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Mig Greyling

Postby Mig Greyling on December 13th, 2018, 8:39 pm

PC Name: Mig Greyling

Race: Human

Age: 37
Birthday: Autumn 17, 481
Born: Sunberth
Physical Description
[ ] Stands roughly 6 ft with rather wild but clean brown hair. In all honesty Mig doesnt stand out that much. With a blocky jaw inherited from his father and a nose thats been broken a few too many times, he can be easily recognised as someone of a rough and tumble sort. Continuing in this vein of "Nothing special" Mig's musculature is prononcued but certainly not sculpted, barring a pair of thick arms made strong from swinging the hoe, carrying heavy loads, and on occasion splitting skulls. His fair skin is often mistaken for tan due to a faint layer of dirt or dust that quickly builds up due to his choice of not only profession but daily routines. Top the whole thing off with a pair of slightly cold brown eyes and you get, well, Mig. Not much to look at, but certainly not ugly.

Character History (Optional But Recommended)

Mig was born on the outskirts of Sunberth like any other. More specifically born on his fathers farm. Mig grew up on that farm, helping his family make ends meet. when he got older he helped them fight off those wanting to take food and not buy it. This continued for most of the mans life. First ma' died of fever, then th monsters got pa. Mig's two siblings went off to persue their own paths and he stayed behind. Of course one man cannnot protect from many, so once again the greyling farm was destroyed. But Mig wasnt about to let that get him down. Taking up his families weapin and heading onto the road, he went out to find a new place to set up. This travel lasted a year or two, allowing Mig to learn a few things about survival and also giving him the chance to learn a bit about the world. He then came across word about a new townstead with free land for any willing to do good, hard, labor. And to be honest that is the only kind of work Mig is willing to do. Of course this sounded good to the farmer, as new settlements always need food.

Fluent: Common

Agriculture 25 (Sp), Novice
Carpentry 10 (Sp), Novice
Weapon Skill, broadsword 15 (Rb) Novice
Wilderness Survival 15 (Sp, Type: Forest) Novice
Tilling soil
Syka layout

Equipment/Possessions (Required)
1 Set of Clothing
1 Waterskin
1 broadsword
1 Backpack,Brush (Wood), soap,Razor, Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth),1 eating knife,Flint & Steel, 1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks.

Family Heirloom: A broadsword of twisted iron. Very very old, passed down through the family since they were miners. Dispite its age it is still very strong and even still stained with the blood of those who would threaten its masters.

Current location: Syka
House: Tent on beach

Ledger (Required)
100 starting pack
250 opting out of horse
350 total
Mig Greyling
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