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The Hot Shop for Glassworking. Work here, acquire necessary glass goods here

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach] The Glass Reverie

Postby Solstice on December 4th, 2018, 11:45 pm


Normally, all Avora stick together. As nice and supportive as this sounds, it is usually true whether or not the individuals actually want to be around the other or not. The Craft Gallery is the heart of the Avora, their work place. The rooms that branch off the main corridor of the gallery supply the workman caste with almost everything they need in one convenient, sometimes crowded, place. There is one exception, however.

The Glass Reverie is the 'secret getaway' for the Glassblowers. For whatever reason, their workspace is set apart from the rest of the Craft gallery. Perhaps it was built before or after the rest of the workshops or perhaps the rest of the Avora complained of the heat and smell. The real truth is, the glassworkers needed a place with ventilation. And that is where the Glass Reverie came in.

Along the same side of the mountain as the rest of the Craft Gallery, the Reverie is open to the air. Large windows dot the far edge of the room, but are covered most of the time and only opened fully in dire emergencies as large amounts of oxygen on a seriously hot fire is never a good idea. But the option is there. The windows are large enough for a Wind Eagle to fly into, with enough room on the ledge for them to land. In theory this was built intentionally as a fire escape; the birds being the workers way to safety. However, this has yet to be tested as caution is practically beaten into the heads of every apprentice, journeyman, master and visitor of the Reverie.

Most of the room is taken up with huge Batch Ovens. Four of them, to be exact, right in the middle of the room. Their mouths all point in a different direction, positioned in a circle as to give everyone working at an oven adequate space. The workspace is rather large towards the front, but actually doubles in size as one made their way towards the back. It is along the back wall that the rest of the ovens needed in glassworking are found: The Drum Oven and the Annealer. Marble tables are placed along another wall, called Marvels, with a full barrel of water on each end of these tables. Cabinets of tools are located above each Marvel, open in the front for easy access to one holding extremely hot pieces of glass. The Benches and the Garage are located on the opposite wall of the Marvels, a couple of Break Boxes spaced evenly in between. Waste barrels for the proper disposal of broken materials are settled into convenient, out of the way corners.

As for the tools available, the Reverie has everything an aspiring or master glassworker would need. The more skilled pieces require different tools than something a beginning glassworker would try their hand at. The Avora will then simply have to ask permission to use the delicate or dangerous tools. They simply aren't left lying around. In some cases, Avora prefer to have their own tools. These are kept in another set of cabinets near the entrance to the Reverie. These have doors on the front, and inside are cubbys with an Avora's label underneath. One has to trust their fellow glassblowers not to borrow without asking, or damage ones property.

Everything is kept neat and orderly. In fact, most of the tables and ovens look repetitious, all looking generally the same with only slight differences that an unskilled eye might not even notice. Were anyone to step in and watch a glassblower at work, it all looks very easy and fun. Who doesn't like to melt things in fire?

How wrong they are.

Nevin is a huge, buff, brutally strong man with dark mahogany-red hair and a voice so deep it settles in your bones. He doesn't shout commands or yell orders. He speaks them in a normal, almost conversational tone, and despite this tone, everyone jumps to obey the Master Glassworker. He doesn't scowl or puff himself up with crossed arms and a cross expression. No, his chiseled features are set in a neutral, if not friendly expression. His hands are always busy, the muscles in his arms seeming to ripple whenever he moves, giving off the impression of absurd strength. His gray eyes don't simply help him keep tabs on the shop but smile with a job well done, or scowl at mistakes. Most people wear their expression on their faces. Nevin wears his expressions in his eyes.

And he is always there. Some Avora joke that Nevin stoked one of the fires at night, and curled up next to one of his beloved ovens. As it was, for those wishing to learn the skill of glassworking, it is best to find him in the early mornings or late evenings. The less hustle and bustle going on, the easier it is to teach and learn.

ImageName Nevin
Race: Inarta
DoB: 465AV
PoB: Wind Reach
Title: Master Glassworker
Skills: Glassblowing 85, Leadership 45, Organization 30, Unarmed Combat 29, Bodybuilding 55, Intimidation 38

Nevin is a massive stoic of a man, calm and of few words, and with an intense piercing stare. Like most Masters of Wind Reach, he takes his job extremely seriously and has high expectations of his students, only accepting the very best and most promising of apprentices, whom he focused on intensely until he's convinced of their worth or they give up. In spite of his high expectations, he is calm and thoughtful in his dealings with all potential glassblowers, in particular the Yasi. He is married and utterly devoted to Meera, despite their apparent inability to have any children.

Job Opportunities:
Apprentice: Apprentice to a master glassblower.
Glassblower: Create the glass art Wind Reach is so famous for.
Janitor: Clean up after all the artisans.

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