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Shanty Oceangem

Postby Shanty Oceangem on June 1st, 2020, 9:29 am

Shanty Oceangem


Race: Svefra
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: Winter 35, 499 AV
Birthplace: Suvan Sea

Appearance: The thing you’d notice about Shanty is his voice. Usually a first impression is loud boisterous laughter that carries and hangs in the air. Listening to him talk is another matter as he speaks rapidly and clumsily, like the words are trying to escape before they’ve been given thought behind them. Shanty has a rich voice, deep and resonant, with a strong Fratavan accent. The man can usually be seen wearing nothing but a pair of gray linen pants.

At a glance you would get the impression that Shanty is a kind, almost gullibly so, young man. He’s taller than most, but not quite as filled out. Far more accustomed to living on a ship, on land Shanty often gives off the impression of being drunk and clumsy. An unruly mop of black and blonde hair is swept back behind his ears, though it often gets matted with salt and sweat. The smell of the sea and spices waft around Shanty.

Closer inspection of Shanty shows a soft tanned face almost always twisted into a mischievous smirk. His bright piercing eyes are icy blue and give him an intense stare. Though he appears clumsy, Shanty is dexterous and fluid in his motions. His fingers are long and delicate and bare few signs of wear or ruggedness. Usually seen swaggering around with a bow and a fiddle, Shanty doesn’t hesitate to strike up a song if he gets inspiration.

His Oceanus mark is manifested as a breaking wave, originating at his shoulder and flowing down to his elbow. Over the course of a day the wave breaks and reforms across his arm. The tattoo of his pod is mixed in with this gnosis mark. The dolphin appears to be jumping out of the wave, with a faint shimmering halo around the dolphin. Beneath the dolphin is the faint image of a sea of fish, but this is mostly covered by the vibrant blues and greens of the gnosis.

On the inside of his right forearm is a small silhouette of an otter, kind of faded.

Character Concept
Quick with a joke and even quicker with a light hearted jibe, Shanty can give off the impression that he’s a bit of a dick. Quickly though, that impression is blown away by his informal and easygoing nature. Among his people Shanty is not so much of an outsider as he is a spectator. He watches and learns from the elders, he entertains and assists with the children, but he himself is neither learned from or treated with deference. Most people would be bitter, but not Shanty. He likes being able to flit around his people, fitting in with everyone but being known by no one.

When alone, he is often found in contemplative reverent silence. Taking those rare moments of quiet to hone his musical talents and reflect. Shanty is an adamant believer in the idea that Laviku is the father of the Svefra people. After Laviku, the most important person to Shanty is his Lia, and then everyone is equal in his eyes. This mindset often gets him into interesting situations as he puts his foot in his mouth in one way or another, but usually talks his way out of them or plays the fool until the situations dissolves.

Regardless of the people he’s around though, Shanty is a selfless individual. He never takes for himself what he doesn’t need, and always makes sure everyone has had a turn before he takes his share. Currency doesn’t make much sense to Shanty, but he covets it because of the value others have given it. He cares for his Tavan, Chirpy, almost more than he cares for himself. The little crocodile is rarely seen off of Shanty’s shoulder, and even then she’s never not on her leash.

Having spent a lot of his time with children and animals who liked to bite, Shanty’s patience is higher than most. Abuses and insults pass on deaf ears, met with a warm smile and a kind word. Rarely though his patience wears out and the results can be hilarious or bloody. Shanty is almost never a winner if a brawl breaks out, but not for lack of trying. He doesn’t hold grudges or harbor resentments, arguing is done in the heat of the moment and that’s where it belongs.

Character History
Shanty Oceangem is a given name. He wasn’t born with the name Shanty, nor was he born into the Oceangem pod. The baby who would grow into the man that became Shanty Oceangem was born silent and blue, under the name Mako Shoalwind. After a moment of panic, and a quick cutting of the long sinuous cord wrapped around the baby’s neck, a small cough rang throughout the small ship followed by an ear numbing cry. A few labored breaths later and after many drawn out moments of silence, two relieved parents welcomed the newborn to the world.

Mako has very few memories of his mother as she left early in his life to form her own pod. He does remember that she was graceful and beautiful, with a kind smile and loving eyes. His father, a shark hunter, was affectionate and supportive, but ultimately left a few years to join his partner and support her pod. This mattered very little to the boy, who felt that everyone in the Shoalwind pod was his family.

The Shoalwind pod was a pod of extremes. Less like a traditional Svefra pod and more like a roaming fleet of hedonistic pirates all part of the same cult. Violence was common, but deaths were rare. Mako didn’t fit in that kind of crowd though, he was a quiet and sickly youth. He was loved and adored by members of his pod, but he was never among the strongest of deckhands or quickest of swimmers. Around this time, Mako received his first Tavan, an otter named Nibs. The two were inseparable, despite the otter’s tendency to nibble at Mako’s fingers and cry out at all hours of the night.

Content with his allotted place in life among his pod, Shanty spent the first half of his life being overlooked and passed up for most things. He took it upon himself to entertain his peers and help them flourish despite his deficiencies. Mako was half decent at carrying a tune and more than capable at capturing his audience's attention. He learned songs and overheard stories from older members of his pod and he absorbed the knowledge with ease. His life, and the lives of everyone in his pod, changed when a horrific Djed storm ripped through the Suvan Sea at the height of spring.

Of the dozen or so families in the pod, only a few managed to survive the extreme conditions and even then only because they were close to Kalista Island when the storm hit. Mako survived. Barely. His Tavan didn’t. Mako lost a lot that day. The first real loss he had experienced in his life. He retreated into catatonia as soul crushing numbness was better than dealing with the loss. Mako Shoalwind died sometime around then, and in his place he left a broken child too despondent to engage with the world around him.

During this time the boy was left in the care of the priests of the temple on Kalista Island, and it took them a few years to get him to open up. They got through to him, or rather, Laviku got through to him, when he arrived for a festival in his honor. The infectious energy of the event brought the boy out of his stupor. Around all the singing, dancing, and merrymaking that the festival brought about, the boy found himself singing along with the others and smiling. He realized then that Laviku was the father, the family, that he always needed and always wanted. He had heard that throughout his life, but he never really understood it until that moment. Rather than having a name that reminded him of nothing but the death and destruction of a family he once loved, the boy took up a new name: Shanty. His new name was a way to honor the music, and the event, that brought him back from the edges to numbness.

The priest at the temple, Caspien Oceangem, was overjoyed at Shanty’s recovery. He pondered on what to do with the newly recovered young man, unwilling to have him lack the experience a life on the sea. The next few weeks were a blur for Shanty. His new found passion for life filled him with music, learning, and making up for lost time. Eventually he found his way aboard a ship of the Oceangem pod, and proved himself an invaluable asset among their ilk. Despite not being born among them, they accepted him readily and eagerly. His deficiencies with his physical abilities were more than made up for with his talent for music and stories. Happily, Shanty joined the Oceangems and never looked back.

A few years passed this way for Shanty Oceangem. He had found acceptance and understanding in a way he had never known and he wouldn’t give it up for anything. Eventually he and other members of his pod found their way to Syka, visiting some of the family members that were helping establish the settlement. It was here that Shanty found his newest Tavan, a small crocodile that lived on the shore, and it was love at first sight. The two bonded and connected in a way that he had not felt since his first Tavan. While Shanty originally planned on leaving Syka with the rest of the pod, he instead chose to remain behind to take care of Chirpy.


Fluent Language: Fratava
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language:

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Sailing 10 RB, 5 SP 15 Novice
Singing 5 SP 5 Novice
Storytelling 10 SP 10 Novice
Play Musical Instrument (Fiddle) 30 SP 30 Competent

Oceanus: First Mark


Lore of Svefra Culture
Lore of Religion: Laviku


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-Leash, huge
-Dice Set, Ivory
-Dice Set, Loaded
1 Instrument Case, Good which contains:

Heirloom: Fiddle

Shanty’s Casinor

Location: Docked near Syka
Description:A reclaimed casinor, about 27 feet in length and covered with a litany of crude, but colorful drawings across the hull. Shanty was known among his pod and others for letting anyone paint anything they wanted on the hull of his ship; most of the people who took him up on that were children, and it shows. More than twice the size of the average rowboat, this ship is capable of traversing inland seas and coastal areas though it is unequipped to travel on the open ocean. The most common personal ship found among the Svefra. These ships are often found employing heavy harpoons for defense. Much of the free spade on the ship has been converted into living quarters thus cargo is limited to 500 lbs. While it may carry a number of passengers, these boats are designed for a single person spending extended periods of time at sea. Crew: 1, Passenger 5

Harpoon, Light
Cage, Medium
Fishing Net (25 sq. ft)
Fins (Pair)


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Gold Mizas 100 Gold Mizas
Harpoon, Light -10 gm
Fins (Pair) -15 gm
Fishing Net (25 sq. ft) -4 gm
Dice Set, Ivory -8 sm
Dice Set, Loaded -5 sm
Cage, Medium -10 gm
Leash, Huge -6 gm 53 gm 7 sm
Instrument, Case -25 gm 28 gm 7 sm
Offering -28 gm 7 sm Zero

Tavan: Chirpy

A small female saltwater crocodile, about 3 months in age. Two feet in length, about 4 lb. She is yellow with black stripes. Likes to perch on Shanty’s shoulder and chirp along to music. Very independent and rebellious, Shanty has procured a long leash for her to keep her under control.

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