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Nicomedos Smithgrip

Postby Nicomedos Smithgrip on August 28th, 2019, 9:17 pm

Nicomedos (Nico) Smithgrip


Race: Isur
Gender: Male
Age: 56
Birthday: 46, Spring, 463
Birthplace: Sultros
Clan: Vizerian
Gnosis: Izentor

Broad-shouldered and well-built, Nicomedos stands at a height of 5 feet. His face often has a severe look with his cold sapphire eyes behind his hawk nose, and thin mouth pressed into a serious line on his chiseled, square face. His short-cropped hair and bristly goatee are pitch black with a blueish tint, complementing the midnight blue hue of his left arm bearing the mark of Izentor. He has pale, icy blue skin with silver veins highlighting his muscle definition. He can often be found working at the forge bare chested and barefoot wearing faded black cotton breeches.

Character Concept

Nicomedos is gentle and slow to anger. He is passionate about his work, and can become oblivious to his surroundings while focusing on the task at hand. He takes great care before speaking, making sure his thoughts are well formed and complete before expressing himself. This carefulness, combined with his stature, often gives others the impression he is dim-witted.

Character History

Nicomedos was born in Sultros and raised in the Vizerian Clan. His mother was a priest who taught him the faith, while his father taught him the ways of blacksmithing. During his childhood Nico dreamed of becoming a master crafter, and upon reaching adulthood, decided to travel to learn of different techniques. His father gave him a notebook that had been passed down for generations of different techniques and styles for blacksmithing as noted from his ancestors. With this and a handful of belongings, he set out for Syliras with a merchant caravan. On his journey, the merchants taught him the basics of surviving in the wilderness so that he would not be such a burden to the more experienced travelers.

Upon arriving in Syliras, Nico quickly landed a job at The Ironworks making agricultural tools. He was thrilled to be working under a fellow Isur, and begged for training from Ros Vizerian. Ros taught him a little, but usually delegated Nico's training to whichever capable smith had the spare time.

One night at the Herald's Arms, Nico encountered a short, graceful woman, with bright blue eyes and silver hair. Nico was awestruck from her beauty and had to find out her name. He introduced himself and discovered her name was Raisa. After a long night of drinks and talking, they agreed to meet again the following week. As time went on these meetings became more and more frequent, and companionship soon turned into relationship. Nico decided he was madly in love with Raisa, and wanted to start a family. She was always strangely cryptic on the topic of children but seemed to reciprocate his love. It wasn't until she was arrested a year later that he found out the truth about her, and ultimately decided to leave Syliras out of disgust...

Looking for a new start, Nico joined another merchant caravan not caring the destination. Shortly into his travels, his company was ambushed by a band of mercenaries. The casualties were minimal as the attackers were only after the wares. Intrigued by the mercs, Nico offered his services as a blacksmith to them in exchange for travel. The troop needed someone to maintain their gear and accepted. They soon found that Nico was not very good at repairing armor, but better than nothing. They started training him how to use his blacksmithing sledge a weapon in case they needed him to contribute to the company. After traveling with the mercenaries for many months Nico eventually arrived in Riverfall. While there he heard of a place called Syka that was a tropical paradise and perfect for someone looking for a new beginning. He said goodbye to his mercenary friends, and boarded a ship heading to Syka...


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Isurian


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Blacksmithing 10 RB, 20 SP 30 Competent
Weapon: Hammer 10 SP 10 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Forest 20 SP 20 Novice


Lore: Basic Blacksmithing Techniques
Lore: Izurdin


starting package :
1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-1 Large tent (4 person)
-100 ft of rope
-2 torches
-fishing tackle & hooks
Cooking Pot (2 quart)

materials :
Blacksmithing Sledge(starting package)
2lbs iron (Nailed it!)
1lb cold iron(Nailed it!)

Heirloom: Smithgrip journal on metalsmithing


Location: Syka Beach west of The Bungalows

House: A large dark olive green tent assembled on the beach with a cedar brown tarp extending from one side propped up by two large branches found by the treeline forming a simple covering. A small fire pit is located several feet from the entrance of the tent with a small cooking pot nearby.

Ledger :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Gold Mizas 100 Gold Mizas
Horse cash in +250 Gold Mizas 350 Gold Mizas
Cooking Pot -2 Silver Mizas 349 GM 8 SM
Blacksmithing Sledge -1 GM 348 GM 8 SM
2 lbs iron (Nailed it!) -1 GM 347 GM 8SM
1 lb cold iron (Nailed it!) -1 GM 346 GM 8 SM

Thread List
Winter 519 :
Timestamp Title Description
1st of Winter 519 A Busy Beach Nico and Laira arrive in Syka.
10th of Winter 519 Nailed it! 1st Job thread.
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