[Work in progress] Kayden (WIP)

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Kayden (WIP)

Postby Broodboy on March 16th, 2020, 2:01 pm



Race: Charoda
| Gender: Male | Age: 27 | Birthday: Day, Season, Year. |
Birthplace: Charbosi


Rare among his kind Kayden towers over most of his fellow Charoda at six feet. Far reaching arms hang from broad shoulders with a giant reach. Slender elongated fingers combined with his ample reach lends itself to cultivation and a gentle touch. Standing straight up his shoulders fall behind their natural position giving him a barrel chest that stops on a short torso. His hips sit rather high on his body that stretch out into very long legs. Walking on land is a bit awkward for him as it looks like a newborn fawn just getting used to its own weight. His skin is a sleek azure blue that bounces the rays of the sun off. Much like dolphins in texture it always has a slight rubber feel to it.

Black sunken eyes hide beneath heavily ridged brows. His cheeks sink heavily into his face while pursed lips set in constant judgment with his towering disapproval. His overall presence exudes this deep mystery with a soft sense of care for the natural order of things. His voice is a subtle bass with a smooth pronunciation. Sometimes often being asked to speak up for while robust it comes off as a whisper.

In water he wears very little. A pair of small silk shorts and nothing else. He finds the hindrance of cloth underwater annoying and as one blessed with a gnosis of the ocean he prefers to feel its aura on his skin as much as possible. When on land he wears robes woven from sea silk embroidered with gold. An homage to the ocean and his honor to the Goddess for gifting him his mark; deep blues and foamy white waves along with the shimmering golden sunsets against its surface. Loose fitted clothing helps hide his clunky features on the dry side. However, it does add to the image of his massive size. He prefers to not wear boots or cloves or anything that separates him from the world. He likes to feel the soil on his feat and the aura on his hands.

✨Character Concept✨

At a young age Kayden felt a strong pull to the Ocean’s ecosystem. Sometimes, even feeling that it was one large organism rather than several smaller ones. He took great pride in caring for the deep oceans of [ocean name] and the delicate balance of its coral and subsequently the flora and fauna. Admittedly, he is not as well versed in animals as he is in plants but can provide the basic needs for them as he works on his skills.

Everything in his sphere of influence was carefully measured and meticulously cataloged so that he would study the relationships of the world around him. He believes that there is a perfect balance or formula to be discovered for any one type of biome that will let it be in perfect harmony. However, we would also like to see if he can create his own ideal sanctuary pushing the limits of his knowledge. Such as pushing the maximum yield of a crop an area can take without overburdening it.

He has a strong belief that it is the duty of every single race that occupies the land to recultivate the land and help it become what it once was before the [vermillion?] tore apart the earth. Deeply enough that those he deems a threat to the environment he will go out of his way to ban or make uncomfortable in the space he cares for.

A relatively new passion for him is learning about beekeeping. He has read several books on the subject within the sunken city but due to obvious limitations has been unable to study the insects in person. However, the impact these small creatures have on the environment is almost incalculable. He would like to one day find a way for them to help his population and further the reach of Caiyha.

Kayden arrived in Syka with the purpose of taking over the care of the close oceans and making sure the industry that he has read so much about does not bring pollution to his home. Additionally, he hopes to cultivate his skills of apiarism, botany and herbalism to learn new skills while interacting with surface dwellers.

✨Character History✨

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Fluent Language: Char
Basic Language: Common.
Poor Language: None


Skill EXP 60 Proficiency
Agriculture 5 SP Novice
Aquaculture 5 SP Novice
Beekeeping 5 SP Novice
Botany 5 RP Novice
Coral Manipulation 10 RP Novice
Herbalism 5 RP Novice
Shielding 10 SP Novice
Wilderness Survival : Ocean 15 SP Novice


Apply in the Help Desk for your first Gnosis! It's always best to take one at the start of game if you can swing it. They are by far the easiest to acquire. :)


Please choose two specific pieces of knowledge (lores). These have to be very specific. Meaning, you can't take the lore of Sykian Culture. But you can take the lore of Syka's Layout.(HELPFUL HINT, Please Remove)


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak or Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: A necklace passed down from member to member of his family when it is time for one to break off and go make their own home with another or by themselves. A ruby pearl that seems to contain the very aura of the ocean. Encased in a beautiful gold lattice with windows for the ruby like pearl to be seen.


Location and House:

Kayden lives in one of the pre-built bungalows along the beach of Syka until he is able to construct a home with coral like he is used to in the city of Charbosi. He was graciously given five acres of land that stretches from the beach to a bit into the jungle. While water’s belong to no one he has also made a portion of the ocean near him a begging home with a soft bed of coral that he has started to nurture. Eventually, he will venture deeper into the waters off Syka to help establish a much better home for him and one day his partner.

The soft wood of the jungle provides ample structure for the open walled bungalow. A bridge connected the beach to his hut that overlooks the water. A small platform extends out into the water for his transition from one home to another. The beach is a bit barren save for a few palm trees but further in is a few acres of lush jungle that quickly obscures the view. Along its edge Kayden has placed three beehives to slowly cultivate his skills and study them. Near those he has plowed a decent garden to try and learn about the soil here in the lush jungle. Several different varieties of land crops are planted here as he explores the cultivation methods of the land.

Underwater, there is a cave just off the coast further down that the naturalist has made into a makeshift home. The entrance is underwater so no surface dwellers know of its existence. Here he comes to think and escape, the lack of light and solitude makes it feel like home. More temperamental flora that need less light grow here and he has begun to make a makeshift home of coral and seaweed.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Tool Kit Beekeeper’s -50 GM 50 GM
Tool Kit Herbalist Botanist - 20GM 30 GM
Beehive -5 GM 25 GM
Bee, Starter Colony x2 - 14 GM 11 GM
Sheet, Paper x50 - 2 GM 9 GM
Ink x2 - 2 GM 7 GM
Quill - 4 CM 6 GM 99 SM 96 CM

✨Thread List✨

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