Returning player in this troubled time

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Returning player in this troubled time

Postby Herb on April 3rd, 2020, 6:46 pm

Good evening all

So I am a returning player, though I most likely won't be playing on this particular character.

Just pondering what I may wish to play as.

Possibly a Jarmora?

' Herb talks like this '

And apologies if I mix up my Tense's and Grammer, I've never been very good
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Returning player in this troubled time

Postby Luminescence on April 3rd, 2020, 7:13 pm

Welcome back, Herb! :)

If you have any questions or need any help getting back into the swing of things, don't hesitate to join the Discord chat if you haven't yet, as the Ajax chat is no longer used. There's always someone around to help! Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you around. Jamoura aren't played often that I've seen, so it would be interesting to see one in action if you do decide to go that route.
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