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Rhairtah Lotus

Postby Rhairtah Lotus on July 1st, 2019, 3:15 pm

Rhairtah Lotus


Race: Mixed blood
Gender: Female
Birthday: 12 Spring
Birthplace: Country estate some where near Ravok
Appearance: What do you look like?

Rhairtah is an elegant, beautiful woman, perfectly proportioned, always poised and graceful. There is something of the cat in her movement, never bold or brash but certainly stalking. Her most striking feature are her eyes, full and black. Her gaze is always direct and unflinching, penetrating those she turns her attention on. Her flawlessly pale skin never has the appearance of ever knowing the sun, though she does spend time out of doors as exercise and fresh air (even in the coldest winter) are important to her.

Rhairtah chooses only the most luxurious of fabrics, always in hues of indigo, blue, coal black, and occasionally the deepest green, but she will never be found in anything yellow, amber or red (she finds bright colors vulgar and whoreish). Her gowns will often have encrusted jewels, beads or textures, nothing sparkly but always rich and sumptuous. She rarely shows much skin. Her hair is pale blonde almost silver and always in some sort of elaborate coiffure or headdress, depending on the occasion. The secret language of dress, jewelry, and hairstyle is one Lady Isemay knows well, just as other well-born women do.

Character Concept

No one would ever call her warm or friendly, but Rhairtah is a master manipulator, having a keen sense of what makes people tick, willing and able to exploit their weaknesses to her advantage even if it means doing a bit of acting. Analyzing those around her is more than just a game to her -- by successfully maneuvering events and others, she has become as aristocratic and domineering as any wealthy man in her baring, but with a more subtle, slyly feminine touch. Nothing is more important than the family and their status, and its continued success and influence are paramount to this lady. She would stop at nothing to smite her enemies or use her connections to further her family's influence in the realm.

Character History

Rhairtah is the fourth child of the family and the only girl and now believed to be the only surviving issue. Largely ignored by her father as she grew, she was raised primarily by nurses and her father's various wives' ladies in waiting. One secretly taught her to read, something usually discouraged among female children.

The family is rife with familial treachery, even murder. The newest generation is only the latest in a long line of betrayals and tragedies:

Erk'et Lotus
married Rhash'ties, a cousin (died in childbirth along with baby; probable curse or poisoning)
married Chequl (died two years after Rhairtah's birth of fever)
son Ikzor (died in an ambush; murdered)
son Loq'zat (died in a hunting accident; probable murder)
daughter Rhairtah
son Kheqiqtis (died of illness)
married Neikkaver (died by own hand or possible murder)
married Rhachos (died of poisoning/murder)
twin son Kraqun'qat (died of poisoning/murder)
twin son Kavinta (believed dead of poisoning, but actually survived; now hidden)

Erk'et first wife and unborn child were probably killed by one of the ambitious family rivals, but the direct proof was never found. Erk'et ruthlessly had them all killed anyway, turning blame away from himself. His second wife was the most prolific bearer of all his wives, producing three sons and a daughter before she and her youngest child succumbed to an illness. Rhairtah barely remembers her.

The eldest son, Ikzor, was a cruel, brash and vulgar young man, very much like his father. They often went whoring and gambling together. As a contrast, the second son, Loq'zat was warm and kind and absolutely adored by his younger sister. He privately encouraged Rhairtah's learning, sneaking books from their father's library, teaching her strategy games. Rhairtah was devastated when he was killed in an apparent hunting accident; it was years later after she began employing her own spies when she was almost eighteen that she discovered her eldest brother, Ikzor, had arranged Loq'zat's murder in order to secure his own footing in the family. Seeds of rage were sewn, and the family blood proved true when Rhairtah arranged her own bit of fratricide. With an already tidy string of nefarious contacts, Rhairtah arranged for Ikzor to have his own convenient 'accident'. It was blamed on rogue brigands.

As he aged, Erk'et sank further and further in the depths of depravity and evil. He mourned his eldest son as a lost comrade, married a docile lady half his age whom he regularly beat, and spat revenge on those he thought responsible for his troubles. He gave not a thought to the pale daughter at the other end of his castle -- she was only a broodmare reserved for future alliance by marriage to another family. Erk'et did parade a series of suitors past his then twenty-year-old daughter but his thoughts turned elsewhere as the birth of twin sons once again secured his legacy. It even boosted rumors of his prowess in the bedroom (he kept a large string of concubines, but following family tradition, any bastard children produced were killed outright).

Then came the event that would come to be known as 'the Night of Bloody Sorrows'. Erk'et had completely underestimated the ferocity of a blood feud cast at him by the surviving family of one of his more brutal dealings, and they mortgaged their lands to hire an entire assassin's guild to slip into the family estate one night. It was only due to Rhairtah's restless habit of reading late into the wee hours that she escaped murder, and it was only the vigilance (and sacrifice) of her father's private guard that he survived as well. His young wife was not so lucky, and neither were her children. Rhairtah discovered their blood-encrusted bodies herself, poisoned blades used to seal the job, but discovered one of the little boys had barely survived. She had Kavinta spirited away to a distant relation of his mother's where he now grows and prospers. It was further evidence of the quickness of her mind -- she foresaw that one day, an heir would be needed, and wished him secured away from danger. Erk'ete suffered a kind of mental collapse in the days that followed, and it was only through the aide of private family healers that he survived.

Unknown to the outside world, those healers had been recruited by Rhairtah. Through use of their alchemical arts and some judicious use of carefully crafted potions, Erk'ete is now nothing more than a drugged shell of his former self, made docile and pliable by his clever, ruthless daughter. He is a puppet now, brought out only for formal occasions, so far fooling others as his 'guard' still eke out actions in his name. Rhairtah has learned to forge her father's signature very effectively, but has no illusions -- she knows that her days manipulating her father in such a way are numbered. But while she has control, she begins to convert the poor management of the family assets into a growing empire in its own right. Lady Rhairtah is cognizant that she will have to turn it all over to a male relative someday on the death of her father. But right now, she enjoys the control, the power. She fears marriage which will someday become her prison. Since her father would be the one to normally arrange a match, she at least will be the one to ultimately choose a husband -- a nice, docile, weak one. But that is some years off, and right now, she enjoys ruling from the shadows.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language:
Poor Language:


Please list skills in alphabetical order by competency

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acting 10 Novice
Law 5 Novice
Acrobatics # +10, # 5 # Competent



1 Set of Clothing
-Ankle Length Tunic with Short Sleeves
-Simple Undergarments
-Long Light Cloak (Colorful) (Men)
-Shawl covering head and shoulders (Colorful) (Women)
-Leather Sandals
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Jade pendant on a silver chain belonging to her mother (HELPFUL HINT, Please Remove - Max. 50gm worth)


Location: Pending


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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Rhairtah Lotus
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Rhairtah Lotus

Postby Gossamer on July 1st, 2019, 7:06 pm

Moderator Intervention

The Issue(s):

You need to familiarize yourself with our game rules. We do not exist solely for the pleasure of you to create character after character and never write. That isn't the point. You are limited to 5 alts, and if you are caught more you are either limited to 1 alt for a year or more or banned completely.


These are all yours. Thats a problem. Get with me via a PM if you actually have interest playing here and we can delete all these characters, settle on one, and fix the CS so its not the hot mess this CS above is. And by hot mess I mean that half the shit you have on here is not allowed or directly against our rules.

I'm taking pity on the CS Liaisons and stepping in because you are one of the worst offenders I've seen both in a doozer of a CS and the sheer amount of ALTS I've caught you with.


PM me when you have the above issues corrected and this intervention will be removed.


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