Hello From Central NY

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Hello From Central NY

Postby Windyridge on July 12th, 2019, 1:22 am


I am fairly new to RPG's and PPB. I discovered both at the same time and became addicted. My first PBF was over at BGG in the new player initiative. I found the perfect RPG because it was just the GM and one player, me. It was called Cthulhu Confidential. Then I signed up for Mouse Guard for something totally different. That is ongoing and is loads of fun as well as challenging because I am Mouse.

Believe it or not I enjoy solo RPG's too using the Mythic Emulator, or Scarlet Heroes, a wonderful solo, or GM and one player RPG. Most recently I signed up for a Numenera campaign (Cypher System) after playing through a solo adventure using the Cypher System emulator. It might be my favorite system so far and the PBF is a blast.

I have played one physical live RPG, and this was a Pathfinder game.

Basically I am addicted to RPG's and have time to play games now due to an early retirement (lay-off). This love of RPG's came as a surprise as I have never really been a big gamer. It started with board games about a year ago and ended up here. I do play one online game - Magic The Gathering Arena - and I enjoy it very much.

So that's me. Looking forward to digging into Mizahar.
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Hello From Central NY

Postby Ines on July 12th, 2019, 1:54 am

Welcome to Mizahar!

As a note, your username has to be the same as your character's name (something you can change easily in the user control panel.)

I play MTG:A and I'm pretty familiar with Pathfinder, too. I also know of Mouse Guard and Numenera but I haven't played those specifically. We also have a chat using Discord, here. There you can chat with people and get help with your character. Most of the STs are pretty active in the chat, too.
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