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Sadie Sundown

Postby Sadie Sundown on January 9th, 2019, 9:55 am

Sadie Sundown

Basic Info
  • Race: Human, Mixed (Half Vantha)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthdate/Age: 92nd of Winter, 495AV / 24
  • Place of Birth: Ravok
  • Current Location: Sunberth
  • Languages: Common (Fluent), Fratava (Basic), Vani (Poor)
  • Housing: Her own simple "cottage" in the Sunset Quarters, with one bedroom containing a bunk and chest; a general living and cooking room with a hearth, small table, and chair; and a water-closet. The whole place measures 20x20 feet. (starting package)

Physical Appearance
Sadie is not particularly short, nor particularly tall at her height of 5'4, weighing in at about 133lbs. She is well-proportioned, and while she is fit, she is not just sinew and muscle, and has some supple curves. Sadie's nimble hands reflect her Vantha heritage, with their long slender fingers. Her skin is generally a few shades lighter than most people, which will grudgingly tan after days under the sun. Sadie's hair, her one vanity, is a dark brown, nearing black, is thick, long, and a bit wavy; she usually keeps it in one braid or tied. Her eyes, almond in shape, are a Prussian blue that don't change in colour due to her being only half-Vantha. Her expression is generally neutral, but her eyes can be quite expressive when they are visible, at times betraying a suppressed smile, though she is usually quite good at controlling her expressions.
Her voice is a pleasant alto, but she has a tendency to be soft spoken.

In terms of work ethic, on average, Sadie does a little more than what is required, though it may vary depending on her mood (if she has a particularly bad or good day)
She generally maintains a cool head, even when being provoked, but is easily effected by her pet-peeves:
  • feeling like she is being taken advantage of unfairly
  • unreasonable people
  • people who chew with their mouths open
  • those who waste food and drink
Should she encounter these situations, it is not below her to retaliate or vent her frustrations in some way (suitable to the circumstance), though it may not always be an immediate reaction. (For those who chew with their mouths open, be prepared for some sarcasm).
Sadie is a patient and cautious hunter and will strike once she believes she has the upper hand.

She is chronically tired with some days being worse than others; on the bad days, best give her some room. She likes to drink and she is good at it. She has had no memory of ever having a hangover, let alone being outright drunk (though she has been tipsy after nearly emptying a tavern), so those who try to get her into such a state should mind their purse, or they may find themselves spending a pretty penny.
Perhaps her weakest point, personal social interactions.
Although she may appear indifferent or easygoing, depending on the person's interpretation, she is cautious and inwardly timid when it comes to relationships (especially the more she cares about the relationship), usually slipping into the roll of a listener and will leave things that she may initially tend to voice unsaid. As a result, she has a tendency to overthink things on her own.
Being somewhat self-aware though, she recognizes this, and when she can work up the guts, tries to overcome this weakness.
She usually goes by Sadie (say-dee) or just Dee.

Character History

At the age of ten, Sadie and her mother arrived in the city of Sunberth. For years, they travelled by trade routes, using both trade and Svefran ships, and on a few occasions, had risked themselves in the wilderness to get there. At times, they had also settled temporarily in a town here and there to wait out a season or an illness. It had been a long and arduous journey, and there had been times when they had thought they would not make it.

Sadie's mother, Sameha, had spirited them away from Ravok, Sadie's birthplace, when she was but five years old. Prior to their departure, Sameha had always been a kind, but strong-willed woman, but never severe, but that day, her expression had become grim and cold.
Sameha, was a skilled navigator, a clever hunter, and above all, she had been resourceful. She did here best to drill as many of her skills onto her daughter as she could, including her expertise to read auras and morph. Sadie did her best to learn from her, since she knew that her mother did so to improve their chances for survival, and to prepare her in case her mother could no longer make the journey with her. Initially, Sameha started Sadie off with more common skills, such as hunting, land navigation, wilderness survival, self-defence, and even reading, before she began to instruct her on personal magics, always telling her solemnly to approach her use of djed with caution, or risk both internal and external consequences.

Her mother never said why they had left her place of birth, Ravok, but the expression she had shown her daughter on the two occasions she had asked dissuaded her from ever asking her again. The one thing her mother did tell her on some nights, was that out of all the children she could have had, she had been lucky to have Sadie, who had never cried (at least where she could be heard). Despite this, Sadie could not help but be curious, especially since Sameha also never mentioned Sadie's father, and so she vowed to one day return to Ravok to find answers for herself.

Her childhood in Sunberth was what one might expect- ostracized for being an outsider, and picked-on due to her small stature. Upon arriving the city, her mother banned her from practising her personal magics outside of their home, never near windows, and only at night, telling her if she was ever found out, their neighbours would come to hate them, and at worse, kill them. Only once did her mother do anything related to magic outside of her home, which was take her to The Majestic, and again, she forbade her to ever speak of that occasion. For the most part, Sadie followed her mother's rules, at least when it came to morphing; as for auristics, she would practice subtly when she went to run errands every now and then when she felt that she would perhaps be in danger; how did the group of kids on the corner feel when they noticed her- hostile? Indifferent? Curious? She didn't like it when they were hostile or curious. As she grew, the one's that she was careful of were the ones that seemed too interested, too aware of her presence. When it came to her mother though, she would use it to know when it was best to stay away.

Initially after settling into the Sunset Quarters, her mother began to return to her former self; warm, smiling, but she almost never laughed... there was still an edge to her that Sadie attributed to their new surroundings, where their neighbours were just as wary them as they were of their neighbours. But as the seasons changed and years passed, Sameha's paranoia only grew, and while her daughter became increasingly accustomed to life in their neighbourhood and the locals. Sameha began to leave for long periods of time, returning at odd hours, some times disappearing for a couple of days, and when she returned, her aura would flare with rage, sometimes grief, but her face would stay the same, cold and expressionless, and would silently go to sleep. Their earnings began to dwindle, while her mother grew into a someone she could hardly recognize. Sadie did not dare follow her mother, for she knew the Sameha would know by her aura. Instead, Sadie began to take up the slack, working as a cook here, a hunter there, falling into the routine of working, returning home to passing out, getting up, and repeating the cycle.

A season went by, and when Sadie confronted her mother during the Spring of 503, after she had just turned sixteen, her mother never came home. After the first two nights, Sadie began to look for her, looking for any trace of her. It was all for naught. A season went by, while Sadie's search efforts grew less and less, until she stopped all together. For a long time, she resented her mother for leaving her, but more so hated herself for leaving her alone and letting her go. After a time, she began to suppress her hurt, deluding herself that she was coming to terms with it, and began to think of other things to distract herself. Part of her began to wonder if her mother had gone off to return to her birthplace perhaps to find her father, and began to increasingly believe in that, rather than another, darker alternative that sometimes creeps at the edges of her mind.

The Fall of 511AV brought new challenges, engulfing her home in flames and leaving her with only the belongings she had on her at the time, which she had brought with her while going on one of her rare hunting trips. Her one luck was that she did not tend to gather many possessions, so she was able to retain most of her belongings, including the few possessions her mother had left behind; a pair of tamo daggers and a hollow pommelled dagger with matching carved handles. Sadie could not say for sure if she felt relief that the home she had shared with her mother was gone, along with the daily reminders of the woman that had left her behind, or if she felt loss. Still, life moved on, and she needed somewhere to stay. It took nearly all of the money she had been saving to secure lodgings for herself after the rebuilding of the Sunset Quarters, and although it was hardly any better than what she had been living in before, it was hers.

Now in her twenties, Sadie is conflicted as to whether she eventually wants to venture to Ravok or only focus on building a better life for herself. Her birthplace is one that she can hardly recall, except for images of watery canals lined with greenery, eyes that danced between many different colours, and a large warm hand with a scar in the shape of a sun.

Skill SP XP Total Competency
Auristics 10 SP 0 10 Novice
Cooking 5 SP 0 5 Novice
Foraging 5 SP 0 5 Novice
Hunting 10 RB 0 10 Novice
Land Navigation 5 SP 0 5 Novice
Morphing 5 SP 0 5 Novice
Stealth 5 SP 0 5 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 5 SP 0 5 Novice
Wilderness Survival 10 SP 0 10 Novice

Lore: Morphing Hands
Lore: Layout of Sunberth

  • 1 Waterskin
  • 1 Backpack
  • Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
  • 1 eating knife
  • Flint & Steel
  • 1 Simple Shirt
  • 1 Simple Pants
  • 1 Leather Belt
  • 1 Simple Undergarments
  • 1 Simple Coat
  • 1 Simple Pair of Boots
  • Comb (Wood)
  • Brush (Wood)
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • Heirloom: A pair of tamo daggers and a hollow pommelled dagger with matching carved handles.

Expense/Revenue Amount Total
Starting Package 100 Mizas +100 GM 100 GM
Leather Belt - 4 SM 99 GM 6 SM
Seasonal Income *Need to finish threads* >.<
Seasonal Expenses, Winter 518AV, Good -135GM -35GM 94SM
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