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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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A Fiery Heart

Postby Red Daghul on December 21st, 2018, 5:53 am


Timestamp: Summer 504 AV

The days light seem to stretch on and on into the sky as Aquila climb towards his favorite spot with in the Reach. The feeling of the wind currents racing across his body as he climb reminded him of just how far he could fall with a simple mistake. Life had a way of becoming dull and Aquila saw no reason to allow it that chance. Many a afternoon would be spent exploring the cliffs and watching for a chance to see the Great Eagles take to the sky. It was one of the reasons why he enjoyed this spot above others for it had a perfect view of the nests, and some where deep down there was the hope that one of the eagles would choose him.

That had been a childhood dream, and many people made sure that he understood that he was not meant to be one of the great riders. "To be Endel is the highest honor, and one must be the best to achieve it" was a common saying among those in-charge of Aquila. They always treated him as if he was too weak, or to dumb to be able to even have a chance, yet that hope still remained down in his heart.

Lifting himself up on to the ledge he found his normal spot and settled in as he took in the sight of the Reach. It was always a funny thought to him that people outside of Wind Reach don't live like this, Among the cliffs that is, he had heard stories of how the lived in flat cities with all sorts of odd things. The Reach was perfect for Aquila who enjoyed the height and excitement. The sounds of the market, the howling wind at night, Eagles swooping about, and the heat of the mountain giving them all a warmth. There was no place like it.

Watching the cloudless sky stuck in a day dream of surfing the wind through the sky on a large eagle battling all sorts of monsters the 14 year old boy's mind snapped to a halt when he heard the cry. The mighty screech of a Great Eagle calling out to the Reach that it was about to take flight. The dark feather bird dropped from it's perch diving down into the depths of the Reach it's body posed like a arrow speeding toward a target. Aquila Imagined the air around it howling as he place his mind with the eagle thinking about the rush it would be to join him. With a sudden change of motion the Eagle opened it's wings and rose like a glories angel into the sky gliding itself into new heights beginning it's circle of the reach.

The gaze of the Eagle ever searching for prey, or maybe danger, but always watching. nothing seemed to escape the gaze of the birds. At least as far as Aquila knew. Once again the boy felt himself slipping into a day dream as he imagined himself riding on the back of the dark feathered bird. A might Endel seeking justice and glory, protecting the weak and saving the Reach from a onslaught of dangers just like his parents...

A mystery to so many Inarta children their parents were. For most it didn't even really mater they just accepted their life and moved on. Took what they didn't know for granted and just let themselves get swept away into the life they were given. Something about that just never really sat right with Aquila he was sure that his family had to be great in some way. Surely his parents were one of the great Endel serving the Reach. Then again as he was getting older he knew more and more that that was simply just a fantasy in his head, yet it still felt right. To be a no one, to be lost and useless just seemed not to fit.

The young boy's excitement wasn't be be over just yet for as he sat thinking about his own parents the dark feathered eagle let loose another screech. Aquila who had found himself leaning back shot straight up his balance wavering for a moment as he forgot his placement for a moment in the rush of wonder. A second younger eagle crept forth to the edge of his perch, his feathers a brilliant reddish, this bird had a look of fire in his eyes and stance as it leap from it's perch diving just as the other had. It was clear that this Eagle had less skill in this, or maybe just had a rocky start never the less it shot forth with great speed. Aquila had watched this bird many times, but in the last few months he hadn't seen it around. The boy figured it was getting old enough to hunt and soon would be bonded which meant it would take up a rider. Yet here it was.

The Eagle took a daring flight as it dodged around a few rocks before opening his wings and launching itself high into the sky. It rose quickly till it blocked the sun out, and for a moment he hung in time. Aquila's eye locked on the sight of pure joy and power his heart stopping with the moment. This was a moment he would feel more then remember the rest of his life. The way the wind brushed pass his hair, and the way his heart raced, but even more the sound of struggle that followed. The sound that suddenly snapped his gaze from the Eagle.

Down below maybe 50 feet or so a group of young Endel recruits you might call them gathered around two serving girls who were about their work. The three boys were known to Aquila he had had a few run ins with them before. They all grew up together, they were maybe a year or two older then Aquila himself, but he had always tried his best to stay away from the trio. They had always been known to be the strongest and the smartest, but at the same time they never truly really had the kindest point of view. Many times Aquila would have become the target of their jokes, but since they had been bonded they had taken to far more... loftier prey.

The two girls were being pushed about, and pulled jokes about how they should "take care" of the riders, or "show their respect" were tossed out. It was there in that moment that something stirred in the young boys heart. A rage that he hadn't known existed, and inspired by the Eagles flight he jumped to action. His hands couldn't go fast enough, his feet slowing him down as he raced down the cliff side. Missing a hold he felt his body start to slide as he grip the mountain side for dear life before using it to guide him down the mountain.

Leaping the last three feet he felt himself connect with the ground his legs planted and ready for action "That is enough!" his voice broke the jeering voice of the boys as their heads turned like vultures towards him. One boy stood forward he was tall and strong, Aquila guessed the leader of this pack, he nodded to the others who grabbed hold of the girls.

"what do we have here..." the leader spoke his voice amused and strong "you couldn't have been talking to us... your not worthy to talk to us" he bent down to take a broom stick from the ground and used his foot to break off the end "I never did like a hero" he was only ten feet away now and Aquila felt his heart racing as his moment of bravery was quickly become a moment of regret. Yet deep with in him he knew this was right, inspired by the image of the eagle he himself grabbed at a stick and stood his ground.

"you heard me, that is enough" he brought the stick in front of him "leave them alone!" and he rushed forward bringing the stick down on the young Endel. The tall boy grinned and stepped to the side his own weapon sweeping down across Aquila's arm. Pain erupting through his right arm he tried to spin and gain a hit on his foe, but once again the tall boy saw it coming this time using his weapon to smack Aquila in the face. Feeling his world start to spin the 14 year old boy felt his world start to come crashing around him as darkness tempted his vision.

Feeling his knee hit the dirt Aquila struggled to keep his eyes open as the world kept spinning. "I have had fight last longer with the young girls come now Aqulia you must have more fight then that". Rage burned again and Aquila tighten his hold on his make sift weapon and with all that he had left in him he slashed out his wooden broom handle meeting the tall boys face as darkness reached out into his vision and he felt himself fall. Hearing the pained cry of the tall boy and the screams of the girls as they ran off the other two boy's coming to their leaders aid.

Aquila never remembered much of what happened after that other then the stinging pain of being kicked and beat. The boom echo of wind being pushed as something large landed next to him. The sound of boys running, yelling and then the wind against his face again as he felt himself lifted into the air. The world became a cloud vision as darkness closed around him fully then ignited in fire.

That is how it started at least. A fire burn in the middle of a dark room. Something like smoke filled the rest making it impossible to tell where he was or what the room itself was made out of. The air smelled fresh, and had a crisp cold feeling to his nose as if he was high in the air. There he lay the memories of his battle fresh in his mind as he slowly came to, yet no pain seemed to linger in his body even more so he felt as if he were ready to run a race. His heart beat heavy in his chest as if something had excited him, and there as he let his mind check his body he found something new hidden seemly in his soul. Maybe something was less right, as it was more like someone.

It was then that the fire burst in explosion and as the fire swirled and mixed the image of a eagle burst out and flew around the room burning away the darkness into the sunset sky. Aquila now stood among the clouds and the sun the burning image of a Eagle gliding besides him seeming to guide through the endless expanse of sky stretching out around him. There seemed to be a fire in the boys heart connecting him the the bird the burned next to him.

“What is this?” the boy asked in an overwhelming awe of what was happening around him “am I dead?” his questions just seemed to linger in the air for a moment before he felt more then heard the answer.

“I am Daghul, I have seen you watching me for many months and I can say it has intrigued me” the voice was calm, yet had a passion to it. “You are not dead Red” the voice confirmed “you are… well dreaming in a way”.

“How? Why? Red?” the young teen’s questions came like a flood his emotions erupting like flames to wood on a hot summer’s day.

“yes “ the voice answered ignoring the first to questions “I will be calling you that now, seems more fitting seeing how you heart is like a burning fire”.

The name did seem to fit, and as he walked or flew he couldn’t tell at this point through the fiery sunset sky he tested the name in his mouth over and over again as they kept on for what seemed like years till suddenly the sky started to dim and the world washed away into darkness.

Aquila, or Red as it now was lay high on a perch the morning sun bathing him in light as a he opened his eyes to a blurry image of a Inarta woman staring down at him. “You took quite a beating young one, you are lucky your Eagle was here to bring you to men” she looked over her shoulder to the red feather Eagle standing just a ways away “he is a special one, few have a seen with the sense and wisdom he carries is beyond his years” she had a soft voice.

“Who are you?” Red asked his head still feeling dizzy as he tried to sit up but the woman stopped him.

“You need to rest young one, fear not I am a friend, you can call me Ambra” she smiled at him as she slowly pushed him back down “you have a long few days ahead you, so you will need all the rest you can get” the young man nodded slowly giving in wondering what she meant by he had a long couple of day ahead of him. That is when he heard it, or felt it maybe.

“You are awake Red” the voice was familiar. It was the one from his dream.

“I know your voice, you are a Eagle” he felt a warm fire in his chest comforting him “How can I hear you”.

“You already know the answer to that young one” the voice and feeling was almost overwhelming, but the excitement of the truth that Red knew came with it was more so. It was a dream that was impossible that was coming true and all he could think was why him.

“But why me?” he said out loud not fully understanding what was happening in his mind and soul “I am not worthy of that”.

“I saw what you did on the cliffs” the voice sent a warm feeling into him “you stood up even when you knew you would lose, you stood your ground for what you knew to be true… that is what I call worthy” the voice stopped there and for a moment all was still “rest now brother for soon we shall take flight” with that Red let his eyes close and he slept and dream of the wind in his face and the sky on his back.

Sudden colors roared to life and the fiery image of the Eagle Daghul once again soared next to him. The presence now a warming fire that comforted him, a friend and ally. They soared in the sky side by side for what seemed like hours neither one of them speaking just learning the emotions each had. A spark of friendship and respect slowly coming to being till finally Red open his heart to speak.

“What does this mean for me…?” it was a question, but at the same time almost like a statement that needed no answer. There was a force of change that was coming together in Red’s life, and to be honest not just Red’s but in Daghul’s as well.

“Our lives as Endel start now…” there was a pause before Daghul added more “I know your dreams Red, and I share them. We will be more, different, find a way to stand apart and be better than others… we will be that light” with that the two became quiet once again and watched as the sun set around them.

Red opened his eyes Amrba sitting just a bit away from him “well look who is finally awake” her comforting voice gave him a reassurance as he sat up his head feeling a lot clearer.

“Where is Daghul?” was the only words that came to mind as he shot out of the bed quickly noting that he wasn’t fully clothed and blushing as Ambra held back a giggle and pointed to the rest of his garb. Rushing to put them on he felt the presence of Daghul as he step out of the small cave to see the red feathered bird waiting for him.

“ready?” was all the Eagle sent, but Red knew his meaning as the bird kneeled down to let him mount his back. Emotions and images flashed before his eyes as Daghul started to send instructions to the boy who couldn’t quite understand them all, but was to excited and nervous to admit to it. Grasping at the few things he could get he held on for dear life as Daghul stepped to the edge and gave one more chance “ready?” and Red said sent a feeling of yes as Daghul dropped into the sky.

The feeling of wind rushed through Red’s hair as fear and excitement exploded through his body and mind. The feeling of falling building up in his gut as he watched as Daghul opened his wings letting air flow around them and suddenly they were soaring above the Reach everything on display. Red let out a roar of laughter and a scream of joy as Daghul added in his majestic screech as the two began to circle there home a sign of them beginning their lives as Endel.

They stayed in the sky for hours dipping and darting, diving and rising again a image of triumph and glory. Red getting used to his place with Daghul learning simple ways to stay balanced all though there were many times where he felt himself slip, but the trust built that day would be a foundation for the two till the end of their days. By the end they spent the whole day in the air, and soon they started to head back to the perch they started on.

“Thank you Daghul” was all that Red could send to the Eagle who he knew had become his best and closest friend if not his only friend. The Eagle sent a strange feeling back one that Red didn’t quite understand at the time, so the Eagle added this.

“It is I who should be thanking you Brother” Red sent a questioning emotion to the Eagle “because I needed you just as much as you needed me…” there was a pause as they both let the thought sink in “that is how it works, we are brothers now” and with that they started the end of their trip with full hearts, and a passion to become the best they could be.

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A Fiery Heart

Postby Solstice on December 21st, 2018, 6:56 pm

Grades are here!

Red Daghul

XP Award:
  • +1 Observation
  • +1 Climbing
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  • +1 Brawling
  • +1 Socialization
  • +1 Riding: Eagle

  • Wind Reach: To be Endal is the highest honor, and one must be the best to achieve it
  • Aquila: Fancies His Parents to Have Been Endal
  • Aquila: Enraged by Bullies
  • Intimidation: Doesn’t Work Well Against Those Higher Caste
  • Brawling: Using Whatever is Available as a Weapon
  • Daghul: Red’s Wind Eagle Partner
  • Red: A Name Given by a Wind Eagle
  • Red: Impressed an Eagle by standing up for his ideals

Note: Welcome back to Wind Reach! Looking forward to seeing you write!
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