Location The Open Sky Bazaar

Mizahar's largest marketplace.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Open Sky Bazaar

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Without a doubt, The Open Sky Bazaar is the largest to be found anywhere in the known world. Booths and tents from all parts of the world are set up. Goods and services are bought and sold daily... all aiding in the worship of Xyna's and her realm of money, commerce and trade. The Bazaar is divided into many sections that are changed frequently to help with the wear and tear on cobbles and to keep the marketing experience fresh.

The Bazaar has sections for textiles, weapons, armor, pottery, animals - both large and small - plants, food, and flesh. These micro-markets are bazaars within bazaars onto themselves. If one isn't accustomed to the layout of the Bazaar and how it rotates almost like a clock, they can wander for bells within the confines and not reach the section they are looking for. Fortunately Xyna's faithful wander the Open Sky Bazaar in the form of the Keiss. Stopping and making a polite inquiry with a Keiss will result in very accurate and concise directions or even - if one is lucky - a quick escort to the section of the bazaar one is looking for.

Anything and everything can be openly bought and sold within the confines of the open sky bazaar. Goods and services rare in one place are made common in this Bazaar depending upon what day and what seller is occupying the stall space.

ImageName: Nico Savadal
Race: Symenestra
DoB: 490 A.V.
PoB: Kalinor
Skills: Business, Organization, Planning, Socialization, Mathematics, Psychology, Observation, Gambling
Gnosis: 1 Mark Ovek, 3 Marks Xyna

Kalinor was not enough for Nico. It never would be. He left early and never returned, finding The Outpost exactly to his liking. His business sense is strong, his planning and organizational skills astonishing, so he made the perfect Bazaar Manager and priest of Xyna to do the job of keeping the Bazaar thriving.

Despite his race, Nico is friendly, approachable, and loves to talk shop.

Renting Bazaar Space
Space is always available in The Open Sky Bazaar. Simple booths that are ten to twelve feet long can be rented for a cost of 1GM a day. Most booths have a minimum of a ten-day rental requirement, though season long rentals can be arranged. One need only to track down Nico - who has no real office - and pay him in full for a booth - get a booth assignment which comes with a table, chair, and canvas covering to set up shop within.

Nico will collect the fee, give you a booth number, then potential merchants are on their own to get to selling. Nico keeps all his rental records in his ledger which he usually packs with him as he patrols the bazaar and assists in its every ten-day rearrangement.

Competition is fierce. And it is said those merchants making offerings to Xyna at her shrine often do better than those that do not.

Larger spaces within the walls are rented out for considerably more coin. Shops - as they are called - go for the same prices as apartments. These shops are coveted as space is limited within the stone walls.

400 sq ft: 2gm/day - 180gm a season
500 sq ft: 3gm/day - 270gm a season
600 sq ft: 4gm/day - 360gm a season
700 sq ft: 5gm/day - 450gm a season
800 sq ft: 6gm/day - 540gm a season
1000 sq ft: 8gm/day - 700gm a season

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