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Event calendar for Summer 519AV. Consult when time stamping.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Calendar of Events Summer 519AV

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As the Wind Tower flares yellow, an oppressive haze overtakes the surrounding lands of Wind Reach and Thunder Bay. The heat is intense even for this time of year, and the only thing saving the land from drying up is the floods from the previous season, along with occasional, unpredictable storms that blow up from Thunder Bay without warning. Many of the animals within the region migrate to the cooler lowlands and forests, making tracking and hunting a more arduous affair. The Wind Eagles are mostly only able to find prey in the sea, as they are unable to traverse the forests on wing. The Endals and hunter Avora are forced to separate from the eagles and hunt on foot. But they are not the only ones hunting, and without the aid of their eagle companion's, a predator strikes.

The previous season's hunt for the Beast was unsuccessful, and the Endal returned sheepish and empty handed. Things were calm for a time, but the Endals separation from their eagles spawns another round of disappearances, both Endal and Avora alike. This time the bodies of the hunters are not found, but the Wind Eagles feel the absence of the bond with their riders. The rage and sorrow of the eagles soon infects the entire city and whips the Inarta into a radical frenzy. Everyone with two working hands begins practicing with weapons, and the Valintar vows to have the Beast's rampage ended this season. All eyes keep to the sky, but now their gaze is no longer wary. Instead, each and every citizen of Wind Reach is thirsty for vengeance.

Weather and Wildlife

As the heat rises throughout the land of Wind Reach, much of the larger wildlife migrates to the cooler forests and lowlands. Despite their relocation, prey is plentiful. Occasional wild fires break out through the season due to the heat, but with the periodic storms and rainfall, the fires never get too out of control.

1st- 36th - The heat rises, and the wildlife migrate to the lowlands. Most of the larger wildlife can only be found in the thick of trees, and it's difficult to hunt by air. There is plenty of sea life around Thunder Bay however, as several pods of whales are migrating nearby. The weather is mostly hot and dry, with a few occasional storms blowing up to snuff out the wildfires that flare up.

37th- 70th - The heat remains strong, but the storms kick up in ferocity and drive the animals even further into hiding. The bird life, in particular, is observed to be acting very strangely. The migrational patterns seem confused, and birds that are normally not around during this season can be found, while the ones that are usually around are absent.

70th- 91st - The fires pick up in intensity, and with the lessening storms this period means that they spread further and harsher. In some ways this is a good thing; the wildfires clear out the overgrown vegetation, and the flooding from the previous season has saturated a lot of the lower land vegetation, ensuring the whole mountain doesn't go up in smoke. However, the smoke from the wildfires makes navigation by air tricky, and those on foot are encouraged to keep nose and ears out for smoke.

??? - The beast continues to lurk...somewhere.


1: Market Day - The beginning of Summer is celebrated with a shipment of brightly colored cloth in golds reds and pinks. Although sold as they are the cloth is used to create an array of bright and beautiful costumes that the Endal and the Avora fawn over. The clothing is complemented with stained glass jewelry, and the entire market glows.
4: An Endal and three Avora go missing during a hunting trip in the mountains. The Endal's eagle begins frantically searching for him, but turns up empty clawed.
8: Although the body of the Endal is not found, the Wind Eagles are all whipped into a rage as the knowledge of the Endals death becomes known to them. The Eagles begin frantically searching, both with and without their riders, for the killer. The Beast from the previous season is assumed the culprit.
10: Market Day - The Wind Eagles anger have colored this Market Day. Combat is the theme of the day, and all manner of weapons can be found. Most specialize in long range combat, but even talon swords and other melee weapons can be found. Special weapons are sold on this market day and for the rest of the season. (If you are interested in acquiring a unique weapon, contact the ST for details)
16: The Endals begin organizing patrols for the Beast, trying to pin down its location. However, unlike the previous season. It remains elusive.
20: Market Day
15: The Valintar puts out a bounty for anyone who can bring information about the Beast. This bounty will be granted to any caste.
30: Market Day - A fight breaks out this season between two Endals during the Market Day. It's believed that the rising tension and anger of the Wind Eagles are to blame.
34: Three more hunter Avora go missing. This sends the residents of Wind Reach into a fever pitch of anger.
40: Market Day
49: Using the locations of the disappearances, several Avora begin triangulating where the Beast might reside or hunt. Several Chiet and Dek join them in the footwork to map the area in the hope of a reward.
50: Market Day - Jewelry resembling wind chimes go on sale by the glassworkers
57: In an attempt to cool tempers and relieve tension, a community cliff diving event takes place at The Myraiik Cliffs near Thunder Bay.
60: Market Day
70: Market Day - A Chiet, broken and bloodied, interrupts Market Day. She claims to have knowledge on the Nest of the Beast. After giving her testimony to the Valintar, she collapses and dies.
72: The Hunt for the Beast is organized and takes place. The first of the big fires begin. (Moderated Thread)
77: Fires begin peppering the landscape, making air travel difficult and travel on foot dangerous.
80: Market Day - A relaxing rainfall heralds this Makret Day. Rather than retreat to the Stained Glass Gallery, the Inarta enjoy the cooling rain.
90: Market Day - Depending on the outcome of the Hunt for the Beast, this Market Day is either a celebration...or a requiem.

Seasonal Challenges

  • Discover a clue about the Beast
  • Help suppress a wildfire
  • Grieve a loss from the Beast/Show your anger towards the Beast
  • Find a way to relieve tension
  • Prepare (or help someone to prepare) to hunt or defend against the Beast
  • Obseve (or hunt) the wildlife
  • Train with a weapon
  • Make an ally (or an enemy)
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