Location The Shuval Apartments

The Outpost's long term affordable housing.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Shuval Apartments

Postby Gossamer on December 26th, 2019, 12:29 am



By and large the most popular option for residents and frequent visitors of The Outpost, these apartments are well-appointed, upscale, and provide a safe secure spot for people to store their gear and set up a home away from home if necessary. The apartments can be purchased with multiple options including more than one bedroom, master suites, baths, and even workshops or laboratories.

These living quarters are set up to span multiple stories, with only the smallest tiniest apartments available as one-room ground floor options. Preference for these sales are given to the elderly and physically frail and there tends to be a waiting list. Fit individuals are encouraged to buy larger units or to seek housing at the Khamsin Inn.

All apartments open off a central courtyard that is much longer and narrower than a normal courtyard found in The Outpost. This central courtyard is reminiscent of the private Riad Courtyards but on a larger scale due to the sheer number of apartments that open off of it.

The Shuval Courtyard is a shared space among all the apartment owners. There is outdoor furniture scattered all along the courtyard, a small reflecting pool with a fountain, and two different outdoor kitchen areas on either end. Parties are allowed within the courtyard if hosted by the residents of the Shuval Apartments.

Visitors are allowed at all hours. Security is provided by The Keiss when there are problems. Otherwise, the apartments are normally fairly quiet and pleasant places to live.

ImageName: Dell
Race: Human
DoB: Kenash
PoB: 495 A.V.
Skills: Hostessing, Business Management, Leadership, Carpentry, Gadgeteering, Auristics, Hypnotism, Investigation, Larceny
Gnosis: 1 Mark Akajia

Dell is a man that has narrowly escaped his past. There was a life before he was trapped in, one he thought he couldn't escape. But as soon as he found The Outpost, he knew he could make a change and seized that opportunity to do so. Having given up all he was in Kenash, Dell hasn't looked back. Now he has a respectable life, managing apartments and meeting new people in a way that he never could before.

Apartments come fully furnished with basic furnishings. One gets a bed, chest, standing wardrobe, fireplace, hearth, bathroom with a tub and toilet, desk, desk chair, couch, and a small cooking area. Anything else required by buyers must be purchased separately. Things like towels and dishes are extra.

400 sq ft Apartment: 500gm
500 sq ft Apartment: 600gm
600 sq ft Apartment: 700gm
700 sq ft Apartment: 800gm
800 sq ft Apartment: 900gm
1000 sq ft Apartment: 1000gm

Please see the price list for accurate prices depending on what room configurations and combinations you'd like to have.

To live in these apartments, players must be claiming a good standard of living or higher.

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