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This is the critical entry and exit point for The Outpost.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Outpost Dovecote

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By far one of the largest Dovecotes around, The Outpost Dovecote is a hub of activity for those coming and going to The Outpost. Large enough for a small crowd of a half dozen people, the Dovecote provides a home for the doves of The Outpost plus a gateway for those coming and going from the various locations around Mizahar.

Housing thousands of doves, the dovecote needs constant care and attention from cleaning to refilling food and oiling the hinges on the large double doors - the dovecote caretaker does it all. He directs people, greets them, assists with issues, and keeps the building itself clean. There's rarely a single dove dropping to be found.

Located at the center of the northern wall of the giant walls that comprise the Outpost, the Dovecote is hard for anyone to fail to notice. Two stories, elaborately carved and sculpted, the dovecote is a showpiece for people to admire and travel through. On the second floor is a small apartment the caretaker resides in. Its sparsely furnished but often filled was as many doves as the dovecote itself.

Paul Resan will greet anyone stumbling upon a Dovecote and finding themselves suddenly at The Outpost. He will clearly outline how the Dovecote's work and invite them to visit the Bazaar and to bring additional commerce and trade to the entire place... telling them of the market, how to get a booth or a business started in The Outpost and give them a map of the place where all the key points of interest are noted.

If visitors and new residents don't know who Xyna is, Paul will definitely educate them if they are open to hearing about his Goddess and what she does for the world.

Paul Resan
ImageName: Paul Resan
Race: Human
DoB: 477 A.V.
PoB: Syliras
Skills: Birdkeeping, Cleaning, Unarmed Combat, Leadership, Hostessing, Socialization
Gnosis: 3 Marks Xyna

Paul was called to The Outpost by Xyna as one of the initial priests to help set it up. He worked with the Dovecote system and had an affinity to the birds themselves. He stayed on to man the master dovecote and keep it a shining example to other birdkeepers elsewhere. Paul is friendly, approachable, and charismatic.

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