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Dessarian Damazar

Postby Dessarian on June 19th, 2019, 5:29 pm

Dessarian Damazar


Name: Dessarian "Dess" Damazar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age-DOB: 25, Spring 13, 494 AV
Height: 6"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eyecolor: Blue
Haircolor: Dark blonde
Skintone: Faded tan


Dess's frame is tall and slender, corded with lean muscle honed by a disciplined regimen of training. His hair is dirty blonde and hangs to his shoulders, usually free, but occasionally tied in a tail. His hair hides the blue flame gnosis mark of Wysar on the back of his neck. Dess's gaze is crystalline sky blue, while his complexion is tanned by the sun. He rarely sports more than a five o'clock shadow. His body is unmarred by major scars or tattoos.

Character Concept
Unassuming and quiet on first impression, Dess can appear quite unremarkable and reasonably friendly with a sardonic sense of humor. But clear blue eyes harbor intensity, measuring situations and those around him carefully. A man of discipline and regimen, his purposes are often veiled in secrecy, as are his own personal struggles. His strengths are not easily revealed, his weaknesses even less so. What is apparent is that Dess has a dogged determination when it comes to completing a task or obtaining what he desires.

The Damazar family, in conjunction with the K'etir family, have operated a secretive order for many years within their veiled keeps in the Wildlands. While the K'etir are wielders of powerful magicks, The Damazar are a martial bloodline with a history of producing soldiers, warriors, commanders and stragetists. While they themselves do not field a force of any kind, other than small bands for specific purposes, Damazars operate individually, or have found their way into the garrisons of cities, orders of warriors, ranks of mercenaries and members of bandit gangs throughout Syliras and beyond. The two families' purposes are kept secret, but foremost is the protection of the rare magic the K'etir possess and sustainment of their wealth and influence in the affairs of the region, for they have powerful rivals and enemies.

Dessarian from childhood was raised a Damazar warrior, though his temperament and skills were suited to a more monastic form of discipline, foregoing most arms and armor for the tuning of his body and mind as his weapons. From a young age, he befriended a K'etir youth named Kalistan. As adults, Dessarian serves Kalistan as a trusted advisor and commander, but more so as a best friend.

The K'etir family often birthed Kelvics. It was the custom between the families that K'etir Kelvics were occasionally gifted to Damazars to keep the ties between the families strong. When Kalistan's parents bore a young Kelvic female, Kelski was promised to Dess upon her maturity, But the kelvic child was stolen by suspected rivals. Infuriated, Dess and Kalistan began the search for the child, with no success. Kalistan's own daughter, Ember, was offered to Dess instead. But when it was learned that the girl was a mouse with a short lifespan, the offer was withdrawn by Kalistan, to spare his friend a second blow, for the inevitable death of Ember would come in just a few short years.

Several years later, a lead on a silver-eyed woman arose from Sunberth. There was hope it was Kelski. While Kalistan was attending important business, he sent his Kelvic daughter, Ember, to find Kelski. Dess was to follow and meet up with the K'etir kelvics. But Dess was betrayed upon arrival to Sunberth, and sent to the Blood Pits. His combat training, along with the gift of his gnosis and basic knowledge of flux, gave him an unexpected advantage, and Dess survived several fights in the Pits. Again, unknown enemies (or sore losers who gambled against him) arose and arranged for a brutal gang beating of Dess.

Broken and discarded, Dess was no longer useful for entertainment or lucre, and was sold in the slave market for nothing more than Zith food. His freedom came in the unlikely appearance of a ghost-fleeing Kelvic woman named Kelski, the very woman he had been seeking for two years. Not knowing who Dess was, she bought his freedom for the few encouraging words he offered. She took him under her wing to nurture him to health, while Dess kept his true identity a secret.

Joining Kelski and others at the Empyreal Demesne, fate did bring the kelvic and Dess together, and during the Summer of 519, they became bondmates.
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Dessarian Damazar

Postby Dessarian on June 19th, 2019, 5:29 pm


Competent Skills

Skill Total XP Misc Level
Unarmed Combat 33/100 15RB, 15SP Competent

Novice Skills

Skill Total XP Misc Level
Acrobats 6/100 - Novice
Animal Husbandry 1/100 - Novice
Body Building1/100 - Novice
Cleaning 1/100 - Novice
Construction1/100 - Novice
Drawing 2/100 - Novice
Driving 2/100 - Novice
Endurance 10/100 - Novice
Flux 22/100 20SP Novice
Gardening 1/100 - Novice
Interrogation 5/100 - Novice
Investigation 5/100 - Novice
Land Navigation 2/100 - Novice
Leadership 1/100 - Novice
Logging 1/100 - Novice
Negotiation 3/100 - Novice
Observation 13/100 - Novice
Philosophy 1/100 - Novice
Planning 8/100 - Novice
Psychology 3/100 - Novice
Running 5/100 - Novice
Seduction 4/100 - Novice
Scouting 4/100 - Novice
Socialization 16/100 - Novice
Staelth 2/100 - Novice
Strategy 11/100 10/SP Novice
Swimming 2/100 - Novice
Tactics 2/100 - Novice
Teaching 10/100 - Novice
Weapon: Wrist Razor 1/100 - Novice
Wilderness Survival (Forest)8/100 5/Sp Novice

Architectrix: A difficult magic to grasp
Construction: Digging holes for poles
Driving: How to tackle wagon to horse
Driving: Using physical and verbal commands to guide the horse
Driving: Navigating on uneven terrain
Endurance: Losing clothing layers to keep cool
Endurance: Pushing onwards despite healing injuries
Flux: Focusing Djed Into the Arms to Power Hand Strikes
Flux: Pausing after use to refuel the body
Gardening: Removing weeds with their roots
Gardening: Using discarded plant material to build compost
Logging: Clearing small saplings from a path and harvesting them for later use
Philosophy: The meanings of belonging
Planning: Cutting a path to the training grounds
Planning: Using a drawing
Planning: Formulating thoughts of Dess’ & Kelski’s future together
Running: Finding footing on a downhill run
Running: Importance of stretches
Running: Taking breaths to avoid cramps
Scouting: Bear Scat
Socialisation: Familial teasing
Socialisation: Keeping one’s head above the heat of desire
Strategy: Gauging an Opponent’s Weakness
Strategy: A plan to train for defense of the Demesne
Strategy: Taking inventory of weapons and skills available
Tactics: Focus training on the least prepared
Tactics: Practice constant awareness
Tactics: Avoid danger when possible and travel together
Tactics: Be unpredictable
Tactics: Strike sensitive points (eyes, nose, ears, groin)
Unarmed Combat: Put your entire body behind the blow
Unarmed Combat: A proper fist and how to strike with it
Unarmed Combat: Palm heel strike
Unarmed Combat: The versatility of the elbow
Unarmed Combat: Kick to the body followed by punches
WS: Laying Ribbon Trail
WS: Animals Move With Water

Caitlyn: Mercy's daughter
Darcee: Dessarian's cousin
Darcee: Survived the massacre because she was traveling
Darcee: Gave Dessarian his father’s wrist razors
Darcee: A reunion with Darcee
Ember: Mouse Kelvic
Ember: Difficult to train as she is easily distracted
Hattie Zrevan: Appearance & Personality
Hattie Zrevan: Family Serves The Damazar and K’etir
Hattie: Follows Ovek
Keesha Zveran: Hattie's granddaughter, Lynneah's daughter
Kelski: Favorite Food Clams & Fish
Kelski: Loves The Sea
Kelski: Easy Company
Kelski: Remembers Dess From Being A Child
Kelski: Nightstalker with Multiple Marks
Kelski: Trusts Dess
Kelski: Rich, Stubborn, Cusses, Judges, Has Terrors, Never Sleeps, Kill First
Kelski: Loves Little Rhaus & Is Loyal To Him
Kelski: Used to Sleep In The Bottom Of A Wardrobe
Kelski: Has Deep Seeded Trust Problems
Kelski: Suspicious of Dess
Kelski: Grateful For Dess' Vigilance of Looking For Her
Kelski: Very Angry
Kelski: Needs Dess For Approval, Comfort, Mirth
Kelski: Feels Dess' Love
Kelski: Knows Dess & Kelski Are supposed To be More Than Friends
Kelski: Plays violin with enthusiasm
Kelski: Built for survival, yet nevertheless sensual, and not a typical woman
Kelski: Her opinions on children and creating a family
Kelski: The shape and contours of her body
Kelski: Discovery of the sensitive areas of her body
Kelski: Considers herself broken because she hasn’t bonded
Kelski: Enjoys Dessarian’s eyes on her
Kelski: Her thoughts on humans
Kelski: A competitive streak?
Kelski: Wants to be touched by Dessarian
Kelvic Bonding: Kelski’s bond, a deep understanding of her body and soul
Kelski: Sexual preferences
Kelski: One of, if not the most important part of Dessarian’s life
Little Rhaus: Appearance & Personality, Kelski’s magic Statue
Lynneah Zveran: Practically family
Mercy: Empyreal Demesne's gardener
Moth: A forgiving horse

The ED
The ED: Full of Life
The ED: Lay Of The Land
Dess: Chief Of Security
ED: Has a Hidden Tower
The Tower: Layout and Appearance
The Tower: Build By Magic
No One Has Inhabited For A Long Time
A clearing separate from the Demesne is good for training grounds
Hector: Combat training device bought from Sunberth
The ED: A beautiful place

Family History
Damazar & K’etir: Massacred Spring of 519
Damazars: Supposed To Be All Dead
Damazars: Not known for displays of affection
Drust: Raided The Damazar/K’etir Fortresses
Drust: Will Come If They Hear Dess Is Alive
Drust: Enemies Of His Family
Drust: Murderers of His Family

Dess: Torn Between Past And Present
Dessarian: So often alone - before Kelski
Personal: Humbled by injuries
Personal: Not bound by family tradition any more
The Bond: The moment within Matthew’s Bay when the Bond formed

Blowgun: Being Darted & Drugged
Song: “Let the toast pass”
Kelvics: Do not feel self-conscious about nudity
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Dessarian Damazar

Postby Dessarian on June 19th, 2019, 5:30 pm


Wysar- Evantia (1st Mark)

When someone marked with Wysar’s blue flame taps their mark, they expand an invisible aura about themselves that allows them to note movements that might be considered either out of the ordinary or might reflect fine muscle control – tensing, slight twists, etc. This movement sensing allows the aura to automatically translate into the marked person’s brain what that movement is going to be.

The singularly marked individual can expand an Evantia Aura and begin sensing the motions and movements - even intent - of the person within the Aura. The Aura’s range spreads out from the individual at its center to upwards of fifty feet. Processing time is slow for the marked individual initially, but within a season of working with an Evantia Aura or through continued practice, a marked individual can easily anticipate the movements of those within the aura.

At first, one on one combat is the strongest most easiest to read. Gradually, as seasons pass, more opponents can be added and anticipated as the wearer of the mark grows accustom to the increased perception. The rule of thumb for this gnosis is simple. Add one opponent carefully sensed and perhaps anticipated for every season the gnosis is in active use. These opponents still need to be within the aura’s influence to be sensed. True intent is very difficult to sense at this level unless the marked has held their mark for years and is comfortable using the Evantia Aura.

Marking Story :

(Note: Dessarian was granted the approved gnosis mark when created as an NPC.)
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Dessarian Damazar

Postby Dessarian on June 19th, 2019, 5:30 pm


Wool cloak (black)
Undergarments (5)
Linen shirts (3) (green, black and ivory)
Wool shirts (2) (brown and dark blue)
Wool pants (2) (brown)
Cotton pants (3) (black, brown, tan)
Leather Pants (black)
Belt (2)
Boots, low, leather

Travel Supplies
Belt pouch
Lantern, hooded
Oil (5 pints)
Folding stool
Survival toolkit
contents :
A simple first aid kit, flint and steel, 2 simple snares, a waterskin, a simple tent, a small compass, a small roll of fishing line and 6 basic fishhooks, 2 candles, a blanket, a needle and thread and a small, simple knife.

Personal Items
Chest, small
Book, blank (3)
Quill (2)
Ink, 3 x 1 oz vial
Knife, small
Soap, 1lb
Mirror, small steel
Combat practice dummy, advanced

Arms and Armor
Hand crossbow/100 bolts
Small bolt case
Hand crossbow strap

Leather night armor - enchanted :
This black armor is made of spidersilk and is lightweight and flexible. An intricate design not unlike the fine thin veins of a spiderweb crisscrossed its black surface. The design does not stand out in contrasting colors but was rather like fine black gloss paint applied over matte black gloss paint for a texture that formed a pattern. When wearing the armor, Dessarian has the ability to easily climb walls where no real good handholds could be found. This ability was not dependent upon his ability to climb as a skill, but more like a magical effect to his armor.

In addition, the armor allows him to move across graveyards and cemeteries in a way that left no trace – no track, no noise, and not even a thin trail of disturbed dew on the grass. This ability only works in holy places where people are buried. Source of item

Wrist Razors - enchanted :
This set of iron wrist razors belonged to Dessarian's father. once he straps them on to use them, the wrist razors completely meld to his body and vanish into his skin leaving them gone from sight. When he actively thinks of them and has need of them, they materialize as not an awkward weapon strapped to his arm, but as a seamless incredibly sharp claw that would form out of each of his wrists of the same size and thickness as the razors were. His ability to manifest and dismiss the ‘razors’ is within his absolute control. If one is damaged in battle, the next time it materialized at his will, it would be whole again.

In addition, once the razors melded to his skin, his vision changes, sharpening to that of an eagle's where he could see absolutely amazing clarity and detail even at a long-distance away. This ‘sight’ is also within his control and remains as long as the wrist razors are melded to his body and a part of his form.
Source of item
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Dessarian Damazar

Postby Dessarian on June 19th, 2019, 5:30 pm


Season Transaction Adj Total
Summer 519 Starting (given by Kelski, thread link to come) +600GM 600GM
Summer 519 Starting purchases -196GM 404GM
Summer 519 Meraki Membership (1st payment) -250GM 162GM
Fall 519 Meraki Wages +1080GM 1242GM
Fall 519 Living Expenses (Good, adjusted for guild perk) -300GM 942GM
Fall 519 Meraki Membership (2nd Payment) -250GM 692GM
Fall 519 Items for dock and personal defense -642GM, 5SM 49GM, 5SM
Winter 519 Meraki Wages (pending) +1080GM 1129GM, 5SM
Winter 519 Living Expenses (Good, adjusted for guild perk) -300GM 829GM

Occupation: Meraki Unarmed Combat Instructor/ Empyreal Demesne Security
Wages: 8 GM + 4 GM L2 = 12 GM/day
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Dessarian Damazar

Postby Dessarian on June 19th, 2019, 5:37 pm


Current Season- Winter 519AV

Past Seasons :
Summer 519AV
2nd - Scouting New Territory
Kelski and Dess do some scouting and meet Hattie Zrevan.

24th - Many Hands Make Light Work
Dess lays out plans for a training ground, and discovers lost family.

50th - Arming with Knowledge
Dess teaches Ember, Keesha and Mercy some basic self-defense

55th - Meet Hector...Kill Him
Dess sets up an advanced training apparatus for the ED

60th - Leaps and Bounds
Kelski and Dess become bondmates.

Fall 519AV

1st - Stars Aligns and Minds Meld
The members of the Meraki and denizens of the ED gather for a seasonal meeting

10th - Black Sails
Dangerous visitors in a familiar ship arrive at the ED

20th - Sticks and Stones
Kelski inducts Dess into Architectrix and Reimancy

50th - Shoring Up Defenses
Dess establishes defensive positions near the docks with new weaponry. Tier/Job Thread

60th - When A Ghost Walks the Night
Kelski and Dess meet the ghost of an ancestor who needs final rest and learn more about their families' history.

63rd - That Old Black Magic
Hattie Zreven's mysterious magic leave Dess's prized possessions enchanted.

70th - Smokin'
Dess and Lynneah build a make-shift smoke house to preserve fish for winter. Tier Thread.

75th - Arming With Knowledge II
Dess conducts the next session of self-defense training. Job Thread.

80th - Oaths and Allegiances
Dess's past catches up to him when an unexpected visitor arrives at the ED
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Dessarian Damazar

Postby Dessarian on June 19th, 2019, 5:38 pm

Family and Friends

Name: Kelskanisha (Kelski) K'etir
Relationship: Bondmate
Race: Kelvic Sea Eagle
DoB: 514 AV (5 years old)

Kalistan's kelvic sister was promised to Dess soon after her birth, as was a custom between their families. While she was too young to bond, Dess had already loved the infant. Then she disappeared. It was suspected an enemy kidnapped her. Dess traced her to Sunberth, but before he could meet her, he was taken and thrown into the fighting pits, eventually ending up in the slave market. Fate brought her to the place and not even knowing who he was, she bought his freedom and took him in to heal. It was then he was able to reveal who he was. While Dess did not hold Kelski to the betrothal, the two became bondmates nonetheless.

Name: Darcee Damazar
Relationship: Cousin
Race: Human
DoB: 499 AV (20 years old)

Dessarian's father's daughter, Darcee was like a sister as the Damazar children grew up. While the Damazar's were a warrior family, Darcee had no inclination, talent or proficiency in anything martial. Often teased that Svefra dropped her off on the doorstep, there is no mistaking the telltale Damazar blue eyes that both Dess and Darcee share. She became a valuable herbalist and philterer. Darcee was absent during the K'etir/Damazar massacre by the Drust, and escaped death. She was taken in by the Zrevan, a family who worked for the Damazars, near the Empyreal Demensne, where she met up with Dess. She now lives with him. He often calls her by the childhood nickname he gave her, Tadpole.

Name: Kalistan K’etir
Relationship: Best Friend
Race: Human
DoB: 495 AV (24 years old)

Best Friends since childhood, Kalistan often worked together as they pursued their familie's joint goals and interests. They both sought to find Kalistan's sister when she was kidnapped. Family business took him 'to the north', after which he would meet up with Dess and his missing sister. Kalistan was rescued by the Meraki after his ship was hijacked. He remains in a coma at the Empyreal Demesne, under Meraki care.

Name: Ember K'etir
Relationship: Best Friend's Daughter
Race: Kelvic Mouse
DoB: 518 AV (one year old)

Kalistan's daughter was raised knowing Dess, who treated her his own niece. He nicknamed her Bug. When it was fairly certain that Kelski was in Sunberth, Ember was sent to her, carrying a valuable family book of magic.

Name: Lynneah Zrevan
Relationship: Friend of Family
Race: Human
DoB: 489 AV (30 years old)
Dess grew up with Lynneah, who's family worked for the Damazars. When her mother Hattie, grew frustrated with the secrets and machinations of the K'etir and Damazar families, She left. But Lynneah refused to go with her, preferring the stability offered to her and her young daughter by the Damazars. Dess, several years younger than Lynneah, had a crush on the woman as a teenager himself. As adults, they had a good rapport and their friendship began to grow, until Dess went to Sunberth to find Kelski. It was not until Lynneah and Keesha fled the Drust Massacre and found Hattie did Dess and Lynneah finally meet up again.

Name: Keesha Zrevan
Relationship: Lynneah's daughter
Race: Human
DoB: 503 AV (16 yrs old)
A resourceful and adventurous young woman, Keesha and Dess have a relationship built upon relentless teasing of one another.
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Dessarian Damazar (WIP)

Postby Dessarian on June 19th, 2019, 5:44 pm

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Dessarian Damazar

Postby Dessarian on July 3rd, 2019, 3:47 pm

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