Solo [The Empyreal Demesne] Completing the circle

Djinn reawakens a long dormant skill.

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[The Empyreal Demesne] Completing the circle

Postby Wa'Djinnabi on August 1st, 2019, 10:15 am


He supposed that in the end, outside would be safest. Though this would never be ideal. Better that he do it out here then give the pavilion a chance to explode under his watch. No, here, well away from anything that could get hurt would be best. Djinn had "requisitioned" a stool and a table for his endeavors. He settled each leg of the table on a relatively level surface, using shims and a marble to help approximate a flat surface.

It was actually pretty exciting. Djinn hadn't had a chance to practice Alchemy in a long time. More or less since that fateful night when he had that argument with his tutor and left the deserts. Now that he has met with some like minded, well sort of, people he could see himself making a place for himself here. And one step would be resurrecting the one thing that he was relatively skilled at, Alchemy. To do that he would have to build his own circle.

Naturally of course, he would have to start with unleaded djed wire. Simple enough to get in a civilized city. These days it was rarely made, as that would require a glypher of some great skill and those were rare. However, the ruins of the old world were absolutely littered with the wire. Apparently it was a common commodity that was as considered normal as wagon wheels for the average farmer. Sometimes the eypharian wished he was born in a time when such wonders were commonplace. Whatever the case, acquiring some of the salvaged material was not difficult in Sunberth or Zeltiva, provided one knew what they were looking to get. Djinn set the cable on the table and admired the coppery gleam in the afternoon light. There was something about the wire that was sort of oily that signified that it was more then simple copper or gold wire. He had four meters of the stuff, which would make an excellent circle, but it would be too big to move around once built. Instead he intended on using a much smaller piece for a beginning circle. While the size of a circle in theory did matter, for someone like him, an apprentice on the cusp of competency, he could do with a much smaller transmutation circle.

Thus he went about shortening the length. He knew that roughly a meter was equal to a yard and a yard was equal to roughly the length of one's arm from finger tips to shoulder. So that was how he managed to get a length of string to be about the length of a meter. He briefly wondered where all these measurements came from in the first place. Likely some ancient civilization with competing neighbors or something. Seems to be how such things go. With the string laid out on his "borrowed" table, Djinn measured out the wire he needed and used a heavy ax to part the wire. If he had the specialized tools to cut the wire, he would have, but since he did not he figured an ax over his daggers would be best to create a clean slice in the soft coppery metal.

Next step would be the keystone.
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