Location The Dovecote

A magical dovecote near West Street

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Dovecote

Postby Resolve on December 26th, 2019, 5:08 am

The Dovecote


Early in the Winter of 519 AV, Zeltiva received a surprise. Appearing along a wall in the University Quarter near West Street―as if it had always been there―suddenly appeared a dovecote. The Wave Guard quickly went to investigate, with the academics close on their heels. But none of the Wave Guard could discover any threat from the building. And however it had suddenly appeared, no trace was left for the academics to investigate. Still, in the following days, members of the Wave Guard continued to patrol the dovecote and academics would come check in on it to see if there was any change.

ImageThe dovecote itself only possesses one door, and all attempts to enter it through its upper windows have proven ineffective―much to the delight of the academics. If one should poke their head in through the bottom door, they can look up into the cone of the dovecote’s roof and see row upon row of concentric nest boxes. In excellent repair, it wasn’t a shock when the first pigeons began to move in.

What had been a shock was the volume of birds that quickly came to roost in the dovecote. Within a matter of days, the roof of the dovecote was filled with birds. And with the rush of birds came the Birdkeeper.

Known simply as the Birdkeeper to most at the dovecote―and as Angeline to those that actually know her―Angeline ensures that the birds residing in the dovecote are well tended to. She doesn’t bother any of the Wave Guard who keep patrolling the area, nor does she interfere with the academics who like to check in. Angeline simply stops by every morning, tends to the doves, and then leaves to go about her daily life.

To their credit, the academics quickly figured out the true purpose of the dovecote. And while they have attempted to keep it a closely guarded secret, Angeline is happy to tell anyone that chats with her that the dovecote is a gift of Xyna and that they ought to go take a peek. With a tattoo of a copper-rimmed miza on her neck marking her as one of Xyna’s, both the Wave Guard and University take it as good wisdom to let her do her thing.

The Birdkeeper
ImageName: Angeline, the “Birdkeeper”
Race: Human
DoB: 72 of Spring, 483 AV
PoB: Denval
Title: Caretaker of the Dovecote, General Merchant
Skills: Persuasion 77, Birdkeeping 68, Weapon (Shortsword) 59, Leadership 55, Mathematics 51
Gnosis: 1 Mark Xyna

Additional Info: In Denval, Angeline had learned early on to be versatile in how she conducted her business. One couldn’t be choosy or specialize if they wanted to do well in the relative isolation of Denval, and so Angeline learned from a young age how to build profit from little. When the Djed Storm destroyed her home, she once again had to rebuild from nothing. But as a good Denvali does, she kept moving on. And within the robust commerce of Zeltiva, she has thrived. Her main location is in Raster Street within the Denvali Quarter, but she has also branched out to West Street to further grow her business.

Angeline lives for the challenge of growing her business, and prays daily to Xyna. As her faith deepened, she took to keeping doves. A symbol of Xyna, Angeline takes great pride in maintaining her own little roost of pigeons. And when an entire dovecote of pigeons suddenly appeared not far from West Street, Angeline knew what she had to do. Every morning she tends to Xyna’s doves before any of her own business dealings. And every day she counts herself lucky for the guidance Xyna offers. To those who wish to talk with her, Angeline has little patience for incompetence or whining. But if one approaches her with good sense and confidence, Angeline can be fun to talk to.
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