[Work in progress] Dorlamir Fireforged

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Dorlamir Fireforged

Postby Dorlamir Fireforged on July 29th, 2019, 4:01 am

Character Name


Race: Isur
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthday: 60, Fall, 489.
Birthplace: Coglais Citdial in Sultros?

Appearance: Dorlamir’s appearance, He has a height of 5feet 3inchs, so Dorlamir is on the taller side for an Isur. He weighed a hefty 250 when he left Sultros but lost some weight as he traveled the harsh trip to Sunberth, becoming a lighter 241. Like most of Dorlamir’s race his body is a chiseled mass of corded muscle covered in a pale and slightly blue skin with the usual visible silver veins. The top of his head is covered in an unruly mop of hair that looks like color gradient that starts blonde at the top of his head while slowly turning strawberry blonde the longer the hairs length. But thanks to his Heirloom he managed to keep himself clean shaven. Like most of his race Dorlamir would be considered extremely handsome, with a strong chin and chiseled cheek bone that was exemplified by the prominent brow. His Isurian arm is an emerald green color signifying his Coglias clan lineage.

Character Concept
*Neutral Personality traits

*Positive personality traits

*Negative personality traits
Grim pragmatic perspective

*Triggers for his anger
Insulting his craft. Buy doing this your not only insulting Dorlanmir but also insulting his effort to fulfill Rocanders wish. So by extension you insulting Rocander. And this will get someone hurt.
Trying to take advantage of him. You insulting his intelligence you insulting his effort to better himself and leads to a similar result as insulting his craft.

(big goals)to fulfil his promise to become the Isur Rocander wanted him to become.
(big goal) tO earn his place back home.
To establish himself in Sunberth.
Hone his craft
Better himself in the eyes of Isurdain

. Isurdain is his main god.
. by improving on oneself you can become closer to Isurdains grace.
. Always keep working and trying to progress forward towards one's goals.
. To become complacent is to become weak
. Honest work for honest pay

Character History

Backstory (Rough draft)(Gramer need to be polished up)

Dorlamir is part of the Coglias Clan, so he spent his formative years training to join the Isur army, and during this time Dorlamir’s Father died fighting some monster while protecting his unit. So every year on the anniversary of his father’s death Dorlamirs mother would partake on a two season(Fall and Winter)hunt to find and slay the monster that killed her husband. Yet the monster was so elusive that she never managed to find it, so year after year she would go, hoping that this time things would be different. So while his mother went out on her hunts, Dorlamir would stay at his uncle's house and that's where he met his best friend and cousin Rocader Myrain Coglias and his whole family.

In their youth the two were inseparable, spending most of their time training together and honing their craft. Rocader was always the better of the two, helping his younger cousin learn some of the more difficult techniques and complicated battle strategies. But with time the two distinguished themselves and earned their place at one of the Isuran trade outposts. It was here that another major tragedy would befall the young Dorlamir.

Rocander and Dorlamir were escorting the accumulated goods and Mizas gained from a lucrative season at their stationed trading outpost back to the Coglias citadel. But during the long trek back the transport was ambushed by some desperate human bandits. These bandits knew that they could not take on the Isur transport head on so they laid a trap. They pre cut some trees that they would fell over to land around the transport. Cutting off their escape route and hopefully taking out some of its guards. The bandits plan did manage to succeed in its objective but at a cost that they could never have imagined.

Without warning the ambush was initiated and the trees began to fall upon the unsuspecting Isur. One of larger trees was heading straight for Dorlamir but at the last moment Rocander pushed him out of the way. But this was a sacrificial act on Rocanders part because the tree crushed his pelvis and legs and pinning him to the ground. Dorlamir was in shock as he looked upon his best friend dying before him. Rocander would then with what strength he could manage point with his Isurian hand to warn the stunned Dorlamir of the human bandits rushing towards their position.

The bandits war cry along with his cousins warning were enough to pull the dazed Dorlamir back to battle. He stood up and turned to face the ones that have caused Rocanders wounds. But before the young Isur could even think about his next move, there was suddenly overwhelming waves of raw emotion. Before, Dorlamir only felt a hollow emptiness due to his own inability to process the situation. But now he was feeling something unlike anything the young isur had ever felt before, unbridled wraith. The feeling was similar to stepping directly into a forge’s fire, it was as if Dorlamir’s blood metaphorically boiled as heat raged through his body and clouded his mind. Dormir would black out at this time, enacting such violence that it would haunt even his nightmares for decades to come.

Normally, the Isurian fighting style is mithaotical, not so dissimilar to forging something with a hammer. One would use precise strikes to move metal or man in the directions the isur disred. But the way Dorlamir fought that day was more akin to dumping molten earth down a mountain side, destroying all in his path. Dorlamir would let out a blood curdling roar and rush to meet the closest bandit, not even drawing his sword. The bandit raised his axe over head and attempted to strike, but his attack was easily battered away by Dorlamir’s Isurian arm. Dorlamir would then use the same arm to grab the bandit by the throat and lift him off his feet to use as a meat shield from the other bandits shooting arrows. There was an audible crack as Dorlamir’s metal like hand crushed the neck of his meat shield, that sound was followed by the tud of a few arrows landing into its back.

Once he closed the distance to the cowardly archers, he would show them no mercy. With only his bare he managed to kill two of the archers. He threw his meat shield at one of them causing him to fall to the ground in a heap. Then using the opening this caused would strike at the other archer, his metal like fist crashing through the shody crafted bow and then smashing into the unlucky mans face. The bandit would fall to the ground with his face now unidentifiable pulp. Dorlamir would then turn his attention to the pinned archer. The man would try to free himself but Dorlamir would walk over him and place his knee on the back of the meat shield. Dorlamir would then raise his bloodied fist and bring it down on the stuck archers head like a hammer on an anvil. Repeating this process over and over, long enough to make the bandits head nothing more than a bloody splatter and even start to make a dent in the earth below.

At that time Dorlamir should have been overrun by the remaining bandits, but two factors saved his life that day. First factor being that the bandits only cut down a few trees to cut off the escape for the transport and did not plan to use any trees to give them cover from a counter attack from the Isur guards. The second was that most of the other guards that day were seasoned. They knew exactly how to deal with this kind of situation and were quick to react. The normal battle strategies were thrown out as they all charged to cover the flanks of Dorlamir’s mad dash. The clash was short, Isur guards overwhelmed the bandits within moments with decisive action and strength of arms the Isur people were known for.

Even after all the bandits lay dead and dying Dorlamir did not stop beating his fist with all his rage into the bloody ground below. It took multiple Isur guards to pull him away from the gory mess and bring him back to his senses. Once the wraith had subsided all Dorlamir could think about was Rocander, so Dorlamir would pull away from the other guards and rush over to his dying friend. Dorlamir would find his old friend still alive but with no chance to survive, the tree had crushed everything from Roccander’s stomach down. The two only had a few moments before Rocander would die and the only thing Dorlamir could think to say was “why”. Rocander would give a weak smile and said “I never told you this, but I always saw so much potential in you. I wanted you to thrive so I made it a personal mission to help you craft yourself into the Isur I always knew you could be. So I thought it would be such a waste to let all my hard work be crushed by some dumb tree.” Rocander would give off a weak laugh, but that would be cut short once he started coughing up blood.

Dorlamir had no idea how to respond, it was Rocander who always excelled at everything. That’s why Dorlamir had always looked up to him. Dorlamir truly believed it should be him crushed under that tree, and now he was about to lose his best friend because yet again he failed to react before Rocander had saved him. That in itself was just more proof to Dorlamir that the roles should have been reversed. After what seemed like a liter of blood spurting from Rocanders mouth after a coughing fit. Rocander in a weak voice would say “Shit, I think a rib found its way into my lungs.” wincing he would try to move his Isurian arm and clasp his old friends hand, Dorlamir noticed Rocander’s weak movement so he grabbed his old friends Isruian arm with his own bloody one and clasped it tightly.
Rocander’s eyes would widen slightly once he saw his old friends blood drenched fist, but he would pay it no mind. Rocander knew had little time left and he still had something important to say before died. So using the last of his strength to pull Dorlamir closer so that he could clearly hear his last will. “Dorlamir I know you will blame yourself. You were always the one who would put everything on your shoulders, regardless if you could carry it or not. But I ask you not to dishonor my choice with such thoughts, if anything use today as the fire inside that drives you to be the Isur I died to save. Promise me you will!”

It took everything Dorlamir had to nod his head in agreement while tears ran down his face. Rocander smiled one last time as the light faded from his eyes. Dorlamir closed his friends eyes and said though sobes “May Izurdin guide you to his side my old friend.” Dorlamir would gently lower Rocander to the ground, he would then get up and head over to the transport to grab one of the Isurian steel axes. Dorlamir and the other guards would start to chop at the trees, It would not take long before the way was cleared and Rocander was freed from his entrapment. Dorlamir would personally carry Rocanders body back home to the Coglias citadel.

Once there Dorlamir would carry Rocanders body directly to his uncle. A grim look would befall the uncles face as Dorlamir laid them man's broken son down before him. The old man would only say “how did it happen?” in a cold and hollow voice. Dorlamir looked up at his uncle trying to hold back tears. It was hard looking at his uncle's eyes as they swept over the lifeless form of his son. With every broken piece taken in, Dorlamir saw a deep sadness welled up behind those brown eyes. The young Isur would attempt the strongest voice he could muster and respond with “Rocander died saving me in an ambush. They cut down trees to block off the transport and one of them was heading for me. That's when he pushed me out of the way,” Dorlamir would be taken by sadness and his words would be cut off by sobs. His uncle would not look away from his son’s corpse and he would just wait till the young Isur composed himself and continued. “If I had only been.” Dorlamir tried to say but was quickly cut off by his uncles stern voice. “Enough, please leave. I have to get the rest of the family and make plans to entomb him.”

Dorlamir would quickly rise and turn to leave but before he could make his way out of the room, his uncle called out in a softer tone “Wait,I will call for you when we start the ceremony, He would have wanted you to be there.” Dorlamir would nod his thank and head out of the room. For the whole time Dorlamir waited till the ceremony was just spent lying in his room trying to grab some sleep. Yet all he ever managed would find were nightmares of that day, vividly replaying over and over. When the day came to entomb his friend Dorlamir had a rough time sitting though the speeches Rocannder’s family offered to the loved kin. Guilt seemed to become a crushing weight every time one of Rocander’s kin would pat Dorlamir’s shoulder saying stuff like “I know you would of done the same given the chance, It’s not your fault, Rocander was just that Honorable of an Isur.” He left that ceremony thinking about his friends last words.

This happened in the fall so Dorlamir’s mother was out hunting the monster. So during the long span of time between when his mother should arrive home and the present, Dorlamir decided to go back to his own empty home and isolate himself from everyone. Rocanders family would from time to time drop off food but Dorlmir would never leave his residence. They did not ask for him to return to duty, Dorlamir’s uncle was a higher up in the guard and let him stay home. But this was just as much for Dorlamir’s sake as that of his fellow guard. Rumors have spread about the way Dorlamir fought that day, with such wraith and sheer self abandon. No one wanted to have someone like that fighting by their side. It was also speculated that Dorlamir could be cursed by Izurdin, all of the faith know the first sign of a cured individual was uncontrolled rage. And both of these factors caused the young Isur to become an outcast in his own home.

His mother came home to a place in disary. Her sons grief left him lost and alone. She went over to him and held Dorlamir in her arms. Stellel Fireforged Coglais had heard of her son's loss and the heroic sacrifice of Rocander as soon as she arrived back at the citadel. Stellel looked down at her distraught son. Seeing a reflection of the same pain and grief she felt when her husband died. She knew there was a gap in their relationship ever since she left to hunt that monster down. Dorlamir must have felt some sense of abandonment, but she never meant to leave him alone. It was just how she coped with the pain. Stellel was unsure how to comfort her son so she did the only thing she could think of, talk from the heart.

Stellel would stroke her son’s hair from Dorlamir’s face in a soothing manner. She tried to sound as reassuring as possible when addressed Dorlamir “Dorlamir, when I heard the news on how your father died i too was distraught with emotion. But what got me out of that hole was figuring out my purpose.” Dorlamir would look up at Stellel, his hollow eyes focusing on her face. “Son, what is your purpose? What reason do you have to live? You will have to decide that for yourself.

Deep down Dorlamir knew what his mother said was true. Rocanders last words would come back to the forefront of Dorlamir’s mind. He knew that the way he was living dishonored Rocanders memory. But he did not know what to do. Dorlamir was now looked at like an outcast by his own clan. He could not become the Isur Rocander envisended if he stayed at the citadel. Dorlamir asked his mom in a voice that sounded a little empty “what should he do? I feel so lost and confused, with no idea how to honor Rocanders memory! How do I change?” Stellel started to get to her feet. Trying to lift the less than enthusiastic Dorlamir with her she did manage to get them both up. Now with them both standing up and facing each other eye to eye, Stellel would attempt to parent her wayward son. “If you want to change you must stand up and persevere! If you are lost then let Izurdin guide you. But he only helps those who patiently and diligently work on bettering themselves. So I can not have you sitting here moping around. Come lets train some hand to hand.” Some of the gloom that seemed to hang over Dorlamir’s head vanish as his mom lead him to the training grounds.

Over the next few seasons Stellel beat Dorlamir around the training grounds. Helped him practice his carpentry and blacksmithing. But most importantly the two have gotten closer as a family, the pain that they now shared forged a close bond unlike anything they shared before. Dorlamir’s nightmares became less frequent around this time and he started dreaming more about his past with Rocander. Some were about the events that made Dorlamir look up to his cousin, others were about the fun times they had spent together. During one of these dreams Dorlamir remembered a time when he and Rocander talked to a flamboyant merchant. He told them about a lawless city called Sunberth. Where they have a huge mining quarry that could still have some riches left. But it was more likely a person would only find a dagger in their gut and their money stolen. He remembers hearing about how far of a far journey from here. But this just made the of idea it all the more potentially enticing.

Over the next lunar cycle was the anniversary of his father's and Rocander’s death. This would mean Stellel would soon start preparing to go back on her anuel hunt. But this did not bother him since a vision for his future was starting to form in his mind. The day came when his mother would leave for hunt, SO the two went to his father's tomb. They prayed for him and Stellel dedicated this hunt to his memory. The two had a heartfelt goodbye we're Stellel wished Dorlamir good luck whatever path he may find himself on. And Dorlamir wished her luck on getting vengeance for his father. As the two parted ways Dorlamir realised it was harder this year then it has ever been before.

Alone now and with not a lot of time until the anniversary of Rocander’s death, Dorlamir had to prepare for his own future. So he worked diligently preparing for journey or a pilgrimage, depending on how you look at it. Dorlamir worked day and night right up till the day planning and preparing. The day of the anniversary Dorlamir walked right up to his slightly shocked uncle and proclaimed “I Dorlamir, stand before the tomb of my best friend Rocander. To proclaim I will honor his last wish. In the far and chaotic land of Sunberth, I will forge myself into the man Rocander believed I could become. I also will not come home until I have fulfilled his wishes. A self imposed exile will be my penance until I earn the honor to return. This I solemnly swear.”

His uncle just stared at him for a moment, nodding his approval. He would lay a hand on the young Isur, squeezing Dorlamir’s shoulders with what felt like a sign of mutual respect. His Uncle would say in a ritualistic tone “May Izurdin guide your journey and your deeds honor Rocanders memory.” but then his face would soften and his tone would change to something more personal “I wish you luck and hope to one day see you back in these halls. But until then this will be goodbye.” Dorlamir would then get up and turn to go, leaving every he once knew behind.

The journey to Sunberth was arduous endeavor, taking the better part of a year. Dorlamir used merchants from the trade posts to travel to Alvadas, then using shipping routes from there he managed to get close to Sunberth. This cost most of everything the young Isur saved up from his life. Now left only with (travinging starting package) in the unknown city of sunberth, Dorlalmir prepares to forge his new life.


Fluent Language: Isurian
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language:


Please list skills in alphabetical order by competency

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Blacksmithing 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Bodybuilding 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Boxing 10 RB, 5 SP 15/100 Novice
Carpentry 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Endurance 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Weapon: Longsword 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Shipmaking 5 SP 5/100 Novice


Lore of Sunberth Street Layout
Lore of Sunberth Culture


potion of cleaning (100/100)
1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak or Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Metal)
-Brush (Metal)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
250 Gold Mizas

Tent package, 1 large tent (4 person), large tarp, 100 ft of rope, flint & steel, lantern, 2 torches, bedroll, blanket, fishing tackle & hooks.

Heirloom: Razer that belonged to my father.


Location: Sunberth

House: Tent city


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Trade in horse +250 GM 350 GM

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