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Postby Ines on May 4th, 2017, 4:47 am

Name: Ines
Race: Vampire Bat Kelvic
Gender: Female
Birthdate: Spring 14th, 516AV
Age: 4
Birthplace: Taloba
Location: Syka, Roaming the Maw
Profession: Ashta Handler
Height: 5'
Weight: 88lbs
Gnosis: 1 Phylonura
Resolve: 2726 + 1 (Novice Endurance)
Fluent: Myrian
Fluent: Nura
Basic: Common

Standing at 5' nothing, Ines has tanned skin covered with a smattering of moles stretched over her small frame. She is thin but much stronger than she looks and a figure modeled by her life spent doing much labor. Her eyes are almond-shaped, framed by thick eyebrows and bangs, and her dark brown hair is cropped unevenly at her shoulders. Her Kelvic heritage is subtle, showing itself only in her increased hearing, big ears, and sharp canines.

She typically wears clothing of undyed fibers, but it is not uncommon to see her traversing naked or nearly so - depending on whether she has required the use of her Kelvic form to traverse the Maw. Her mark of Phylonura lies on her right forearm, wrapping around from her wrist to her elbows and depicting a living, changing scene that follows an adult Tskanna and a still tuskless calf.

Bat Form
When shifted, she is near indistinguishable from any other vampire bat one may come across. If you look closely, however, you can see a shadow of the same Phylonura mark of her human form on her right wing.


The type to put all of her eggs in one basket, Ines takes a goal and pursues it with a fury. She has an intense, forceful personality. Raised in the Myrian fashion, she has a strong sense of family and will often come to extensive assistance of those she deems close. As a kelvic, her quick growth led to feelings of isolation from the other Myrians in her age group, and she deeply desires to meet someone who understands. Ines finds book learning a chore when she's not interested in the topic, and she has very little in the way or reading and writing skills because of lesser schooling offered to her. She prefers to learn hands-on and feels mistakes are part of the learning process. The kelvic rarely apologizes for her actions vocally. If she makes a mistake that requires an apology, she prefers to show her regret through actions or gifts rather than use a simple "sorry", and she appreciates when others do the same for her.


Born in Taloba, Ines has spent her short life quickly growing up in a hasty Myrian fashion before being marked by Caiyha. With bits of martial training and animal husbandry, she was still expected to pull her weight around the Tskanna training grounds. Despite her little time growing up to learn the same things her Myrian brothers and sisters did, she was a fast learner, especially with hands-on things.
As a kelvic, she wasn't required to serve in the military, and with Caiyha's mark, she was relieved of all duties required of her by the clan so that she could leave and further the goddess's goals.

After arriving in Syka, she found work in the same field she had worked her entire life - with elephants. She became an Ashta handler for the Sawmill, providing extra time for Lars to work on the lumber. She also met people who saw her as their equal, rather than the pet or servant she was seen as in Taloba.
In Fall 519AV, she was transformed with the rest of Syka into a different race, hers being a female Akalak. Along with this form came a second soul, a sister-soul, named Adeliz.

Phylonura :
It was not uncommon for Tskanna mothers to find solitude in the jungles to give birth before returning to their herd. While a handful of the clan followed to see her birth, they realized soon that she was not just seeking solitude. Instead, they seemed to be on the path to the Grave of Behemoths, a long journey that was reserved for pilgrimages than the birth of a Tskanna. The Grave was a holy place for near everyone in Falyndar, especially so for the Ivory Tusk clan, whose lives revolved around the animals that went there to die. Ines did not truly understand why this was the case - whether the question was why they traveled there or why it was holy.

She, like, those around her, paid reverence to Myri first, and Caiyha second, whose gift was what their lives revolved around. The Kelvic was still unbonded, though, and at such the young age of two, did not fully understand the reasoning for their beliefs. She was more of a hands-on learner, and it was a lot more fun to work with the beasts directly, and she was much quicker to understand what she could see.

It was a common train of thought in the Ivory Tusks to treat the Tskannas as if they were much wiser than believed at first glance. With this in mind, those traveling with the cow began to make preparations for one of two eventualities - either the mother knew she would die after the birth, or she was carrying a stillborn. Ines didn't understand the reasoning behind this, though being a sentient animal herself she didn't think she had any reason to argue.

The pilgrimage was much longer than expected, but seemingly by Caiyha's will, it was as uneventful as a trek through the jungle could be. Ines spent much of her time next to the Tskanna, touching her as they walked, hoping to be a comfort to the animal who knew that she - or her child's - death was soon. The bat still did not fully understand, but the sadness in the beast's eyes persuaded her to be a friend. The labor started days before they had even reached the grave, and the pains were obvious - even as she continued.

It wasn't until they had reached the Grave that the gravity weighed onto the kelvic. The air was heavy with death, and Ines could not quite understand why anyone would come here to give birth, regardless of the scenario. Some of the skeletons were as large, or even larger, than her, and still, she followed the mother further in. It was almost sunset, and the cow continued to meander the grave, even as the rest of the clan set up camp. It was nightfall when Ines returned, leaving the mother alone. She had been told that they preferred to give birth undisturbed. It seemed as if Leth himself was holding his breath for this mundane moment turned salient event.

Ines watched from a distance as the cow gave birth - one, and then another, the process taking much longer than it felt. Twins! An enormous event, more so for the sacred location. Cheers erupted from the rest of her family, but the kelvic was again compelled to approach. Up close, the situation began to make sense. The younger of the two twins was deformed. Two of its legs bowed outwards, and it was much smaller than its sibling, even as a newborn. A Myrian born this way would not last long.

As Leth showed down, the mother began kicking the sickly newborn. The kelvic gasped, her face a wave of surprise, horror, and realization. It had no place in their society, in her herd - it would only serve to take resources from the healthy twin. The entire cycle, from death, to life, to death again, was intense and excruciating for the bat. With the contrast of the living calf suckling from its mother and the broken corpse of the sickly one merely feet away, Ines was overcome with emotion, hugging the mother and sobbing. Such a gentle creature, forced by either instinct or wisdom to sacrifice her child for the greater life of the healthy child, and further, for the herd - this was life? So extraordinarily cruel and beautiful, a mother who must give and take away the life of her own amid the bones of her ancestors.

Leth was still high in the sky when Ines, sleeping in the grasses, was awoken by a voice. A woman stood before her, one she both did and did not recognize. She stood up, her face still wet with tears as if she had still been sobbing in her sleep.

"It was brutal, wasn't it?" The woman spoke quietly. The kelvic did not recognize her from the traveling party, but there was only one thing that she could have been referring to.

"Absolutely...but beautiful, too, don't you think? The sacrifice that the cow made for her calf and herd so that they might survive..." Ines trailed off. The woman looked at her curiously, studying her features, silvered in the moonlight.

"You know much more than you let on, don't you, child?"

Ines was a fair bit startled. "What do you mean by that?"

The woman chuckled. "You have seen the necessity of the cycle of life and death in a way that many do not. And," she paused, holding onto the silence until it was nearly uncomfortable, despite being only a few ticks. "You know who I am, and you know why I am here." She approached the bat, and she knew what that prickling feeling in the back of her neck was.

"I do...Caiyha." Ines dropped to her knees in reverence. Soon after, the goddess grasped her hand and pulled her up.

"Take my gift, Ines, of the Ivory Tusk, and take care of my land like you took care of my creature." As she spoke, the vines of the jungle entwined the kelvic's arm, filling in more fully with the old-growth and creatures contained within. An right in the middle, grazing off of trees, a mother Tskanna and her calf. The knowledge of the gift flooded into her mind, and as she brought herself back to the present, the goddess was gone.

Ines returned to her camp as Syna's glow washed over the grave, the mark of the goddess living vibrantly on her arm and the stains of dried tears on her cheeks.
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Postby Ines on May 4th, 2017, 10:05 pm

Skill EXP Total
Wilderness Survival *Jungle, Coast 26SP, 26EXP 52

Skill EXP Total
Animal Husbandry 19SP, 10EXP 29
Observation 34EXP 34

Skill EXP Total
Astronomy 1EXP 1
Bodybuilding 3EXP 3
Botany 2EXP 2
Climbing 2EXP 2
Cooking 2EXP 2
Endurance 5EXP 5
Engineering 1EXP 1
Foraging 10RB, 3EXP 13
Herbalism 1EXP 1
Investigation 3EXP 3
Knot-Tying 3EXP 3
Land Navigation*Jungle 5EXP 5
Logic 2EXP 2
Medicine 1EXP 1
Planning 2EXP 2
Philosophy 6EXP 6
Rhetoric 6EXP 6
Seduction 1EXP 1
Socialization 16EXP 16
Teaching 1EXP 1
Tracking 2EXP 2
Weapon: Machete 5SP 5

103 Lores

Misc Lore
  • Akalak: A race of martial men with blue skin and two minds
  • Akalak: Natives of Riverfall
  • Astronomy: Myrian Tiger Constellation Myth
  • Astronomy: Myrian Tiger Constellation Identification
  • Cooking: Roasting fish over a fire
  • Engineering: Improvising pulleys to lift heavy objects
  • Gardening: Ashta shyke makes good fertilizer for poor rainforest soil
  • Knot-tying: How to make a round turn and two half hitches
  • Knot-tying: How to make a boom hitch
  • Knot-tying: How to make an overhand knot
  • Knot-Tying: Tying the Harness to the Cart
  • Knot-Tying: Untying Overhand Knot
  • Knot-Tying: Untying Boom Hitch Knot
  • Knot-Tying: Untying Round Turn & Two Half Hitch Knot
  • Knot-Tying: Having small fingers helps untying
  • Philosophy: Being happy with where you are
  • Philosophy: Counting blessings to cope with hardship
  • Phylonura: Asking Trees for Permission for Use
  • Phylonura: Asking Trees About Nearby Hazards
  • Common: "Suture" means to sew up wounds
  • Rowing a Boat
  • Location: Syka River
  • Metaphors: Myrians are much like fire ants...
  • Lore of ice
  • Seduction: accidental flirt
  • Teaching: the basics of Taloba


  • Animal Husbandry: Socializing Ashta [SP]
  • Animal Husbandry: Blowing three short blasts on a whistle to call ashta
  • Animal Husbandry: Ashta's Sensitive ears result in great hearing
  • Animal Husbandry: Blowing one long and then one short whistle to move ashta to the tack shed
  • Animal Husbandry: How to properly - and comfortably - harness an ashta
  • Animal Husbandry: Using a ladder for greater ease when harnessing an ashta
  • Animal Husbandry: Using Nura to check on an ashta's wellbeing
  • Animal Husbandry: Avoid Ashta ears as handling can cause harm
  • Animal Husbandry: Anatomy and purpose of an ashta harness
  • Animal Husbandry: Picking up manure
  • Animal Husbandry: Ashta foot care tools
  • Animal Husbandry: Positioning an Ashta on a railing for foot care
  • Animal Husbandry: Feet most important part of an Ashta
  • Animal Husbandry: Using a metal bristle brush to clean Ashta feet
  • Animal Husbandry: Trimming Ashta nails with a hooked knife
  • Animal Husbandry: Sand & hard stone are not good on Ashta feet
  • Animal Husbandry: Filing Ashta nails
  • Animal Husbandry: Using Nura to locate an injury
  • Anatomy: Ashta Foot
  • Wild Ashta: Don't need extra foot care
  • Wild Ashta: Foliage and long distances keep their feet maintained
  • Ink: Ashta Drama Queen
  • Ink: Likes when the mill is clean

    Other Animals
  • Animal Husbandry: Bargaining with lemurs using Phylonura
  • Animal Husbandry: Lemurs love to play
  • Animal Husbandry: Waterfowl nesting habits

    Wilderness Survival

  • Wilderness Survival: Finding Fresh Water [SP]
  • Wilderness Survival: Spotting a Game Trail
  • Wilderness Survival: Identifying a Tiger Print
  • Wilderness Survival: Identifying a Leopard Print
  • Wilderness Survival: Hanging tarps at opposing angles to protect from rain
  • Wilderness Survival: Applying insect repellent
  • Wilderness Survival: Collecting Rainwater
  • Wilderness Survival: Marking the container of unclean water
  • Wilderness Survival: Collecting tinder in the jungle
  • Wilderness Survival: Collecting fire fuel in the jungle
  • Wilderness Survival: Components of a fire
  • Wilderness Survival: Creating a fire mound
  • Wilderness Survival: Starting a fire with friction
  • Wilderness Survival: Boiling water to sterilize it
  • Wilderness Survival: Smoke keeps mosquitos away
  • Wilderness Survival: Using the Tiger's Eye star to find your way
  • Wilderness Survival: Bring a hat and poncho into the jungle
  • WS: You need a good survival kit
  • WS: The lighter you're able to travel, the better
  • WS: Getting creative when packing your gear
  • WS: First aid supplies should be kept close at all times
  • WS: Put larger items at the bottom of your pack
  • WS: How to fold and pack a tarp
  • WS: How to fold and pack a hammock
  • WS: Folding your blanket inside the tarp is efficient
  • WS: Things take up less space when rolled up
  • WS: Bring extra socks
  • WS: You need a first aid kit
  • Wilderness Survival: Any part of a plant can be poisonous
  • Wilderness Survival: Don't burn poisonous plants
  • Wilderness Survival: Poisonous plant warning signs
  • Wilderness Survival: Treating rashes in a pinch
  • Wilderness Survival: The many uses of alcohol
  • Wilderness Survival: Beware of flooding in the rainy season
  • Wilderness Survival: The current is strong
  • Wilderness Survival: The river is home to nasty things
  • Wilderness Survival: Making a horseshoe pack

    Plant Skills
  • Botany: Identifying Aloe
  • Botany: Identifying Oleander
  • Botany: Identifying Mango trees
  • Botany: Identifying Manchineel
  • Herbalism: Aloe vera is soothing on the skin

    Misc WS
  • Land Navigation: Following a Game Trail
  • Medicine: Using a tourniquet
  • Medicine: Alcohol cleans wounds
  • Planning: jungle preparations
  • Tracking: following converging ant trails

  • Lars: Takes great care of his ashta
  • Lars: Workaholic
  • Tony: Appearance and characteristics
  • Tony: Uses ashta shyke to grow isuas
  • Indigo: Never fit in
  • Indigo: Has Cultivation
  • Indigo: Childhood in the Maw
  • How it feels to be without Adeliz
  • Kamilla: a rude introduction
  • Kamilla: reimancer
  • Kamilla: from Zeltiva

Architectrix Plotline
  • Location: Bala's Bowl
  • Bala's Bowl: Has an unnatural presence
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Postby Ines on May 4th, 2017, 10:07 pm

Profession: Competent Ashta Handler (7GM/day)
Mizas: 238.02GM

520 Expenses
Starting: 238.02GM

Expenses, Summer 520 :
Starting: 373.02GM
-135.00 Summer Seasonal Expenses

Balance: 238.02GM

Expenses, Spring 520 :
-0.20 Medium Beech Basket
-135.00 Spring Seasonal Expenses

Balance: 373.82GM
519 Expenses
Expenses, Winter 519 :
Starting: 670.02GM
-25.00GM Survival Kit
-1.00GM Waterskin
-135.00GM Winter Seasonal Expenses

Balance: 509.02GM

Expenses, Fall 519 :
Starting: 845.29GM
-1.00GM High Leather Boots
-0.05GM 5pc Chalk
-0.02GM Tourniquet
-3.00GM Water Additive
-0.50GM Iron Pot
-10.00GM Small Steel Mirror
-0.50GM Sewing Needle
-0.10GM Spool of Thread
-0.10GM 1pt Flask of Oil
-0.80GM Signal Whisle
-10.00GM Gripping Resin (4x uses)
-1.40GM Isuas Socks (4x pairs)
-0.80GM Isuas Sarong
-1.40GM Ramie Pants
-0.70GM Ramie undergarments (4x pairs)
-0.20GM Ramie shirts (2x pairs)
-5.00GM Hammock
-0.20GM 20pc Tinder
-1.00GM Rucksack
-2.00GM Myrian SaltsJungle cure-all
-0.50GM Rosemary Ointmentsoothes sore musclese
-0.60GM Sweetblossom Tincturediarrhea medicine (x2)
-135.00GM Fall Expenses (Common)

Balance: 670.02GM

Expenses, Summer 519 :
Starting: 350.00GM
-1.00GM Blanket Chest
-0.33GM Ramie Bandana, dyed red
-0.88GM Ramie Cloak, undyed
-2.00GM Sisal Broad-brimmed Hat
-0.50GM Sisal Tunic (x2)
-1.00GM Leather Gloves
-1.00GM High Leather Boots
-135.00GM Summer Expenses (Common)
+637.00GM Summer Wages

Balance: 845.29GM


A machete, with a beautifully carved handle made of Tskanna ivory.

Equipment :
  • Loose Ramie shirt
  • Ramie pants
  • Undergarments
  • Ramie cloak
  • Soft leather boots
  • Waterskin x2
  • Backpack
  • Wooden Comb
  • Wooden Brush
  • Soap
  • Razor
  • Flint & Steel
  • Eating knife
  • 1 Week's Rations
  • 50ft Hemp Rope
  • Ivory-handled Machete
  • High Leather Boots
  • Sisal Tunic (x2)
  • Ramie Bandanna (Red)
  • Ramie Cloak
  • Sisal Broad-Brimmed Hat
  • Leather Gloves
  • Survival Kit
  • Whistle

Magic Items :
Free Flowing Flask - Obtained here
Crystal Sunbear Skeleton - Not magical but shiny, obtained here

Housing Equipment
Currently living in Lars' Bungalow.
1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks. Everything is able to be packed neatly into her blanket chest, if needed.
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Postby Ines on December 3rd, 2019, 4:41 pm

Fall 520 :
1st - Naked and Afraid - a [PM to Join] thread where Ines meets Puk - a Tskanna kelvic.

Summer 520 :
20th - The First Yet Second Tenday - an [Open] thread of a birthday celebration for Marino. Ines meets many of the new residents.

Spring 520 :
seasonal word count: 4953

3rd - A Secret Garden - a [Solo] thread of Ines exploring Bala's Bowl in hopes of finding out its secret locales and making it her home.

3rd - Into the Tower - a [Closed] thread where Ines drags Adeliz into the tower they found hidden in the back of Bala's Bowl.

10th - Payback Time - a [Closed] thread in the Outpost where Ines meets up with Crylon again.

40th - Jungle Books - a [Closed] thread where Adeliz and Ines discover the not-so-ruined ruins of a library.

80th - Fish Out of Water - a [Solo] thread where Ines learns the beginning of swimming from Juli.

519 :

1st - The Trunk of the Tree I - a [Solo] [Training] thread where Randal teaches Ines the basics to wilderness survival that she didn't know. (wc: 2552)
rewards: finished, self-graded

1st - The Trunk of the Tree II - a [Solo] [Training] thread as a continuation of the first thread. (wc: 1483)
rewards: finished, self-graded

1st - A Busy Beach - a [Group] thread if a party for newcomers. Ines left early on with Nya Winters, which continues in Cat's Eye, Bat's Eye.
rewards: unfinished

1st - Cat's Eye, Bat's Eye - a [Closed] thread with Nya Winters where she and Ines frolic in the jungle.
rewards: unfinished

32nd - Of Bodies and Blood - a [Closed] thread with Crylon Stonecraft that takes place in the Outpost.

54th - Beginners Guide to Finding - a [Solo] [Job Thread] where Ines goes looking for a mischievous duo of missing Ashta and finds a set of ruins yet untouched by Sykans.


For the entire season of Fall 519, Ines was a female Akalak with a dark soul named Adeliz.

2nd - Finding Answers To Questions Not Asked - a [Quest] where select denizens of Syka travel upriver to seek the source of the artifacts.

33rd - Water of the Womb - a [Solo] [Training] written as part of the Gratitude Challenge. Ines goes camping with Indigo learns about what makes a family, and about what makes her family.
rewards: finished, self-graded

34th - Counting Blessings - a [Solo] [Training] thread where Indigo takes Ines to a beautiful secret spot where they relax and prepare to cook a meal together.
rewards: finished, self-graded

34th - Counting Blessings II - a [Solo] [Training] thread, a continuation of Counting Blessings where Ines and Indigo cook together.
rewards: finished, self-graded

35th - Blood of the Covenant - a [Solo] thread where Indigo and Ines head home.
rewards: finished, self-graded


3rd - Syka Likes It Hot - a [Moderated] intro thread wherein Ines moves into Syka and gets a job.
rewards: unfinished

4th - Elephants in the Room - a [Solo] [Job Thread] where Ines learns the care and handling of the saw mill's resident ashta.
rewards: finished, graded

4th - Elephants in the Room II - a [Solo] [Job Thread] where Ines learns the care and handling of the saw mill's resident ashta.
rewards: finished, self-graded

9th - Strangers With a Bite - a thread with Quzon wherein Ines invades his home in the middle of the night and doesn't understand why that's a bad thing.
rewards: unfinished

10th - Jungle Bounty - a wilderness survival training thread with Finn Reefdiver.
rewards: unfinished, on hold

18th -Looking for the Antswer - an [Open] thread featuring the fire ant infestation calendar event. Featuring Kamilla and a bit of Torien.
rewards: finished, graded

20th - Ducks in a Rowboat - a [Solo] thread where Ines and Lars travel up the Syka River and find some things, like jungle ducks.
rewards: finished, self-graded

33rd - Piecing Together - Ines and Sophia meet while helping with repairs after the storm.
rewards: abandoned, ungraded

Placeholders :
Summer job thread and job thread
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Postby Ines on December 8th, 2019, 4:42 pm


Adeliz died at one season old. Refusing to abandon Ines and the only life she knew with the Kelvic, she has stayed on as a ghost, taking the form that they took together as a female Akalak, now translucent and pale.
Adeliz's CS

Old :
Age: 1 Season at death (born Fall 1st, 519AV)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Adeliz appears like a ghostly version of Ines, but much taller, and with purple-tinged skin when materialized. She has the same shoulder-length black hair, though she appears in clothing whereas the living Ines often does not.

Materialization 10
Possession 10
Soulmist Projection 10
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