Location The Syval Ruins

A mage's abode southeast of Zeltiva

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While Sylira is by far the most civilized region of Mizahar, countless surprises and encounters await the traveler in its rural wilderness. Called the Wildlands, Syliran's wilderness is comprised of gradual rolling hills in the south that become deep wilderness in the north. Ruins abound throughout the wildlands, and only the well-marked roads are safe.

The Syval Ruins

Postby Gossamer on June 10th, 2019, 1:06 am



Southeast of Zeltiva, just a few miles outside the city, is a ancient set of ruins known as The Syval Ruins. Set directly on the beach, the ruins themselves lead to a series of caves that smugglers have used for decades. Records in the great library of Zeltiva indicate that Syval used to be a small fishing settlement that has long been eradicated on the surface except for the remains of their docks, which clearly display a time when the sea levels were significantly higher. Now, somewhat imposing, the ruins are currently the property of a newly arrived mage named Gilthas "Gils" Avancalas.

Gil isn't unfriendly, and is willing to welcome anyone who wishes to have a good conversation or perhaps trade with him. He specializes in crafting exotic creatures and often has unusual animals for sale or adoption. Responsible for the Brat situation in Sunberth, Gil has opted to live outside of Zeltiva where his work will not be as scrutinized by local officials like it would be in the midst of town. The Eth considers himself a mage of the old schools - prevalterrian wise - and will often take on students if he judges their characters and ethics to align with his own.

His ruins are a gateway to the western end of Empyreal Beach where several new transplants to the area are also constructing their home. Empyreal Beach is known for its finger rock - called Sea Eagle Point - that juts abruptly out into the sea.

Name: Gilthas "Gils" Avancalas
Race: Lethafal with an Eyph Mortal Seeming
DoB: 1 (518) AV
PoF: Somewhere along the east Syliras Coast in an unnamed anonymous location north of Lisner's Ruins.
Title: Cursed of Semele : Scientist/Mage
Skills: Scavenging (95), Research (89), Investigation (86), Meditation (80), Animal Husbandry (79), Reimancy (78), Genetics (60), Morphing (55), Medicine (55), Biology (50), Chemistry (45), Auristics (45), Writing (45), Mathematics (42), Philtering (37), Leadership (35), Teaching (35), Cooking (15)
Gnosis: 2 Marks Nysel, 1 Mark Semele

Gils is one of those Lethafal that fell very shortly after the Valterrian. He was around to witness the final death toll of the Valterrian and was a scientist who worked towards the survival of people when they went underground. He had the unique experience to be Marked by Nysel which allowed him to access his Chavi and the memories of his past were he learned his Eypharian Past and was able to re-teach himself a great deal of his past skills in order to assist in the survival of the populace of Mizahar.

Gils delved into magic, became a very confident mage and leader during the dark days underground and has a long history of existing. His existence has taught him to not grow close to people who often perish too quickly so when he made the acquaintance of the Champion of Semele (unbeknownst to him) he pushed her away when she lost her heart to him. Because of his rejection, which was somewhat standard for him among women, the Champion of Semele sacrificed her life in an epic event in Sylira's history... saving many lives.

Semele, however, was none to pleased and cursed Gils to remain beneath the ground even as Sunberth's citizens rose. He was long forgotten where he dwelled in misery finally understanding what was bad about holding oneself aloof and withdrawn. He remains beneath Sunberth today, captured until his curse can be broken which will only happen when Semele feels he has learned his lesson.

Within his captivity, Gils explored his roots and went back to the science of animal husbandry and genetics. He is the singular responsible party for the existence of The Brats of Sunberth. In the early days he started out training rats to steal for him and bring him back food and supplies he needed from the surface. As time progressed, the amount of things these small creatures could retrieve grew to be insufficient. Thus he took to working on their genetics and bred them up so that the incredibly large brats Sunberth enjoys today are his fault. Large Brats can bring back stolen ... well just about anything. His other projects are vast, and beneath the streets of Sunberth many of his projects roam.

In the Fall of 518 a young Kelvic named Kelski discovered his existence and freed him from his curse. Moving to the surface, Gilthas remained in Sunberth a few seasons before he ended up moving with Kelski and her friends to the area of Zeltiva in the Summer of 519. He claimed The Syval Ruins as his own and has set up a new laboratory to continue his work.

Gilthas is approachable but dangerous. He reads to the non-trained person as more an eccentric scientist than a mage. His workshop and living quarters are in the bowls of the cliffs overlooking Mathew's Bay with the entrance at The Syval Ruins. If people can locate him, he indeed with speak with them and sometimes takes on students.

*Gilthas' place is open for the public. However, before you acquire teaching or buy/trade for an unusual animal, please ask Gossamer's permission.

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