Closed Friends in Unlikely Places (Crylon)

Ayela takes a trip to the Outpost for medical advice and makes a new and surprising friend along the way

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Friends in Unlikely Places (Crylon)

Postby Ayela on September 13th, 2020, 2:21 pm

Once they'd ordered, Ayela processed Crylon's questions, truly relaxing for the first time since she'd entered the Outpost. He'd returned her question about family, something that didn't surprise her but still sent a pang through her that she hadn't expected. It would take time to adjust to her new life, where her answer was different than it had ever been before. Taking a deep breath beside Crylon, Ayela answered him. "My father is with me in Syka. For now at least. He travels the sea a lot. The rest of my blood people are on Mura. Sisters. Grandmother. Live on Mura."

He'd also asked about meeting next season, starting here at the bar and then going from there. Ayela pondered for a while before answering him, waiting for their drinks to arrive first. Mirroring her companion, Ayela took a long drink, quenching her thirst. She hadn't realized how thirsty she'd really been until she got the chance to drink something. Her drink was cool and leaned in the sweeter direction, with a mix of flavors flooding her senses. She liked the taste, the temperature of the drink cooling her while its contents warmed her at the same time. It was probably a good thing she was only having the one before returning to Syka, otherwise she'd likely get herself in trouble drinking too many of them. It was too smooth not to get in trouble with.

Setting her drink down, Ayela answered Crylon. "I don't know yet if I'll be available next season. No matter what though, I will send you a letter and tell you. Is that alright?"

After ample time to enjoy their drinks, Ayela readied herself to go home. It'd been an exploratory day. One Ayela had thoroughly enjoyed. She'd gotten to see new sights and meet a new friend and add new experiences. It'd been a day well spent, but it was time to return to Syka. "It's been lovely meeting you and I thank you for all your help, but it's time I returned home. What do you say?"
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