Location [Wind Reach] The Sanikas Road

The only way to enter Wind Reach without flying

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Road

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The Sanikas Road starts at the Sanikas Pass, in the valley that opens to Thunder Bay. Dirt roads from the carved cliff homes lead to the road and to Thunder Bay. As a traveler steps clear of the dirt road onto the paved stone road, they see the Sanikas river flowing to their right. The road is large enough for two carts to be side by side. The rain, ice and shod feet of horses have made the stone smooth. Every so often a person can see a roughly hewn stone that has replaced a broken one.

Travelers looking up at Mount Skyinarta can see the road twist and turn. Dozens of stone bridges flow over the river, as the road goes back and forth across it. The road was made for carts of food that come from Thunder Bay. Planners spent seasons making sure that the grade of the road would gradually go up as to be easy on the horses. Caravans organized by traders find that though the journey takes four days to travel the road, small waystations are built into the side roads with stone roofs to protect them.

Each small waystation can hold up to four carts and horses while providing a small campfire and rest area. Running water is piped into the camp from the river and collected in a basin and trough for the horses. Dried horse leavings are used as fuel instead of precious wood, and merchants are asked to gather up their horse dropping and place them in a stone cut out to dry for the next people.

For the single traveler, stone stairs are cut along the road allowing the person to climb an almost endless set stairs to Mount Skyinarta. The stairs were made for the dek and chiet who travel down to Water Reach for harvest. Along the road reimancers and stone masons cut stone stairways into the cliff face up to the next road level. These stairs condense miles of road to just a twenty, however, most chiet and dek will break the journey into two days time. In some places the stone steps are deep enough for three or four people. As a traveler gets closer to the gates of Wind Reach the steps are cut so close that they leave only enough room for half a person's foot.

During the week of planting and harvest the road is jammed with people, and is lit up by so many fires at night that it looks like a great lava river. The road is the only way for food and goods to travel into and out of Wind Reach. Wind Eagles circle the road constantly and there is always someone on watch at the Lookout, should trouble arise.

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