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Erwin Steel

Postby Erwin Steel on July 24th, 2019, 11:39 pm

Erwin Steel


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: 27, Spring, 500
Birthplace: Sunberth
Height: 5’9
Weight: 158 lbs


Erwin’s dark brown hair is cut shortly for practicality’s sake. His face is one of hard features, with a strong jawline, and chin. His piercing blue eyes are always in movement, scanning his surroundings for potential dangers to his safety. The Sunberthian’s skin is pale white, his body of average height, and weight, scarred from a lifetime of harsh living. His arms and legs are lined with muscle built through manual labor, his hands heavily calloused from abuse.

Character Concept

Erwin is a man of honesty, a rarity in the free city. He refuses to get by through lies, intimidation, and murder. Instead preferring a honest, if boring life of manual labor. He is patient, not easily offended, and slow to anger, with a calculating mind always thinking about the end results of any action he might take. Though he enjoys a mug of beer, and some “friendly” banter as much as the next Sunberthian.

Erwin is also incredibly paranoid, of both others, and his environment. His eyes are constantly in motion, scanning his surroundings for any source of danger. Whether the danger be that of man, beast, or unsanitary conditions. For Erwin has a incredible fear of disease, causing him to almost always wear gloves outside of his home, take baths constantly, and stuff his pockets with sweet smelling things like flower petals. As it his belief that disease is contracted through filth touching the skin, and smelling bad.

Erwin’s view is simple one, his family comes first, then Sunberth and it’s “moral” citizens, he couldn’t care less about the rest of Mizahar. He tries his best to provide for those closest to him, but is also a charitable sort, willing to help out those in need if he is able. Erwin has a deep hatred for mages, and magic in general. This view being common in Sunberth due to its relatively recent enslavement by Obal Causten, and his apprentices.

Erwin has no interest in getting involved in the gang wars that plague Sunberth, or in acquiring great wealth through some grand adventure. His philosophy being that “Those who burn the brightest, burn out the fastest” It is his belief that people who spend their lives constantly pursuing wealth, and power only destroy themselves in the long run.

Erwin worships both Tyveth, and Yahal, and has little interest in other gods.

Character History

Character History Pre Creation :
Erwin was born a only child in the Tent “City” of Sunberth, his father “Ernst” was at the time a up and coming mercenary. while his mother “Lydia” was naught but a unwashed beggar, who Ernst took a liking to. Time the two shared together in bed eventually lead to Erwin’s birth. His father caring only a little for the child’s fate quickly left, with Lydia being left to raise him.

Erwin’s early years were that of squalor, and misery. His father was more concerned with getting skilled, and well equipped enough to get a high paying job, and contributed minimally to Erwin’s upbringing. Only bringing food and water to Erwin, and his mother every so often, while he saved up for classes, and armor. Ernst never stayed around long either, only staying so long as it took him to “shag the hag” as he was fond of saying. So Erwin spent his early years in the Tent City, begging for alms alongside the road with his mother. Erwin remembers vividly sitting on the side of the street for hours, lines of beggars flanking him, and his mother on both sides, as they yelled at anyone passing by, begging for alms. He remembers all kinds of folk passing through on their way to, or out of Sunberth. Caravaners, mercenary bands, Sun’s Birth gangsters, wandering traders, and the occasional lone traveler. They begged from them all “Well except for the Daggerhand’s, when those guys showed up they ran.” Though it was almost always the lone travelers who bothered to donate to the needy. Teaching Erwin that it is often the poorest, who are the most generous.

It was there, in the Tent City, that Erwin learned his rampant paranoia. His mother teaching him to constantly analyze his environment for threats, to watch what you say, and to avoid the gaze of dangerous men. For in Sunberth, danger was hiding in every corner. This time in his life was also when Erwin became obsessed with cleanliness. More than once as a child did Erwin notice that the people who were covered in the most filth, who smelled the worst, and who lived in the most disgusting conditions were the one’s to be most likely of dying to disease. Erwin remembers “Old Man” Mose, and how he was constantly covered in the foulest substances. Erwin had no idea why, but that old man was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen in his life. It’s like he was bathing in waste. Well one day Old Man Mose’s face started to melt off, some kind of necrotic disease, that old man spent his final days slowly melting away in agony, and the putrid stench of that old man’s rotting flesh was the worst thing Erwin had ever smelled in his entire life. This experience had led to Erwin becoming obsessed with keeping his body smelling nice, and free of filth. So that he himself will never suffer the fate of that old man.

Erwin had few friends in the Tent City growing up. As most of the other children, maddened by starvation were more likely to try and steal from each other, than play together. More than once did Erwin get attacked, and beaten by gangs of older children, who stole anything of value he was carrying. Erwin’s only friend was Olaf “The Giant” aptly named, Olaf was nearly the size of a man by the time he was eight, though he was nearly as dumb as a oxen. Erwin, and Olaf became fast friends, mainly due to the fact that they were the only young children that they each could find in the Tent City that weren’t interested in robbing each other. When they weren’t with their parents begging, Erwin and Olaf played with, and protected each other. Few wanting to pick a fight with Erwin, while his behemoth sized friend was around. Their favorite thing to do was sneak into the old mineshafts, despite the protests of the adults, and explore. Erwin and his friend would spend hours at a time underground, exploring the long abandoned halls of industry. Erwin remembers fondly the games he played down there in those cursed tunnels with Olaf. His favorites were chase, and hide and seek, though Olaf’s favorite was “knights” also known as stick fighting, which Olaf would almost always win.

By the time Erwin was twelve, something incredibly strange happened. His father came back to the Tent City, as he occasionally did. But instead of holding a few sacks of old bread, and a few gallons of water as he normally brought. He brought a virtual feast of meats, root vegetables, fruits, and even sweets instead. As Erwin and his mother feasted, there was only one thought running through Erwin’s head, why? His father had never seemed to care much for their fates, only bringing the bare minimum amount of food needed to basically bribe his mother into having sex with him. As it turns out Ernst, Erwin’s father, had a change of heart. For years Ernst had been a killer for hire, only feeding his child, and his mother the bare minimum in order to have sex. But no more, Ernst was repentant.

Erwin’s father had everything he had ever wanted. He was a respected mercenary, clad in fine mail and brigandine, with a exceptionally well paying and stable job. He could have all the money, women, and drink he could ever want. And given time he could have saved up and bought one of the nicer houses in Sunberth. Yet what he had done to get this point haunted him.

Erwin’s father explained to him, tears upon his face, the event that caused him to re-evaluate his life. He was hired as a guard working for a incredibly wealthy merchant, one of the richest in the city at the time. His job was simple, and extremely well paying, protect the food shipment. A huge caravan, filled to the brim with all manner of foodstuffs arrived in the city, and hordes of starving, desperate people attacked it, almost as soon as it arrived. Erwin’s father and the rest of the guards began to cut them down, business as usual. When a child, a young boy, couldn’t be more than eight, charged Ernst, who then proceeded to cut him to pieces in the chaos. Ernst told Erwin that it was the screams of the child’s mother, and the realization of what he had just done that caused Ernst to simply wander away from that chaotic battlefield, the mercenary life for him was over.

Erwin’s father sold his fancy armor, sold his fancy clothes, and fine wines. He gave a portion of his money to various beggars Ernst wished to try and atone in some small way for the year’s of thoughtless brutality that he subjected Sunberth’s citizens to. Though the final thing he had to do was fix his worst mistake.

Erwin’s father had bought Erwin, and his mother a room in the Sunset Quarter, clothes to wear, enough food to last six months, and the last of Shia Mizas. It was the best he could do. After explaining himself to his lover, and his son, and giving the deed to the apartment room, loaded with goods. Ernst Steel gave a short tear filled farewell, before traveling outside the city limits, and eviscerating himself with his own shortsword, ending his life.

Erwin followed his father, outside the city limits. Shadowing him, far enough not be seen, but close enough to see what he was doing. Erwin watched as his father killed himself. And was too stunned to do anything but watch in horror. Erwin never cared much for the man, especially after learning of all the horrible things he must have done. But seeing his own father, who had just given him so much, kill himself was still quite shocking to the boy. Erwin approached his father’s body, starring at his father’s killer, that engraved shortsword. He found a large piece of parchment a couple feet away from his father’s corpse, a note addressed to him, and his mother. The note being knowledge for him, and his mother alone. Erwin took the shortsword with him, a reminder of the fate of those who live by the sword. The fate of Erwin’s father forever haunts him to this day. And has led Erwin to choose a simple, honest, and peaceful life of manual labor.

Shortly after Ernst’s death, Erwin and his mother moved into Sunset Quarter. Surviving off Ernst’s gifts, for half a year. The two gained their strength, the constant stream of nutrition, and relatively healthy living leading to them being the healthiest that they had ever been in their entire lives. Erwin’s mother was finally fit enough to actually work, and work she did, happily, and with great appreciation for the man that she loved.

Four years passed, with Erwin’s mother making enough money to pay for any living expenses. The money Ernst giving them being enough to kickstart their lives.Erwin was a man now, nearly fully grown, it was time for him to contribute. Erwin didn’t have to stray far to find work, the orphanage nearby was always hiring general laborers, and Erwin had enough endurance now to be worth hiring. Erwin has been at the Sunset Orphanage for three years now, it’s hard work, for relatively little pay, but Erwin is content with just having a stable job.

Erwin’s goal now is simple, live a quiet, honorable life without committing the same mistakes as his father. And perhaps one day start a family of his own.


Fluent Language: Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Endurance 15 RB,10 SP 25 Novice
Running 5 SP 5 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 30 SP 30 Competent
Unarmed Combat 5 SP 5 Novice


Lore of Sunberth Street Layout
Lore of Sunberth Culture


1 Set of Clothing
-Linen Shirt (White, with several bloodstains)
-Linen Pants (Brown)
-Linen Undergarments (Brown)
-Wool Kaftan (Coat, Black)
-Leather Boots (Brown)
-Leather Gloves (Brown)
-Scabbard, Dagger
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Metal)
-Brush (Metal)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-Extra pair of Leather Gloves (Brown)
-Engraved Steel Shortsword (Heirloom)
94 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Engraved Steel Shortsword: A steel shortsword, on the right side of the blade’s guard the word “family” can be found engraved, while on the left side the words “honor, duty, Sunsberth” can be found engraved.

Passage from Ernst’s note to Erwin:
“This is our families blade, a sturdy, reliable blade that has seen many battles. It has been in the Steel family for generations, and has always been owned by the man of the house. I used it to butcher the innocent, and line my pockets, tarnishing its legacy. I cannot be redeemed, but this blade can. Use it in the defense of our family, and the innocent, Erwin. You’re the man of the house now. Remember this proverb, itself written upon the blade. Family, honor, duty, Sunsberth. The things that actually matter in this world”


Location: Sunberth

House: A 20x20 apartment in the Sunset Quarter, has three mattresses, a wooden chest with a lock of poor quality, a wooden table, four wooden chairs, a iron cooking pot, a stone cooking stove, and three wooden waste buckets.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Scabbard, Dagger -2GM 98 GM
Leather Gloves x2 -2GM 96 GM
Dagger -2GM 94 GM

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