Location The Redynn

The Outpost's Medical facility ran by The Keiss.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Redynn

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Walking into The Redynn, one wouldn't immediately realize it is a medical clinic. Decorated like a posh resort, there is a long hall with plush seating areas on the left. On the right side are curtained rooms that are sectioned off according to each room's purpose. One is used for children, one for breaks and cuts, one for intensive care, and there's an isolation room that can be completely sealed with a small adjoining room that acts as a decontamination area between it and the main body of the hospital.

Each large elegant 'room' has a half dozen beds, a seating area, and a small kitchenette where people can prepare meals for their ill loved ones. Patients without family are cared for by the staff of the Redrynn. But if patients have family, it is expected that the family assumes as much care for the patient as is possible... even to the point of changing their sheets, bathing them, and making sure they get food if they can in fact eat.

The facility has a large philtering lab, a research lab, a large area to mix and craft medicines, an herbalism lab outside and a birthing center. However, births are strongly discouraged from happening in The Outpost as the children born at The Outpost have no outlet and no way to ever leave The Outpost. However, emergencies do happen and more often than naught children born outside The Outpost who have serious medical conditions or mothers who are not recovering as they should after birth are brought to The Redrynn for healing. Those patients are most often cared for in The Birthing Center where early babies can be dealt with.

The Redynn itself has a large medicinal garden attached. Twilight is the gardener in the family, though they often hire outside help to keep up with the work out there.

ImageName: Murine Eveningfall
Race: Konti
DoB: 458 A.V.
PoB: Mura
Skills: Medicine, Philtering, Herbalism, Dagger, Singing, Storytelling, Hostessing, Child Care
Gnosis: 3 Marks Rak'keli, 1 Mark Xyna

Murine claims she was called to The Outpost and running The Redynn was her destiny. Employed by the Keiss - namely because she's Zed's Mother - Murine controls the Redynn completely and the Keiss only administrate it in name only. This kind soul has been there, done that, and probably wrote the book. Being an actual priestess of Rak'ekli and having studied with the Opal Order on Mura - Murine is one of the best-trained healers in Mizahar. She is well trained, friendly, and loves treating patients.

Being a Rak'Keli priestess, Murine does not discriminate in any way shape or form. She heals everyone equally. Murine also has an animal companion, an Ivaski , that protects her. He frequents The Redynn at her side, and people have often seen a white-haired man in his place leading to some speculation that the Ivaski is Kelvic. The Ivaski's name is Vinak.
ImageName: Eva Eveningfall
Race: Human
DoB: 489 A.V.
PoB: Mura
Skills: Botany, Herbalism, Medicine, Dancing, Play Musical Instrument: Flute, Interior Decorating, Fashion Design, Socialization
Gnosis: 2 Marks Rak'ekli, 1 Mark Sivah

Eva is Murine's grandaughter in spirit who returned to work with her at The Redynn. Having been invited to join her adoptive grandmother after completing a few years of instruction at the Opal Order - but not having gained her full healer status - Eva fled Mura and what she felt was a failure to hide at The Outpost.

Even though Eva is marked twice by Rak'keli, she will be the first to tell you she fails ultimately at formal training. She falls in love with multiple interests all the time and drops hobbies like some people drop dirty socks.

Seeing the shabby plain shape of her Grandmother's clinic, Eva took it upon herself to completely restore The Redynn and make it one of the poshest healing centers available.

Being Zed's niece, Eva stays out of trouble as much as possible though trouble does tend to find her.
ImageName: Twilight
Race: Eth (Syna)
DoB: 58 A.V.
PoB: Sylira
Skills: Gardening, Botany, Herbalism, Philtering, Whip, Child Care
Gnosis: 2 Marks Kihala, 1 Mark Bala

Twilight likes her quiet behind the scenes life at The Redynn. She is able, quite literally, to put her natural Eth ability to use, aging patients - especially premature babies - past their injuries if the injuries are serious enough and threaten their lives. Beyond that, she keeps to herself in the garden. She was recruited by Eva who usually takes an interest in lost souls and has found that Twilight is a lot more lost than most.

Rates: The Keiss administrate and finance The Redynn so there are no set rates for services. Patients pay what they can afford or owe favors to The Keiss which will ask them - once they are healed - to repay the favors usually by community service or volunteerism. A teacher, for example, will be asked to teach classes in the Commerce Center or an unskilled patient will be asked to join the trash collectors and street sweepers for a while to work off their debt.
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