Haneht's Journal

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Haneht's Journal

Postby Haneht on December 7th, 2018, 4:22 pm

A letter to Savis Maren

80th, Fall 518AV

Dearest Savis,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. We didn't speak too much, but I hope my six-arms and our blind exploration in the fog of Alheas Park have granted me a place in the halls of your memory. Maybe even a nice, shiny plaque that reads 'friend'.

Have you settled well into Lhavit? You mentioned others being afraid of you, but I'm sure you'll find the city quite welcoming after some time. I find the people here can be quite open-minded. What new adventures have you been on since ours? Winter approaches as I write this, though I doubt Morwen will be returning anytime soon. Who have you met? The walls of the Quartz Caves are so pretty, I'm almost tempted to stay forever. Makes for a nice hideout, if you don't mind the strange feeling it gives. I hope your throat's better.

Fall has been so wild and unpredictable. I've only been here two years, but Lhavit's usually one of the most peaceful cities around. I'm sure you've heard of the artefact, and that those who saw it went berserk all on the same day. Were you spared from all that? I was preoccupied for most of Fall, and fortunate enough to have missed all the excitement, but some of my colleagues claim it was an absolute nightmare. Do you think the artefact is responsible for the events of Summer too?

Pardon my rambling. Hopefully I've not lost you at this point.

You're probably busy with your magick and mage business, but I thought I'd try my luck. I did miss you a little. A lot. You were nice and so fascinating, I'd love to see you again, know more of you and the stories you might have to tell. We could trade too; I doubt you've ever travelled all the way to Eyktol. You'd have a local well-versed in the culture and history to tell you all you'd wish to know, and then some from traveling far beyond. How tempting!

I hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,
Haneht re Ahnatep
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Haneht's Journal

Postby Savis Maren on December 11th, 2018, 1:30 am

Correspondence with Haneht re Ahnatep

4th of Winter, 518AV

My sweet boy,

This letter found me entirely too late! The 80th and yet, I've only just retrieved it from my previous home in the Solar Wind Apartments. The couriers have their information out of date, it seems, but fortunately, I had a few loose ends to tie up and indeed, your letter has found its home.

We met not so long ago, and yet it feels as is an eternity has passed, no? How strange it is for me to say that, given my nature, but you've been fondly remembered in our time apart. As I write this, the crest of Autumn has passed and it seems the wretched traitor, Morwen, has yet to show her face on our fair city. But, alas, it seems that very few miss the olden days of snowfall and reverie in the cool embrace of blanketed white.

Autumn was very eventful for me, dear boy. I emerged from that wretched Summer, where my only sweet memory was that of your lovely demeanor. You, Haneht re Ahnatep, who did not rebuke me on first sight. You, who indeed seemed so very interested in the few words I had to say! If I recall correctly, I do owe you a number of stories, and I'd be delighted to hear of this 'Eyktol' that you come from. Are there many of your kind there?

Wait, don't answer that. I'd much rather hear it than read your answers in my own voice. Would you care to meet an old crone yet again? I'd suggest Alheas Park, but perhaps there's a more scenic place that you and I can indulge in a bit of reminiscing and delve deeper into what could certainly be a fruitful friendship.

I'd much rather tell you the answers to your questions in person, as well. Would you meet me on the Trail of Waterfalls? Let's say on the 9th? Surely my letter will reach you well before then, and we can relay our harrowing journeys through Summer and beyond.

I hope to see you there.

Your friend,

Savis Maren
Savis Maren
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