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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Riads

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A traditional Outpost Riad is a single-family home centered around an open-aired courtyard that contains a fountain, pool or combination therein. Riads are reserved for some of the wealthiest citizens, merchants, and priests. Buildings are always in the shape of a rectangle with part of the structure built into the wall of the Outpost.

There are different rooms falling on each side of the courtyards, opening into the courtyard itself. The kitchen area is often open to the courtyard, helping to vent the heat outside of the building. Most Riads have plenty of rooms for guests, larger families, and activity themed spaces like libraries. Bathing chambers are often against the courtyard walls, allowing for the water to drain into the courtyard plants, feeding the greenery in the heat of The Outpost’s notoriously warm weather.

Most Riads have central courtyards that house a garden and serve as the lounge area and entertainment space for guests and visitors. The courtyard provides natural light for the house and offers shade. Most buildings in the Outpost have flat roofs due to the fact there’s no need for rain management, so the roofs are often covered with terrace gardens and private patios.

These architecturally stunning buildings are priced based on how many rooms, how elegant they are, and their general location within the Outpost. There is a finite number of these buildings for sale, so Riads aren’t always available and there might be a waiting list. Their design aids in the natural airflow and keeps the Riads fresh and cool even in the hottest part of the day.

Each Riad is different, named, and has a history. New Riads can be built easily enough, though land and space must be acquired for them. There are people available in The Open Sky Market furniture section that will gladly assist in decorating Riads and customizing them to their owners' tastes.

Devon Somil
ImageName: Devon Somil
Race: Human
DoB: 490 A.V.
PoB: Syliras
Skills: Business, Marketing, Accounting, Architecture, Interior Design, Psycology, Carpentry
Gnosis: 1 Mark Izentor, 2 Marks Xyna

Devon is good at Real Estate. He knows the homes for sale under his watch from inside out. He prides himself on being able to match his clients up with the perfect home that will suit their needs and finances completely. Being a follower of Xyna, Devon finds The Outpost his perfect combination of luxury and hard work. He doesn't like to 'rough it' and appreciates the finer things in life. He tends to spread that appreciation to his clients once he's made a sale. Most real estate that is considered 'higher end' passes through hands in and out of The Outpost.
Pricing And Availability
Forthcoming - a list of available Riads
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