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Postby Ayela on June 13th, 2020, 7:12 am


Race: Konti Image
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: 76th of Spring 500 AV
Birthplace: Mura

Profession: Pearl Diver
Current Housing: Camped on Syka beach

Fluent: Common
Conversational: Kontinese
Poor: Fratava

Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 lbs
Appearance: Like all Konti, Ayela has extremely fair skin and light hair, with scales on her lower arms, neck, and back. Crystal blue eyes peer out from behind bangs and freckles dot her skin from head to toe. She has a tattoo-like Gnosis mark on the upper part of her right arm in the shape of winged snakes, colored in opal. Her hair is chest length and hangs freely most of the time. She will occasionally tie it back in loose pigtails when she needs it out of her way. Ayela isn't buff but she is in pretty good shape for her size.


Ayela is a warm and caring person. She's friendly to all and welcoming always and loves meeting new people and making new friends. Like all Konti, she holds women in especially high regard and treats them with the utmost respect. She understands the value of life and tries not to take it for granted. She strives to be the best person she can be and contribute to the world around her in any way she can. Ayela loves helping others. The downside to that is that she feels her failures and shortcomings deeply and any feelings of being underappreciated or unappreciated at all weigh heavily upon her. She's not so naive as to think the world is a fair and gracious place, but she tries to lead by example, whether it is effective or not.

Ayela is a social person and isn't bothered by crowds or close quarters. She can manage time on her own perfectly fine but prefers the company of others, even if that just means existing alone in social locations. People fascinate Ayela. In her free time, she loves to swim and is naturally a great swimmer. Konti gills make time spent in the water every bit as easy and practical as time spent on land. Another free time activity is finagling with her healer's kit, making sure it's stocked and in order.


Blood Sense - Through touch, Ayela can sense the movement inside the other person's body, like heartbeat and blood flow, and in doing so can sense where one is bleeding or has a stoppage (bloodclot, cancer), or can see that their heart is racing fast (nervous, lying, adrenaline) or beating slow (comfortable, content, dying). She must touch them over major arteries like the neck, wrist, heart, or thigh where bloodflow is naturally stronger. She may also sense where bloodflow is altered some way inside the body, like flowing around a healed broken bone, inflammation from pulled or torn muscles, or flowing around/through current bone fractures or breaks.


Ayela has been blessed from birth with the 1st Healing Mark from Rak'keli. The mark presents itself as winged serpents on the upper part of her right arm. It's colored in a beautiful opal, making it stand out from her creamy white skin. The mark grants her the following abilities:
"Healers can close shallow wounds, cure headaches and common colds, ease strained or tense muscles, and take care of minor rashes, allergies and depression. They can also deal effectively with snake bites, insect bites, and skin irritation due to plants such as poison ivy, and heal minor bruising. Healers with a singular gnosis mark can also purify deeper wounds with their touch, improving sanitation and eliminating the threat of dangerous wounds going septic or developing infection."


Ayela was born on Mura, to a loving household. She grew up with two older sisters, her mother, and her grandmother in a communal family home. Ayela's mother Dalya was a woman of many trades like all Konti, but specialized in Suvai as she came into adulthood. She worked her way up and ended up becoming one of the women sent to protect and to aid in the transport of Vision Water. Rak'Keli must've sensed something when Dalya was pregnant with Ayela, because she Marked her with her Gnosis when she was born. It would seem she maybe saw future need of such skills for Ayela that she would one day come to understand. Her youth was spent learning a bit about Healing, but mostly helping out her fellow people wherever help was needed, mixed with some lighter Suvai training when her mother had time. Any and all free time she had was spent in the water. Thanks to gills allowing her to breathe underwater, Ayela explored when she had the chance, stumbling into finding oysters and pearls and other lost things in the sea surrounding her home. Really only a hobby in her youth, it was a past time that was soothing to her.

Ayela's father Varyn was a Svefra, having met her mother when his pod was hired as an escort for the Vision Water transports. He was completely mesmerized by her mother and felt he had to stay as close to Dalya as he possibly could. His pod's regular proximity to Mura allowed him to establish not only a functioning courtship with Dalya, but also establish a relationship with Ayela. He traveled a lot with the transports and his pod traveled for other work as well, but they would catch up every time he came into port and he would always tell her stories of his travels. Ayela loved hearing about the outside world and often dreamed of seeing it one day.

When Ayela turned 15, everything changed. The day started like any other, with the added bonus of birthday celebrations. Ayela was lucky as her father was able to be in port for the occasion so he could celebrate with them. He joined their family and the other families they lived with for the joyous occasion and everyone had a wonderful time with the festivities. In the early afternoon, Ayela's mother had to leave on a Vision Water transport and her father's pod had other business to attend to as well. Ayela bid them farewell and continued her day with the rest of her family, eagerly awaiting their return. Late that night, her father returned, so devastated he could barely stand. Ayela met him at the docks and when he could compose himself, he told her that her mother's transport ship was destroyed at sea. As all Svefran get word on the seas, his pod was told of the accident on their way back to Mura. There were no survivors. However, her mother's Suvai was found amongst the wreckage and her father felt it was only right Ayela took it for herself to remember her mother by.

As a family and as a community, they mourned for Ayela's mother and devastated as they all were, life went on. The world didn't stop for her death, even if her family was left wishing it did. Ayela's father took it particularly hard and after deliberation with his pod, they decided they could no longer work for Mura. Remaining near the Isle was too painful for him. However, being parted from Ayela was not what he wanted, so an invitation was extended for her to leave Mura and join him on the seas to finish her upbringing. After careful consideration, Ayela felt she could do more, be more, if she left as well. She packed her things, including her mother's Suvai, and she left Mura with her father.

Spending the next five years among the Svefra was an experience like no other. Having been blessed with her father's ocean eyes, Ayela was accepted graciously into her father's pod and the other Svefrans they spent time with. She was something of a commodity in their community, and the marvel and attention helped ease Ayela's pain as she grieved her mother. There was never a shortage of people needing patched up so her Gnosis was put to good use and she sometimes helped fish with her Suvai, when she was lucky enough to hit fish that is. In several ways, her new community was similar to her life on Mura and it was enough to be of comfort to the Konti. The travel was definitely something that took a while to get adjusted to. To take her father's stories throughout her life and then lay eyes on the places and people mentioned was truly something indescribable. Ayela always felt like something of a wide-eyed wonder child everywhere they went. It was exciting and fun but also felt strange and foreign deep inside her as that aspect was so different than her people and her upbringing to that point. Ayela absolutely loved getting to be part of two different cultures and see the world at the same time, but she'd be lying if she said there weren't some inner conflicts happening in the ways that the cultures clashed. Due to this, when she turned 20, Ayela began thinking of what came next for her.

It was a little after her twentieth birthday when their pod heard of Syka. The news came from the Oceangem pod, as they'd gotten there first to see it, and her father's pod, the Stormriders, were notified first as they'd once been part of the Oceangems before they split off a few years before Ayela's birth. All Svefran pods are close but the Stormriders had remained closest to the Oceangems ever since. So they were invited to join them in Syka, a new land rich in food, resources, and forgotten pasts. The idea was thrilling and the Stormriders ventured to go check it out and get in on the new goods. When they reached Syka, the new settlement was beyond anything they had imagined. It was raw and natural and beautiful and dangerous and new, and it was like a fire had suddenly been lit inside Ayela. She knew now what came next for her. Syka appeared to be the perfect place to utilize an upbringing in multiple cultures, take up hobbies both old and new, and start her own life while still remaining in her father's. Syka was an opportunity to be part of something much bigger than anything she'd known before. To help discover, build, and shape not just her path in life or her home, but an entire community. A new piece of the world waiting to be uncovered and made whole again in whatever way would suit it next. The decision came to her like comfort from the ocean breeze, and the events of her life thus far all seemed to add up. It hurt to leave her father's side after all they'd endured since Mura, but Ayela knew it wasn't goodbye. It was see you soon. She was staying in Syka now and she'd never been more sure of anything in her life.


Skill Total Acquired Proficiency
Medicine 10/100 (10 RB) Novice
Animal Husbandry 09/100 (9 SP) Novice
Weapon: Suvai 15/100 (15 SP) Novice
Foraging 26/100 (26 SP) Competent

SP = Starting Package | RB = Racial Bonus | TP = Thread Points | SXP = Season XP


Lore of Religion: Rak’keli
Lore of Mollusk Lifecycles
[tab=Healing & Work,#008080,white][/tab]


* Starting items


  • Mother's Suvai* -

    Three-pronged weapons carved from the shed spiral horns of a white ocean whale, complete with spiral handles. When they draw blood, the Suvai tend to weaken the person they cut or pierce, so it's highly likely the horn the Suvai are carved from is inherently poisonous to those not Konti


  • Linen Undergarments*
  • Linen Dress*
  • Linen Blouse*
  • Linen Shirt*
  • Linen Pants*
  • Bikini*
  • Sandals*
  • Low Boots*
  • Headwear: Cap*
  • Gloves*
  • Cloak*


  • Comb*
  • Brush*
  • Soap*
  • Strong Rations*

Additional Possessions

  • Rucksack*
  • Bedroll*
  • Rope: Hemp, 50 ft*
  • Insect Repellent*
  • Mesh Bag (4)*
  • Fins (Pair)*
  • Belt*
  • Leather Gloves*/list]


    • Clam Digger's Toolkit* -
      Kit containing a clam shovel, a clam tube, an oyster knife, and a rasp for keeping the shovel, knife, and tube sharp

    • Survival Kit* -
      First aid kit, flint/steel, 2 simple snares, waterskin, simple tent, compass, small roll of fishing line, 6 fish hooks, 2 candles, blanket, needle/thread, small simple knife


    • Suvai (Heirloom)*


    • Canoe, Dugout*


Transaction Cost Total
Starting Package + 100 GM + 100 GM
Turn in Housing + 500 GM + 600 GM
Starting Essentials* - 8 GM, 8 SM + 591 GM, 2 SM
Belt - 2 SM + 591 gm
Survival Kit - 25 GM + 566 GM
Rope: Hemp, 50ft - 1 GM + 565 GM
Backpack - 2 GM + 563 GM
Rucksack - 1 GM + 562 GM
Insect Repellent - 1 GM + 561 GM
Bedroll - 1 SM + 560 GM, 9 SM
Strong rations - 7 GM + 553 GM, 9 SM
Canoe, Dugout - 10 GM + 543 GM, 9 SM
Fins - 15 GM + 528 GM, 9 SM
Mesh Bag (4) - 2 GM + 526 GM, 9 SM
Gloves (Leather) - 1 GM + 525 GM, 9 SM
Clam Digger's Toolkit - 15 GM + 510 GM, 9 SM
Summer Expenses (Common) - 135 GM + 375 GM, 9 SM

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