Location Light Up The Night

The Outpost's most popular beverage bar.

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Light Up The Night

Postby Gossamer on December 27th, 2019, 3:16 am



Light Up The Night is a shining star in The Outpost. It is literally the go-to place in the area to find a good drink. The ingredients are always fresh and made by a Master Bartender that really knows how to select which drink for which patron. The atmosphere in Light Up The Night is always relaxed, calm, and chill. It is a great place to go to talk, get to know someone or to hold an informal business meeting.

There are no other activities like singing or dancing at Light Up The Night. Other places in The Outpost specialize in that sort of entertainment. Instead, Light Up The Night leans heavily on its absolutely stunning decor and the vibe that Jayzar has worked really hard to establish. The seating is numerous, gathered in conversational nooks, and the bar to table service is excellent. Drinks are refilled quickly and effectively, food is always hot and well cooked, and even a lonely individual wandering in will find themselves shortly being chatted up by another such as they are.

The whole place is just designed heavily for socialization. It even has seating for some of the alternative races.

ImageName: Jayzar
Race: Drykas
DoB: 495 A.V.
PoB: Endrykas
Skills: Bartending, Animal Husbandry, Socialization, Psychology, Cleaning, Business Management, Entertaining, Singing, Storytelling, Play Musical Instrument (Guiltar)
Gnosis: 1 Mark Sylir

Jayzar is on his third career. Born on the Sea of Grass, he never bonded with a Strider before his entire pavilion was massacred. Once alone, he left Cyphrus completely and headed to Syliras where he joined the ranks of the Syliran Knights. Winning his full knight status by completing his quest, Jayzar, unfortunately, witnessed his entire unit fall to a well-laid trap via bandits that were later discovered to be agents of Rhysol. Retiring from the knighthood, Jayzar found solace in The Outpost where he opened Light Up The Night and has been serving drinks ever since.

Coffee, Tea, Water, Milk
1 sm - Small
2 sm - Pitcher

Mixed Alcoholic Drinks
5 sm - Small
8 sm - Large

See Ann for Bartender's Daily Choice and Mixed Drink Selection.

1 sm - Mug
2 sm - Gallon
* Winterberry, Fruit Blend, Smokey Blue available.

2 sm - Mug
4 sm - Gallon
* Isur Barley, Kelp, and Syliran Wheat available.

5 sm - dish
8 sm - platter
* may be nuts, sugared nuts, crackers, fries, chips.

4 sm - Breakfast
5 sm - Lunch
6 sm - Dinner
*Meals are House Specials.
No choice, it's just whatever the House has cooked for the day.

1 gm - Glass
10 gm - Bottle
* Varieties from all over the world are here.
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