Solo [ED] Harvest

Time for the season's harvest

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[ED] Harvest

Postby Wa'Djinnabi on November 10th, 2019, 9:42 am

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Autumn was in full swing, and winter would be on its way... hopefully. Perhaps this would be the year that the strange weather plaguing these temperate lands would finally end. Either way, Wa'Djinnabi re Ahnatep had a job to do. It was Dawson that made the call to harvest, if the matter was up to Djinn, he probably would have harvested too early. But the experienced farmer was there to guide him and the other workers.

"It is more of a window, harvesting. Each crop has a different signs to know when to harvest. But for the most part, you have time once the first of each crops starts getting ripe. Just make sure not to wait too long." Dawson said when he asked, the two taking a tour of the various crops the Merkai were in the buisness of growing. "Which is why we need to start within the next few days. So, what we'll do is grab as many free hands as we can to assist us, Lynneah is going to help organize the actual produce and put it into storage." At Djinn's blank look, Dawson rolled his eyes, "You need to talk to your neighbors more. We are all in this together. Lynneah is also going to turn our grapes into wine, though they wont be a part of this harvest day. Oh, there she is now." Dawson waved to Lynneah as she and a small coterie hauled baskets and barrels from one of the storage pavilions and from crates covered in tarps.

"So, corn is probably the easiest to work with so you can start there, we will work our way through the potatoes and tomatoes. Perhaps the tomatoes have been growing for a bit too long, but no winter means no early frosts and that means they can keep later into the season then normal." Dawson shrugged. "I'll put you into a team with a few of the others and we will start on one side of the corn field and work our way through." As he said this a few other members of the fledgling mage guild made their way to meet the two farmers and Dawson got to work organizing.

Djinn smiled at his fellow workers and introduced himself. The other two were a very strong looking fellow named Briggs and a woman with an intricate braid named Sona. The other team of three he didn't catch the names but they all seemed a capable sort. He was surprised that he didn't see Mercy, the fellow Bala marked, but the alchemist turned farmer supposed that she had a little one to tend to.

So the six of them started work, each carrying baskets as Dawson went to coordinate with Lynneah. Wandering among the corn was an eerie experience. The plants seemed to... dampen sound. The world seemed to drop away and only the clear sky and fertile earth. Tearing free the ripe heads of corn took some practice, but it seemed that the best was simply tearing it against the "grain" so to speak. The process was brisk and they had to make many trips to grab empty baskets. Together, the two teams managed the task before the sun reached its zenith.

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