokes to cover up more personal maters . Can also use his caste to dodge from people he desires not to be personable with. Can be the life of the party or the quiet one in the corner depending on the day. Built and ready for battle he has a high sense of honor and duty to protect those under his care. His red hair often is left kinda messy with some brands as if he just jumped off his eagles back.

Likes to Thread About: I enjoy a good fight, or high adventure story, but I also enjoy a good old romantic or social one as well.
Hates to Thread About: nothing comes to mind
How would you like to see your character change this season?: Looking to get in to some good adventures, I don't plan on what I want changed just wanna see where he gets led
. As far as skills I would like to get some more Endel training under my belt as well. Just need to brush up on some skills and what not. All the while maybe finding some drama.
What would you like me, as a moderator to focus on?: I am open for most anything, just looking for something active and seeing where the Mod takes it.
Need Moderator Assistance?: No
Willing to Guest Moderate?: Yes
Ask Your Moderator a Question!: I sent a Pm, I am a old player from a long time ago just trying to slip back in.

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[Wind Reach] Winter 518AV Character Registry

Postby Oresnya Cacao on December 27th, 2018, 4:43 am


Winter Registry

Name/Alias: Oresnya Cacao/Widow (for those less than thrilled with her race)
Age, Gender, Race: 23-year old female Symenstra
Caste/Job: Chiet, most commonly found working for Felicity of Felicities Fabrics
Arrival Date: 6th of this season
Anticipated Stay: The foreseeable future
Purpose in Wind Reach: Visitor (Oresnya is here long term to learn more about the sister she had and make sure Yora's legacy does not end up forgotten)
What's Oresnya like: Oresnya is a Symenestra and a devout believer in Viratas and the sanctity of blood, of family. That is what drove her to Wind Reach in the first place. She came to see the home of her sister, to be certain her sister Yora didn't become forgotten by her own people. As an individual, she is quick to befriend but quick to become fearful as well, knowing her kind is not desired in most cities. Usually, she is ready with a smile, preferring joy over any other outlook on life, but whenever her thoughts return to her sister, a darker mood takes over.

Likes Threading About: Most anything. I'm game to do whatever we need to get our characters interacting, but I do prefer to have something with some substance. It doesn't necessarily have to be drama or action, just real people having real interactions with each other. (I've actually found out that I prefer some slice of life threads with some of my other characters).
Dislikes Threading About: Empty, unrealistic interactions between people (though even those do exist in real life).

How Would I Like to See Oresnya Change This Season: I'd like to see her establish herself in Wind Reach. I don't think she's likely to change a lot, but I do want to explore how she deals with the stark contrast of the families and webs of Kalinor and the caste system of Wind Reach. For now, I'm mostly trying to establish what she is like to myself so I can write her better. And skill building. Competency in anything would be nice. (Watch out Socialization. Here I come).
What Would I Like Solstice to Focus On: At the moment, I can't think of anything. I'm pretty new to Wind Reach's lore, so I have no suggestions. Quests are always fun, but I think I should build my character and her skills some before I attempt to partake in those.

Moderation Assistance? Mostly for establishing myself within Wind Reach. The entry thread and Valintar thread to establish my caste and place within the city. I think we've got that started, so I think we are good.
Guest Moderation: No. (Though this is something I've been wanting to explore)
Question the Mod: Let the interrogation begin. No. I haven't got much questions, as I'm super new to Wind Reach. I guess if you can reveal what major places you see Wind Reach headed that would be fun, but if not, I understand. Mystery is fun too. :)
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